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yiarg See jiarg red: Eisht ren fer jeh ny seraphim jetlagh hym, as smarage yiarg ny laue, veh er ghoaill lesh y chlow jehn altar Bible

Inexact matches:

Baarney Yiarg Red Gap

beih yiarg (f.) downy birch, red birch

ben yiarg (f.) notorious woman

berrish yiarg (f.) redcurrant

Broogh Yiarg Red Bank

buinnagh yiarg scour

cabbag yiarg (f.) red dock

cabbash yiarg (f.) Scotch kale

cha yiarg not able: As cha yiarg dooinney erbee ayns niau, ny er y thalloo, ny fon thalloo, yn lioar y osley, ny dy yeeaghyn ayn. Bible

Chrosh Yiarg (f.) (Yn); (The) Red Cross

Clea Yiarg Red Roof

cleeau yiarg (f.) robin

cray yiarg (f.) red iron ore

crouw yiarg (f.) herb robert

ghruight yiarg (f.) (yn) German measles

glass-eean sooill-yiarg red-eyed vireo

gobbagh-mooar cleeau-yiarg rose-breasted grosbeak

guiy cleeau-yiarg red-breasted goose

laagh yiarg-chereenagh (f.) red-crested pochard

lake yiarg crimson lake

leoaie yiarg (f.) lead oxide, red lead

lhargey yiarg red-throated diver

Lheannee Yiarg Red Meadow

lheeah gorrym-yiarg mauve

mynthey yiarg (f.) water mint

oranje yiarg (f.) blood orange

rinn yiarg (f.) red-hot poker

scoltan cleeau-yiarg red-breasted nuthatch

sheeltey yiarg (f.) red-breasted merganser

shillish yiarg (f.) red cherry

smeyr yiarg (f.) Chinese raspberry, wineberry

spittag yiarg (f.) robin

stroin yiarg copper-nose, red-nosed

Thoyn-yiarg Eversmann Eversmanns Redstart

thoyn-yiarg ghoo (f.) black redstart

Thoyn-yiarg Güldenstädt Güldenstädt's Redstart

thoyn-yiarg Moussieri (f.) Moussieri redstart

thunnag yiarg (f.) red-breasted merganser

thunnag yiarg-chioneagh (f.) pochard

tweet scoarnagh-yiarg red-throated pipit

Chrosh Yiarg Ghoaldagh (f.) (Y) British Red Cross

Lhoan y Spittag Yiarg Robin Lane

lus yn phibbyr yiarg (f.) capsicum

screeaghag oie yiarg (f.) red-necked nightjar

snaid-veg yiarg liauyr (f.) large red damselfly

red-breasted merganser (n.) thunnag yiarg; sheeltey yiarg

robin (n.) cleeau yiarg, spittag yiarg, ushag veg ruy

blood orange (n.) oranje yiarg

Chinese raspberry (n.) smeyr yiarg

copper-nose stroin yiarg

crimson lake lake yiarg

downy birch (n.) beih yiarg

German measles (n.) (yn) ghruight yiarg

lead oxide (n.) leoaie yiarg

notorious woman (n.) ben yiarg

Red Bank (n.) Broogh Yiarg

red birch (n.) beih yiarg

red cherry (n.) shillish yiarg

Red Cross (n.) (The); (Yn) Chrosh Yiarg

redcurrant (n.) berrish yiarg

red dock (n.) cabbag yiarg

red-hot poker rinn yiarg

red lead (n.) leoaie yiarg

Red Meadow (n.) Lheannee Yiarg

red-nosed stroin yiarg; stroin-jiarg

Red Roof (n.) Clea Yiarg

water mint (n.) mynthey yiarg

wineberry (n.) smeyr yiarg

black redstart (n.) thoyn-yiarg ghoo

blood red fuill-yiarg

carnation2 (colour) fynn-yiarg

dark red (n.) dorraghey-yiarg

Eversmanns Redstart (n.) Thoyn-yiarg Eversmann

Güldenstädt's Redstart (n.) Thoyn-yiarg Güldenstädt

infrared (n., adj.) fo-yiarg

light red bane-yiarg; ruagh

liver colour dorraghey-yiarg

mauve lheeah gorrym-yiarg

Moussieri redstart (n.) thoyn-yiarg Moussieri

nacarat (n.) buigh-yiarg

pinkish (adj.) bane-yiargagh; lheeah-yiarg

pochard2 (n.) (male) kione-mollagh; thunnag yiarg-chioneagh

red-breasted goose (n.) guiy cleeau-yiarg

red-breasted nuthatch (n.) scoltan cleeau-yiarg

red-crested pochard (n.) laagh yiarg-chereenagh

red-eyed vireo (n.) glass-eean sooill-yiarg

red iron ore (n.) cray yiarg

red-necked nightjar (n.) screeaghag oie yiarg

red-spotted breck-yiarg

red-throated pipit (n.) tweet scoarnagh-yiarg

rose-breasted grosbeak (n.) gobbagh-mooar cleeau-yiarg

scour buinnagh; buinnagh yiarg; scooirey

yellowish red buigh-yiarg

bane-yiarg light red, pink

breck-yiarg red-spotted

buigh-yiarg nacarat, yellowish red

dorraghey-yiarg dark red, liver colour

feer-yiarg crimson

fo-yiarg infrared

fuill-yiarg blood red

fynn-yiarg (colour) carnation

lheeah-yiarg pinkish

thoyn-yiarg (f.) redstart

British Red Cross (n.) (The); (Y) Chrosh Yiarg Ghoaldagh

capsicum (n.) lus yn phibbyr yiarg, pibbyr jiarg

herb robert (n.) crouw yiarg, lus yn rose

large red damselfly (n.) snaid-veg yiarg liauyr

not able cha yarg; cha yiarg

pink (n., adj.) bane-yiarg; jiarg-bane; (n.) blaa ruishagh

Red Gap (n.) Barney Jiarg, Baarney Yiarg, Baarney Jiarg

redstart (n.) kiaulleyder jiarg, kione jiarg; thoyn-yiarg

Robin Lane (n.) Lhoan y Spittag Yiarg

Scotch kale (n.) caayl jiarg, cabbash yiarg

measles (n.) (yn) ghruight: German measles - Yn ghruight yiarg. DF idiom; (yn) volgagh vuc

red-throated diver (n.) thummeyder fliaghee, thunnag ny scoarnagh ruy; lhargey yiarg

crimson feer-yiarg; crimson: in purple, and crimson, and blue - ayns purple, as crimson, as gorrym Bible

red jiarg: Red tape - Rybban jiarg. DF idiom; jiargey; yiarg; ruy: I don't care a red cent! - S'cummey lhiams er chor erbee! DF idiom

clow tongs: Eisht ren fer jeh ny seraphim jetlagh hym, as smarage yiarg ny laue, v'eh er ghoaill lesh y chlow jeh'n altar ; As venn eh rish my veeal eh Bible


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