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young1 aeg: Young as he is, he isn't wanting in prudence - Ga dy vel eh aeg, cha nel eh laccal, tastid. JJK idiom; (adj.) aegey

young2 (n.) (of animals) aal, aalagh

young3 (n.) See chicken (of birds) eean

young4 (n.) (of large quadruped) gauin

Inexact matches:

ever young sheer aeg

with young (adj.) torragh

young adult (n.) fer aasit aeg

young birds (npl.) (the); (ny) heïn

young cattle (n.) gouney

young hen (n.) arrag

young herbage (n.) foghan

young man (n.) dooinney aeg

young men (npl.) deiney aegey

young mouse (n.) jiarganagh

young ones1 (n.) aeglagh, sleih aegey

young ones2 (n.) (insect) ingan

young people (npl.) aegid; sleih aegey

young persons (npl.) aeglagh, sleih aegey; aeglee

young pig (n.) ark, ark vuickey, urk

young pigs (npl.) irk

Young Pretender (n.) (The) Chalse Aeg

young rabbit (n.) quallian conning

young woman (n.) ben aeg, caillin

Children and Young Persons Act Slattys Cloan as Sleih Aegey

choice young man (n.) reih dooinney aeg

my young lady my chaillin

only the good die young cha nee agh adsyn mie ta geddyn baase as ad aeg

very young cow (n.) gauin

very young woman (n.) caillag

Young Adult Reading (n.) Lioaryn son Sleih Aegey

Young Cow's Glen (n.) Glion ny Gounee

Young John's Farm (n.) Balley Yuan Aeg

young male servant (n.) fer mooinjerey, guilley, guilley failt

sleih aegey minors, young people, young persons, youth, young ones: Myrgeddin shiuish sleih aegey Bible

gauin 1 calf, very young cow a: shen y raad nee yn gauin gyndyr Bible; 2 (bovine) yearling, year old calf; 3 (of large quadruped) young

aeglagh adolescent, juvenile, young ones, young persons, youth: shegin dauesyn kinjagh cooinaghtyn dy vel ad laccal nyn jengey ennoil dy ve currit veih sheeloghe dys sheeloghe elley, veih'n chenndiaght dys yn aeglagh. Carn

aeglee young persons

Chalse Aeg (The) Young Pretender

gouney young cattle

irk (f.) young pigs

jiarganagh young mouse

quallian conning young rabbit

sheer aeg ever young

urk (f.) young pig

ark vuickey (f.) farrow, young pig

fer aasit aeg young adult

my chaillin my young lady

arrag (f.) COMPARE earrag fledged chicken, young hen

Balley Yuan Aeg Young John's Farm

caillag (f.) flapper, girl, lass, maid, very young woman

Glion ny Gounee Young Cow's Glen

guilley failt servant boy, young male servant

Lioaryn son Sleih Aegey Young Adult Reading

aegey young: haare ny deiney aegey greme er Bible; juvenile

ark (f.) pl. irk See urk piglet, sucking pig, young pig

Slattys Cloan as Sleih Aegey Children and Young Persons Act

approve (v.) coontey mie jeh: I approve of it - Ta mee coontey mie jeh. DF idiom; lowal rish: I do not approve of that young man - Cha nel mee lowal rish y fer aeg shen. DF idiom

as long as choud cheddin; chouds: As long as the young man was ill - Choud's va'n dooinney aeg doogh. DF idiom; choud as: As long as I am alive - Choud as veeym bio. DF idiom

camels (npl.) camellyn; camelyn: riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries - markee er muleyn, camelyn, as dromedareeyn aegey Bible

dromedaries (npl.) dromedareeyn: riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries - markee er muleyn, camelyn, as dromedareeyn aegey Bible

fatling (n.) brawn, mart beeyit; baagh beiyht: the young lion and the fatling together - y lion aeg, as y baagh beiyht dy cheilley Bible

husband1 (n.) dooinney; dooinney poost; dooinney sheshey; sheshey: Her husband is young; his wife is happy - Ta e sheshey aeg; ta e ven maynrey. JJK idiom; sheshey poost; fer-poost

mules (npl.) muleyn: riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries - markee er muleyn, camelyn, as dromedareeyn aegey Bible

opening (n.) doarlish; toshiaght; caa: Fine opening for a young man - Caa mie da dooinney aeg. DF idiom; (v.) fosley

pigeons (npl.) calmaneyn: And he shall offer the one of the turtledoves, or of the young pigeons - As nee eh chebbal unnane jeh ny calmaneyn turtle, ny jeh ny calmaneyn aegey Bible

richer (adj.) berchee: His young brother is rich, his elder brother is richer, but his sister is the richest - Ta e vraar saa berchagh, ta e vraar shinney ny s'berchee, agh ta e huyr y nane s'berchee JJK idiom

aal (f.) nest, sitting of eggs: Aal y chur fo kiark. DF; litter; (of animals) young: Yn shynnagh as e aal. DF; pl. aalyn See aall fork

aalagh (f.) farrow, hatch: Myr ta'n urley gynsaghey yn aalagh eck dy etlagh Bible; (of birds) incubation; (of animals) young

aeg (=Ir. óg) adolescent, immature, young, youthy: Ta my ghraih myr feeaih aalin aeg Bible; juvenile [OIr. oac, óc]

