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ynrick (as behaviour) correct; earnest, faithful, forthcoming, frank, genuine, honest, intrinsic, just, open-hearted, outright, righteous, sincere, straightforward, truthful, undeviating, upright, upstanding, openhearted: ta'n boght ynrick ny share na'n berchagh breagagh Bible

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dellal ynrick plain dealing, square dealing

dooinney ynrick (noble) worthy: Ta'n vee-chrauee goaill coyrle noi'n dooinney ynrick: as snaggeraght er lesh e eeacklyn. Bible

dy ynrick artlessly, candidly, honestly, rightly, undeviatingly, uprightly: My she yn Creest oo, insh dooin dy ynrick Bible; plainly

jannoo ynrick justify: ta mi giims diifs ghaa yn duyne sho d'yn valley gys y hyei erna ianu ynrick nasmu na yn fer elle PB1610

sleih ynrick righteous: Nee cairys sleih ynrick geddyn feaysley daue: agh bee drogh-yantee goit 'sy volteyrys oc hene. Bible

righteous (adj.) cairal, cairoil, ynrick, feoiltagh; crauee; (npl.) sleih cairal, sleih ynrick

genuine (adj.) jeelys, ynrick

intrinsic (adj.) undinagh, ynrick

openhearted (adj.) seyr-chreeagh, ynrick; creeoil

open-hearted (adj.) seyr-chreeagh, ynrick

plain dealing (n.) dellal ynrick

plainly (adv.) floaill; dy ynrick

sincere (adj.) feer, firrinagh, jeadagh, jeelys, jeeragh; ynrick: They have not been very sincere - Cha nel ad er ve feer ynrick. JJK idiom

square dealing dellal ynrick

straightforward (adj.) jeeragh, ynrick

undeviating (adj.) jeeragh; kiart; ynrick

worthy2 (n.) (noble) dooinney ynrick

mee-ynrick dishonest, disingenuous, faithless, morally crooked, unscrupulous: ta treishteil ny mee-ynrick goll naardey Bible

correct3 (as behaviour) jeih-; jonnick, reih, ynrick

dishonest1 (adj.) braddagh, mee-ynrick, meeonnoragh

disingenuous (adj.) mee-ynrick, sleetchaght, slydagh

morally crooked (adj.) camlaagagh; mee-ynrick

undeviatingly (adv.) dy ynrick, gyn cleayney

uprightly (adv.) dy chairal, dy ynrick

upstanding (adj.) cairal; (ny) hassoo; onnoroil; ynrick

artlessly dy ynrick; gyn ellyn; gyn keirdoilaght

frank foslit; frank; frankal; jeeragh; neucheiltynagh; neuvolteyragh; ynrick

justify (v.) cairyssaghey, lowal, seyrey; jannoo ynrick

outright (adj., adv.) ass yn eddin, er ard, jeeragh, ynrick

rightly (adv.) dy cairagh, dy kiart, dy ynrick

candidly (adv.) dy firrinagh, dy jeeragh, dy seyr-chreeagh, dy ynrick

cur gyn bree perverteth: as cur gyn bree goan yn vooinjer ynrick. Bible

resowryn treasurers: ver-ym harryd myrgeddin fir-olk sheeoil, as resowryn ynrick. Bible; exactors

earnest (adj.) dy kiart: It is raining in real earnest now - T'eh ceau fliaghey dy kiart nish. DF idiom; jeean, ynrick; jeeaney; (n.) eearlys, gioal; jeidagh: He is in dead earnest - T'eh slane jeidagh. DF idiom

faithful (adj.) credjoil, credjallagh; firrinagh: Never was dog more faithful - Cha row rieau moddey cha firrinagh. JJK idiom; jeelys; jeeragh; ynrick

forthcoming (adj.) foshlit; jeeragh; ry-heet; ynrick; cheet: Help is forthcoming - Ta cooney cheet. DF idiom

honest (adj.) firrinagh, jeeragh, oney, ynrick, onnoragh; onneragh: Were you not always honest? - Nagh row shiu dy-kinjagh onneragh? JJK idiom; seyragh

honestly (adv.) dy jeeragh; dy ynrick; dy onneragh: Let us walk honestly, as in the day - Lhig dooin gimmeeaght dy onneragh myr ayns y laa Bible

truthful (adj.) feer, ynrick; firrinagh: To be truthful is a virtue - S'mie ve firrinagh. JJK idiom

unscrupulous (adj.) gyn craue beg 'sy chleeau, gyn scrupyl, gyn ynrickys, mee-ynrick

upright cairal; firrin; jeeragh: Out of upright - Ass y jeeragh. DF idiom; kiart; (ny) hassoo jeeragh; ynrick

Abbyr-jee Say ye: Abbyr-jee rish y dooinney ynrick, Dy jig eshyn jeh dy mie ; son nee ad soylley y ghoaill jeh mess nyn yannoo. Bible

aignaghyn minds: ayndoo ny-neesht ta mee greinnaghey ny aignaghyn ynrick eu gys cooinaghtyn Bible

ard-vaynrys bliss; great glory: Tra ta deiney ynrick ayns pooar, te ard-vaynrys: agh tra ta ny mee-chrauee troggal, ta dooinney mie goll dy lhiattee. Bible

arganey (=Ir. argain) argue, beyond dispute, challenge, debate, reason: Ynrick tou uss, O Hiarn, tra ta mee arganey rhyt Bible

cairagh fair, impartial, just, proper: va Noah ny ghooinney cairagh as ynrick ayns e heelogheyn Bible; justifiable, justly

chiarn ny cheerey 1 laird, lord of the manor; 2 lord of the country a: As dooyrt y dooinney, chiarn ny cheerey rooin, Liorish shoh bee fys aym, dy nee deiney ynrick shiu Bible

