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ynrickys (f.) correctness, directness, downrightness, faith, faithfulness, frankness, guilelessness, honesty, integration, probity, rectitude, righteousness, sincerity, singleness, squareness, straightforwardness, straightness, trustiness, truth, truthfulness, uprightness: Son bee shee as ynrickys rish my lhing's. Bible

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gyn ynrickys unscrupulous

slane ynrickys perfection of character

correctness (n.) cooieid; kiartys; ynrickys

directness (n.) jeerid; ynrickys

downrightness (n.) ynrickys

faithfulness (n.) cruinnys; firrinys; jeelysaght; jeerid; ynrickys: I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness - Nasht-ym oo dy jarroo rhym pene, ayns ynrickys Bible

guilelessness (n.) ynrickys

honesty (n.) jeerid, onnerid; lus luna; ynrickys: a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty - bea feagh as sheeoil ayns dy chooilley chraueeaght as ynrickys Bible

probity (n.) ynrickys

rectitude (n.) ynrickys

righteousness (n.) cair; ynrickys

sincerity (n.) firrinys; jeadys; jeerid; ynrickys: serve him in sincerity and in truth - shirveish-jee eh ayns ynrickys as firrinys Bible; jeadid

singleness (n.) shingoilys, ynrickys

squareness (n.) kerrinaght, ynrickys

straightforwardness (n.) ynrickys

trustiness (n.) treishteilys, ynrickys

truthfulness (n.) firrinaght, firriney, ynrickys

loo er swear by: Dy jean eshyn ta bannaghey eh-hene er y thalloo, eh-hene y vannaghey ayns Jee yn ynrickys; as eshyn ta loo er y thalloo, nee eh loo liorish Jee yn ynrickys Bible

straightness (n.) jeeraght, jeerid, jeerys, ynrickys

mee-ynrickys (f.) imperfection

frankness (n.) foshlid; jeerid; neucheiltynys; neuvolteyraght; ynrickys

integration (n.) chooraght, co-hymey, mestey stiagh, slaanaghey, ym-laanid, ynrickys

perfection of character fondalys; slane ynrickys

uprightness (n.) cairys, jeeraght, jeerid, jeerys, ynrickys; firrinys; kiartys

faith (n.) credjue: The Christian faith - Yn credjue Creestee. DF idiom; jeelysaght; ynrickys

unscrupulous (adj.) gyn craue beg 'sy chleeau, gyn scrupyl, gyn ynrickys, mee-ynrick

bodjallyn clouds: ta dty ynrickys roshtyn gys ny bodjallyn. Bible

broghil (f.) bib, breast, front: hug eh er ynrickys myr eilley-broghil Bible

frytlagyn rags: ta ooilley yn ynrickys ain myr frytlagyn broghe Bible

irriney truth: hoilshee mee da yn irriney ayns ynrickys my chree. Bible

imperfection (n.) asslaanid, faaseyannoo, foill, lheamys, lieh-chiartys, mee-ynrickys, neuynrickys, neufoays, mee-ynricks

truth (n.) feerid, firrin, jerriuid, ynrickys; feer; firrinys: Truth is great and will prevail - Ta firrinys mooar as gowee eh niart. JJK idiom; firriney; irriney: Are you telling me the truth? - Vel shiuish g'insh dou yn irriney? JJK idiom

aer (=Ir. aer, Sc.G. adhar) (f.) aeronautical, air: lhig da'n aer ynrickys y gheayrtey neose Bible; pneumatic; atmosphere [O.Ir. aer]

broghe corrupt, dirty, filthy: ta ooilley yn ynrickys ain myr frytlagyn broghe Bible; unclean; impure

chenn See shenn (yn) old: as eshyn ta loo er y thalloo, nee eh loo liorish Jee yn ynrickys; er-yn-oyr dy vel yn chenn seaghyn jarroodit, as dy vel ad keillit veih my hooillyn. Bible

er beggan on a small scale: Ver-yms briaght er dty ynrickys, as dty obbraghyn; son bee ad er beggan foaynoo dhyt. Bible

er dty chooylloo 1 behind you; 2 rereward a: as bee dty ynrickys er dty chione goll royd, as gloyr y Chiarn goll mayrt er dty chooylloo Bible; 3 rearguard

eshyn by-haittin lesh he that loveth: Eshyn by-haittin lesh glennid cree, son ynrickys e veillyn bee yn ree ny charrey da Bible

firrinys See firrynys actuality, authenticity, devotion, fidelity, maxim, sincerity, truth, veracity: shirveish-jee eh ayns ynrickys as firrinys Bible; veraciousness, devoutness, faithfulness, unaffectedness; uprightness

giarit ersooyl cut away; cut off: tan ynrickys er jerraghtyn, as giarit ersooyl veihn veeal oc Bible

glenney ersooyl sweep away: Son ta jeirk livrey voish baase, as nee eh glenney ersooyl dy chooilley pheccah, adsyn ta cur-rish jeirk as ynrickys vees er nyn yannoo magh lesh bea: 10. Apoc

lhiasaghey bea correction, conversion: te vondeishagh son ynsagh, son oghsan, son lhiasaghey bea, son tushtey ayns ynrickys Bible

nasht-ym I will betroth: Nasht-ym oo dy jarroo rhym pene, ayns ynrickys, as nee oo goaill-rish y Chiarn. Bible

ry-heet due, forthcoming, forward, future, pending: nee my ynrickys gansoor er my hon 'sy traa ry heet Bible

skeeallyn fables: Nagh der ad geill da skeeallyn Hewagh, as oardaghyn deiney, ta chyndaa veihn ynrickys Bible

soie1 (=Ir. suí, suigh) seating, sitting, situate, aground, seated; resting place; session; sit, sitteth: As ayns cooishyn leigh nee ad soie ayns briwnys Bible; (as boat) bottom; (impv) set: Soie shiu dial nyn ghree liorish yn ghrian dy ynrickys. Bible; invest; mount, mounting; manhandle [O.Ir. saidid]

'sy clane taken as a whole; in the whole: Erskyn ooilley, va ennym ard-ghooagh echey son ynrickys, kenjallys as feoiltys, cha row rieau noid echey 'sy clane theihll. Coraa

'sy traa ry-heet hereafter: Myr shen nee my ynrickys gansoor er my honsy traa ry heet Bible

cut off (v.) giarrey jeh; immeeaght roish; castey: They cut off the water - Ren ad castey yn ushtey. DF idiom; giarrey: Cut off the electricity - Yn lectraghys y yiarrey. DF idiom; giarit ersooyl: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth - tan ynrickys er jerraghtyn, as giarit ersooyl veihn veeal oc. Bible

dividing rheynn: rightly dividing the word of truth - rheynn dy kiart yn goo dy ynrickys Bible; scarree; scarrey: by the right hand of Moses with his glorious arm, dividing the water before them - liorish laue yesh Voses lesh e roih gloyroil, scarrey ny ushtaghyn rhymboo Bible

filthy (adj.) broigh, eajee, feohoil, sallagh, sollagh; neu-ghlen: How much more abominable and filthy is man - Cre-woad sloo dwoaiagh as neu-ghlen ta dooinney Bible; broghe: all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags - as ta ooilley yn ynrickys ain myr frytlagyn broghe Bible; beishtagh: Woe to her that is filthy and polluted - Smerg jeeish ta beishtagh as neughlen Bible; feohdagh: vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked - seaghnit lesh ymmyrkey-bea feohdagh ny mee-chrauee Bible


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