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yiarn cummit cast iron, wrought iron

yiarn iron: Bee yiarn as prash fo dty chassyn Bible; scythe, tool; (of scythe) blade, tip; (money) tin, dough; pl. yiarnyn

Inexact matches:

ard-raad yiarn arterial line

ballyst yiarn kentledge

barryn yiarn iron bars: Ta e chraueyn lajer myr prash, as e asnaghyn myr barryn yiarn. Bible

bayr yiarn permanent way

bluckan yiarn cannonball

boandey yiarn iron band

cabbyl yiarn motor cycle

clagh yiarn (f.) loadstone, lodestone

cleeah yiarn (f.) fiddley

craue yiarn crowbar

cron yiarn iron mould

cryss yiarn (f.) armour belt, belt, belting

cullee yiarn (f.) suit of armour

Curtan Yiarn (Yn); (The) Iron Curtain

daawheeyl crou-yiarn boneshaker

doarn yiarn knuckleduster

dooinney yiarn windlass

draght yiarn link of iron

Eash Yiarn (f.) (Yn); (The) Iron Age

fidd yiarn marline spike

garey yiarn shipyard

garmin yiarn girder

garran yiarn bicycle, gridiron

giat yiarn iron gate: haink ad gys y ghiat yiarn ta leeideil gys yn ard-valley PB

