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yrjaghey draw, elate, elation, elevation, enhance, exalt, exaltation, exhilarate, exhilaration, go up, heighten, hoist, raise, retract, rise: bee yn Chiarn ny-lomarcan er ny yrjaghey 'sy laa shen Bible; hoist up

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elate (v.) troggal seose, yrjaghey

elation (n.) troggal seose, yrjaghey

enhance (v.) cur da; yrjaghey

exaltation (n.) ardys; kione-ardys; yrjaghey

exhilaration (n.) yrjaghey

heighten (v.) yrjaghey

exhilarate (v.) cur bree ayn; yrjaghey

retractable (adj.) yn-yrjaghey

yn-yrjaghey retractable

exalt (v.) ard-voylley; geyraghey; yrjaghey; troggal; (impv) ard-voyl

hoist (v.) croghey, troggal, yrjaghey; (n.) heise, troggeyder

hoist up (v.) crappey seose; troggal; yrjaghey

draw1 camtayrn, tayrnys; cloie cormey; cloie corrym; cron; cronchur; jallooaghey; jiole; kelkal; sluggey; stig; striggey; taaley; tayrn: Draw the curtains - Tayrn ny curtanyn. JJK idiom; yrjaghey

elevation (n.) ard-cheim; caslys; ooaslid; yrjaghey; yrjey: Angle of elevation - Uillin yrjey. DF idiom; yrjid: Elevation above sea level - Yrjid erskyn y cheayn. DF idiom

raise brishey; carn; cruinnaghey; cur ny hassoo; doostey; jeeragh seose; moostey; prisal; thiolley; troggal: They will raise themselves - Nee ad troggal orroo. DF idiom; yrjaghey; ardjee: Raise it slightly - Ardjee beggan eh. DF idiom

retract (v.) tayrn er ash, yrjaghey; goll er ash: To retract one's word - Dy gholl er ash er yn ockle eu. DF idiom

maylteeyn rents: Ta Mnr Karran gra dy vel contaart currit er ec faaueyn dy noddagh maylteeyn goll er yrjaghey BS

son dy bragh for evermore; in perpetuity: Cha vel eh scughey e hooillyn veih'n vooinjer chairal; agh marish reeaghyn t'ad er y stoyl-reeoil ; dy feer, t'eh dy hickyraghey ad son dy bragh, as t'ad er nyn yrjaghey. Bible; perpetual; everlasting

go up (v.) goll seose: As it's so fine, let us go up that mountain, hill to enjoy the grand view - Myr te cha aalin, lhig dooin goll seose y slieau shen, dy ghoaill soylley jeh'n shilley mooar. JJK idiom; yrjaghey

rise ardane; girree, g'irree: I generally rise early - Ta mee g'irree dy-moghey dy-cliaghtagh. JJK idiom; att; dronnan; geilley: The rise of the river is near Snaefell - Ta'n awin geilley faggys da Sniaul. DF idiom; irree: She must rise earlier in the future - Shegin jee irree ny s'moghey ayns traa-ry-heet. JJK idiom; irree magh; lhieeney; tomman; troggal er; yrjaghey; irree: Rise of the day - Irree yn laa. DF idiom

hickyraghey (dy); (to) recover: hie eh dy hickyraghey e reeriaght ec awin Euphrates Bible; certify, confirm: Ta shin dy hickyraghey dan ree, my vees yn ard-valley shoh troggit reesht Bible; establish: teh dy hickyraghey ad son dy bragh, as tad er nyn yrjaghey Bible


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