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We are busy doing maintenance on this terminology database in order to improve access speeds. It should be back online in the near future.

News Sep 2014: This site should now be relatively more usable on mobile devices.

This is a beta searchable mirror of Microsoft’s terminology lists, created in accordance with the licensing terms of the data. Please note this site is not formally affiliated with Microsoft.

The terminology data has been automatically batch-converted from TBX format to tlTerm format, and published to Web using TLex Online. Over 100 languages are represented in the terminology database, and the search index collectively contains over 1,500,000 terms and over 22,000,000 words. This site is currently mainly a testing ground for tlTerm-related and TLex-Online-related software development. The site programmer and webmaster is David Joffe - please contact him for any enquiries or to report any problems.

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