Giau Yiarn Iron Creek

ingagh yiarn (f.) wire netting

joan yiarn iron filings

kione yiarn cleek

lauean yiarn gauntlet

lhiabbee yiarn (f.) (iron) bedstead

lhoob yiarn staple

meain yiarn (f.) iron-mine

mianagh yiarn iron ore

moggyl yiarn wire netting

muc yiarn (f.) pig iron

mwyllin yiarn foundry

obbyr yiarn (f.) ironwork

partan yiarn spider crab

pash yiarn (f.) iron pot

Purt Yiarn (f.) Port Erin

raad yiarn railway, railway line

raad-yiarn caabil cable railway

Raad-Yiarn Sniall Snaefell Mountain Railway

Raad-Yiarn Sniaul Snaefell Mountain Railway

Raad-Yiarn Vannin Isle of Man Railway

raaidyn yiarn railways

radling yiarn iron paling

scowan yiarn (f.) iron lung

seyr yiarn iron-worker

shenn yiarn scrap iron

shleeuan yiarn rasp

smarage yiarn (f.) cinder

snaie yiarn wire

sulfeed yiarn (f.) ferrous sulphide

tead yiarn hawser

tilgchaardee yiarn (f.) iron foundry

yiarn banney strip iron

yiarn bwoaillt wrought iron

yiarn caardee smith's iron

yiarn calkee calking iron

yiarn cassee crisping iron

yiarn cooyl back iron

yiarn coshey leg iron

yiarn crampagh cramp iron

yiarn craplit corrugated iron

yiarn essyl linchpin

yiarn figganagh hoop iron

yiarn foldyragh scythe

yiarn garroo pig iron

yiarn giarree edged tool

yiarn greimmee grappling iron

yiarn immanagh driving iron

yiarn jeenee caulking iron

yiarn jiarg (for cattle) brand

yiarn lhean sheet iron

yiarn lockeragh plane iron

yiarn lostee searing iron

yiarn oalanagh waffle iron

yiarn plaitagh plate iron

yiarn roaganagh corrugated iron

yiarn roit casting iron

yiarn rollit rolled iron

yiarn seiyee rabble

yiarn shesheree plough irons

yiarn smoodal flat iron

yiarn stiuree pintle

yiarn streipey stirrup iron

yiarn T T section

yiarn thalleyragh goose

yiarn tilgit cast iron

yiarn uillinagh angle iron

bwoalley yiarn feayr cold hammer

coodit lesh yiarn iron-clad

corys raad yiarn railway system

crossag raad yiarn (f.) railway crossing

cur yiarn er tip

cur yiarn rish uinnag bar

delleyder shenn yiarn scrap metal merchant

giarrey raad yiarn railway cutting

glass yn yiarn iron-grey

kianglt lesh yiarn iron-bound

mainshtyr caardee yiarn iron-master

obbree raad yiarn railwayman, platelayer

portagh raad yiarn railway embankment

raad yiarn beg scenic railway

raad yiarn feeacklagh rack railway

raad yiarn fo-halloo tube, tube railway

raad yiarn keyl light railway, narrow-gauge railway

Raad-yiarn Lectragh Vannin Manx Electric Railway

raad yiarn ynnydoil local railways

Raaidyn Yiarn Eiraght Ellan Vannnin Isle of Man Heritage Railways

Raaidyn Yiarn yn Eiraght Heritage railways

Stashoon Raad-Yiarn Valley Chashtal Castletown Railway Station

traaght raad yiarn rail traffic

cast iron (n.) yiarn cummit; yiarn tilgit

corrugated iron (n.) yiarn craplit, yiarn roaganagh

pig iron (n.) muc yiarn, yiarn garroo

scythe foldyragh; foll; yiarn; yiarn foldyragh; yiarn-foldyragh

wire netting (n.) ingagh yiarn, moggyl yiarn

wrought iron (n.) yiarn bwoaillt, yiarn cummit

Snaefell Mountain Railway (n.) Raad-Yiarn Sniaul, Raad-Yiarn Sniall

steillyn steel: Jean yiarn yn yiarn twoaie as y steillyn y vrishey Bible

angle iron (n.) yiarn uillinagh

armour belt (n.) cryss yiarn

arterial line (n.) ard-raad yiarn

back iron (n.) yiarn cooyl

bedstead2 (n.) (iron) lhiabbee yiarn

belting (n.) cryss yiarn

blade5 (n.) (of scythe) yiarn

brand2 (n.) (for cattle) yiarn jiarg

calking iron (n.) yiarn calkee

caulking iron (n.) yiarn jeenee

cleek (n.) kione yiarn

crisping iron (n.) yiarn cassee

dough (n.) teayst; prash, yiarn

edged tool (n.) yiarn giarree

ferrous sulphide (n.) sulfeed yiarn

fiddley cleeah yiarn; fidlee

flat iron (n.) yiarn smoodal

foundry (n.) mwyllin yiarn; smelt

girder (n.) garmin yiarn

grappling iron (n.) yiarn greimmee

gridiron (n.) croe, garran yiarn

hoop iron (n.) yiarn figganagh

iron (n.) glass; (v.) smoodal, yiarnal, yiarney, yiarnaghey; (n.) yiarn: Iron is heavy, lead is heavier, platinum is the heaviest metal - Ta yiarn trome, ta leoaie ny strimmey, ta platin yn metal s'trimmey. JJK idiom

Iron Age (n.) (The); (Yn) Eash Yiarn

iron band (n.) boandey yiarn

iron bars (npl.) barryn yiarn

Iron Creek (n.) Giau Yiarn

Iron Curtain (n.) (The); (Yn) Curtan Yiarn

iron foundry (n.) tilgchaardee yiarn

iron gate (n.) giat yiarn

iron lung (n.) scowan yiarn

iron-master (n.) mainshtyr caardee yiarn

iron-mine (n.) meain yiarn

iron mould (n.) cron yiarn

iron ore (n.) mianagh yiarn

iron paling (n.) radling yiarn

iron pot (n.) pash yiarn

ironwork (n.) obbyr yiarn

iron-worker (n.) seyr yiarn

kentledge (n.) ballyst yiarn

knuckleduster (n.) doarn yiarn

leg iron (n.) yiarn coshey

loadstone (n.) clagh yiarn

permanent way (n.) bayr yiarn

plane iron (n.) yiarn lockeragh

plate iron (n.) yiarn plaitagh

plough irons yiarn shesheree

rabble (n.) riftanyn; yiarn seiyee

railway (n.) raad yiarn: The locality served by the railway line - Yn boayl ta'n raad yiarn shirveish er. DF idiom; railley

railway line (n.) raad yiarn

railwayman (n.) obbree raad yiarn

railways raaidyn yiarn

rolled iron (n.) yiarn rollit

scrap iron (n.) shenn yiarn

searing iron (n.) yiarn lostee

sheet iron (n.) yiarn lhean

shipyard (n.) garey yiarn, lhong-chaardee

smith's iron (n.) yiarn caardee

spider crab (n.) partan yiarn

stirrup iron (n.) yiarn streipey

strip iron (n.) yiarn banney

tin2 (money) pinginyn; yiarn

T section (n.) yiarn T

waffle iron (n.) yiarn oalanagh

cruinnit mygeayrt surrounded: Ny-sodjey gow hood pot yiarn, as soie eh son voalley yiarn, eddyr uss as yn ard-valley, as soie dty eddin n'oï, as bee eh cruinnit mygeayrt, as nee oo chionney stiagh eh Bible


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