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yllaghey acclaim, bawl, exclaim, shout: Bee dty naboonyn er-creau ec feiyr yllaghey dty philotyn Bible; howl; howling

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yllaghey magh turn out

acclaim (v.) yllagh; yllaghey

exclaim (v.) yllaghey

howl (n.) (v.) gull: Howl, O gate; cry, O city - Gull, O yiat; yllee, O ard-valley Bible; (v.) gullal: lament and howl - jean-jee gullal as gluggernee; Bible; gullarnee, gullyrnee: Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand - Jean-jee gullyrnee; son ta laa yn Chiarn ec laue Bible; dobberan: Therefore shall Moab howl for Moab - Shen-y-fa nee Moab dobberan son Moab Bible; yllee: Howl, ye ships of Tarshish - Yllee-jee, shiuish lhongyn Tarshish Bible; gluggernee: and all the inhabitants of the land shall howl - as nee ooilley fir-vaghee yn cheer gluggernee Bible; yllaghey: Therefore will I howl for Moab - Shen-y-fa trog-yms yllaghey son Moab Bible; geam: Cry and howl - Jean gyllagh as geam Bible

howling (v.) gullagh; gullal: and an howling from the second gate - as gullal veih yn nah yiat Bible; gullarnee; nullarnee; yllaghey: A voice of the cry of the shepherds, and an howling of the principal of the flock - Bee eam keayney ny bochillyn, as yllaghey leeideilee yn chioltane Bible

bawl baic; cur baic ass; gloaral; yllaghey

turn out1 irree; irree magh; stholk; yllaghey magh; (to); (dy) gholl er stholk

shout eam; eamagh, eamaghey, gyllaghey, yllaghey; eie; gerr; guillagh; yllagh: I heard a shout - Cheayll mee yllagh. DF idiom

ec y vun-laa at noon: as lhig da yn eam caggee y chlashtyn 'sy voghrey, as yn yllaghey ec y vun-laa Bible

guint dy trome seriously wounded, sore smitten: Ta mee moal, as guint dy trome: ta mee er yllaghey son eer angaish my chree. Bible

rouanys (f.) excess, immorality, profligacy, wantonness: Ayns dty vroïd ta rouanys Bible; lewdness: Ta mee er vakin kys tou er vrishey poosey m, yllaghey dty reaid, rouanys dty vaarderys, as dty obbraghyn naareydagh Bible; drunkenness: ta dty phrinceyn gee ayns traa cooie, son ooraghey, as cha nee son rouanys Bible; lasciviousness, lust: Maarlys, saynt, olkys, molteyrys, rouanys, drogh-hooill, goan mollaghtagh, moyrn, ommijys Bible; rioting, riotousness: Lhig dooin gimmeeaght dy onneragh myr ayns y laa: cha nee ayns rouanys as meshtyrys Bible


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