aegid adolescence, immaturity, young people, youth: dynsee dooinney mee veih my aegid dy vochillaght ollagh Bible

assaig ferry: Cha row baatey ny assaig ry-gheddyn yn moghrey shen, myr shen hooar Richard Young etlan cassee. GK

ben aeg (=Ir. bean og.) (f.) girl, maid, Miss, young woman: Eisht er yn aght shoh haink dagh ben aeg gys y ree Bible; lass; damsel

caillin (=Ir. cailin) (f., m.) colleen, damsel, girl, lass, maid, young woman: Ta mee shooyl magh marish caillin. DF; waitress

cha nee agh adsyn mie ta geddyn baase as ad aeg only the good die young

deiney aegey young men: nee ny deiney aegey eu ashlishyn y akin, as ny shenn gheiney eu dreamallyn y ghreamal Bible

dooinney aeg (=Ir. duine-eg.) swain, young man: As hie ad stiagh ayns yn oaie, as honnick ad dooinney aeg ny hoie er y cheu yesh, coamrit ayns coamrey liauyr gial: as v'ad agglagh. Bible

eean 1 pl. ein chick, fowl, poult a: as dy chooilley eean lurg e cheint Bible; 2 (of birds) young; 3 brat, cheeky child; 4 juvenile [O.Ir. én]

fer mooinjerey manservant, young male servant: Dooyrt fer mooinjerey aym, dy dod eh goll dys y chey, tra v'eh ny ghuilley, lesh cabbyl as caart as kionnaghey tunney dy gheayll son jeih skillin! JG

foghan (of corn) blade: agh nar ve yn foghyn ern aas shuas, as er doyrt magh meass, eisht haink rish yn grayndou niist. PB1610; breward, germ, young herbage

guilley (=Ir. giolla) pl. guillyn 1 batman, boy, caddie, follower, henchman, lackey, lad, linkman, menial, minion, nipper, satellite, tool, usher, verger, young male servant a: Nish va ooilley shoh gyn-yss da'n guilley Bible; 2 (boy) page: hug Jonathan e vhow as e hideyn da'n guilley Bible

heïn (ny); (the) birds, young birds: cha jean oo goaill yn chenn ushag marish ny heïn Bible

ingan (=Ir. ionga) (f.) 1 (of stock) increase; 2 issue a: nee'n ingan oc lhie sheese cooidjagh Bible; 3 (insect) young ones; 4 anvil: eshyn ta cummey lesh yn oayrd yn fer ta goaill garrey er yn ingan Bible; 5 indention, inset

reih dooinney aeg choice young man: As va mac echey va'n ennym echey Saul, reih dooinney aeg as aalin; as cha row mastey cloan Israel persoon ny stoamey na eh Bible

torragh (=Ir. torrach) expectant, expecting, gravid, heavy, pregnant, with child, with young: Myr shen va daa inneen Lot torragh, liorish nyn ayr Bible

diligently (adv.) dy aggindagh: diligently to seek thy face - dy aggindagh dy yeeaghyn er dty hon Bible; dy beasagh: if ye diligently hearken unto me - my nee shiu dy beasagh geaishtagh rhyms Bible; dy jeadagh; dy jeidagh: Go and search diligently for the young child - Immee-jee, as shir-jee magh dy jeidjagh son y lhiannoo Bible; dy imneagh: and keep thy soul diligently - as freill dty annym dy imneagh, Bible; dy kiaralagh: And Moses diligently sought the goat of the sin offering - As ren Moses briaght dy kiaralagh mychione goayr yn oural-peccah Bible; dy kiarailagh: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children - As ynsee oo ad dy kiarailagh da dty chloan Bible; dy tastagh: If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God - My nee oo geaishtagh dy tastagh rish coraa yn Chiarn dty Yee Bible

elder (n.) fer reill; (adj.) mooarey; shinney: His young brother is rich, his elder brother is richer, but his sister is the richest of the whole family - Ta e vraar saa berchagh, ta e vraar shinney ny s'berchee, agh ta e huyr y nane JJK idiom; (n.) tramman

even now nish hene; eer nish: My daughter is even now dead - Ta minneen eer nish paartail Bible; eer ec y traa shoh: even now there be come to me from mount Ephraim two young men - eer ec y traa shoh ter jeet hyms veih slieau Ephraim daa ghooinney aegey Bible; eer foast: But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God - Agh ta fys aym, eer foast, cre-erbee nee oo y yeearree er Jee Bible; dy jarroo nish: even now are there many antichrists - dy jarroo nish ta ymmodee anchreesteenyn ayn Bible

prudence (n.) creenaght: Enjoin prudence upon a person - Coyrle y chur da peiagh dy ve creeney. DF idiom; feeudid, feeudys; tashid: Young as he is, he isn't wanting in prudence - Ga dy vel eh aeg, cha nel eh laccal, tastid. JJK idiom

kishan peck, skep; skip: Ta Mainshtyr Young cur sannish dy jean y costys jeh failley kishan getlagh seose dys foddey ny smoo na queig ny shey cheead punt, tra vees orçh costal keead punt y thunney ec yn ynnyd lhieeney thalloo. BS


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