Cooin lhiam (intj) Help: Cooin lhiam, Hiarn, son cha vel un dooinney crauee faagit: son cha vel y vooinjer ynrick agh goan mastey cloan gheiney. Bible

coyrle noi (f.) counter-advice, dissuasion: Ta'n vee-chrauee goaill coyrle noi'n dooinney ynrick: as snaggeraght er lesh e eeacklyn. Bible

creeoil cheerful, hearty, inspiring: Bee-jee dunnal as creeoil, ny gow-jee aggle roue Bible; fearless; bold: Ta ny kyndee chea, tra nagh vel fer erbee er nyn eiyrt's: agh ta'n ynrick creeoil myr lion. Bible; courageous; cardiac; openhearted; valiant; blithe

cur gyn vree pervert: son tan gioot doalley sooillyn y tushtey, as cur gyn bree goan yn vooinjer ynrick. Bible

er ny gheddyn gotten: Quoi t'er ve prowit liorish, as er ny gheddyn ynrick? Apoc

feallagh ny firrinys perfect ones: Son nee deiney ynrick cummalsy cheer, as nee feallagh ny firrinys tannaghtyn ayn Bible

fys (=Ir. fios) 1 advice, cognisance, cognition, cognizance, information, intelligence, intimation, knowledge, notice, notification, sixth sense a: Liorish shoh bee fys aym, dy nee deiney ynrick shiu Bible; 2 science [O.Ir. ḟis]

goan (=Ir. gann) (words) address; expression, utterance: as ny lhig daue coyrt geill da goan fardalagh. Bible; (speech) words; meagre, rare, scant, scarce, short, slender, spare, sparse: cha vel y vooinjer ynrick agh goan mastey cloan gheiney. Bible; (of hair) thin; (of money) tight

mwarree (f.) gammer, grandma, grandmother, granny: ta mee tayrn gys cooinaghtyn yn credjue ynrick t'aynyd's, va hoshiaght ayns dty warree Lois Bible

neuaggindagh averse, unwilling: eish Ioseph y ferr puyst, na guyne ynrick as niau agyntagh ish y ianu na sampyl katten, va ayns smunaghtyn ish y ghurr er siul gynn yss. PB1610

scammyltee accusers, slanderers: cha nee scammyltee, agh sheelt, ynrick ayns dy chooilley nhee Bible

bloodthirsty (adj.) fuilltagh: depart from me, ye bloodthirsty - immee-jee ass menish, shiuish gheiney fuilltagh. Bible; fuillaghtagh; (npl.) deiney folley: The bloodthirsty hate the upright - Ta deiney folley as dwoaie oc er sleih ynrick Bible; mooinjer folley: nor my life with the bloodthirsty - ny my vioys marish y vooinjer folley Bible; (v.) paagh lurg fuill: and save me from the bloodthirsty - as saue mee veih ny deiney ta paagh lurg fuill Bible; jioogh son fuill

faithless (adj.) gyn credjue; mee-chredjuagh: and be not faithless, but believing - as ny bee mee-chredjuagh, agh credjuagh Bible; mee-ynrick; neuchredjoil

hypocrite (n.) crauee-oalsey: for an hypocrite shall not come before him - son cha jig yn crauee-oalsey ny enish Bible; fer crauee foalsey: That the hypocrite reign not - Nagh lhisagh yn er-crauee-oalsey reill Bible; foalserey; kialgeyr: For what is the hope of the hypocrite - Son cre ta treishteil yn chialgeyr Bible; fer foalsey; hipikrat; molteyr: and the innocent shall stir up himself against the hypocrite - as ver yn dooinney ynrick eddin dan molteyr Bible

just cair: Let us be just - Lhig dooin ve cair. JJK idiom; cairagh; cairal; corrym-chiart; dy kiart; jeeragh; kiart: Oh, I will take just what is on the table at present, thank you - Oh, go'ym chiart ny t'er y voayrd ec y traa t'ayn, gura mie eu. JJK idiom; ynrick

breeoil brisk, cogent, dynamic, energetic, essential, fizzy, forceful, go ahead, impulsive, purposeful, red-blooded, strenuous, valid, vibrant, vigorous; (as person) active; (of market) buoyant; weighty: Son ta ny screeunyn echey (jir adsyn) breeoil as niartal Bible; effectual: te son y gerjagh as y saualtys euish, ta breeoil ayns gymmyrkey ny surranseyn cheddin mârin Bible; sound: Glare breeoil nagh vod ve loayrit n'oï Bible; powerful: Son ta goo Yee bioal, as breeoil, as ny s'geyrey na cliwe erbee dy ghaa foyr Bible; forcible: Cre cha breeoil as ta goan ynrick! agh cre ta'n argane euish prowal orrym? Bible; cardiac

dy (=Ir. de) 1 if a: Dy beagh oo er ve glen as ynrick Bible; 2 of a: lhig da mysh ghaa ny three dy housaneyn dooinney goll seose Bible; 3 that a: Dy vod fysve ec ooilleyn seihll dy neen Chiarn y Jee Bible; 4 (motion) to: Yn turrys magh as yn turrys dy valley. Bible; 5 toward

giarit ass cut out: Ta beeal yn er-ynrick cur magh creenaght: agh bee yn chengey vee-reiltagh giarit ass. Bible


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