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yesh right-hand: hoie eh e chass yesh er yn aarkey Bible

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cheu yesh (f.) off side, right side, starboard: hass eh er cheu yesh altar yn oural-millish Bible

duillag yesh (f.) recto

feer yesh classy: Hie eh seose y clieau as lurg da cheet harrish, dod eh fakin y cheer er y cheu elley; cheer feer yesh as feer rey GB

laue yesh (f.) right hand, sword-arm: cur dty laue yesh er y chione echeysyn Bible

my yesh (=Ir. ar dheis) right: Chyndaa my yesh, wooinney! DF

skian yesh (f.) right-wing

smoo yesh more perfect

cheet neu-yesh da misbecome

co-yesh er dagh laue ambidextrous

er y cheu yesh on the right side: As ny kainlereyn dy airh ghlen, queig er y cheu yesh Bible

ordaag vooar (f.) big toe: As ren eh 'varroo eh, as ghow Moses yn uill echey, as shen y choyrt er baare cleaysh yesh Aaron, as er ordaag e laue yesh, as er ordaag vooar e chass yesh. Bible

classy (adj.) feer yesh, ooasle

more perfect smoo yesh

off side (n.) cheu yesh

on the right side er y cheu yesh: on the right side of the city - er cheu yesh yn ard-valley Bible

recto (n.) duillag yesh

right hand (n.) laue yesh

right-hand yesh

right side (n.) cheu yesh

right-wing skian yesh

starboard cheu yesh: On the starboard beam - Er y cheu yesh. DF idiom; jesh: She had a list to starboard - V'ee ny lhie er e jesh. DF idiom

sword-arm (n.) laue yesh

dingy (adj.) dullyr, mee-yesh, sallagh

misbecome (v.) cheet neu-yesh da

mee-yesh dingy: T'ee ny s'mee-yesh na rieau. DF

ambidextrous (adj.) co-yesh er dagh laue

cooin help: cooin lhiam lesh dty laue yesh Bible

ordaag (f.) 1 pl. ordaagyn thumb a: er ordaag e laue yesh Bible; 2 nipper

sheshaght-flaunys (f.) heavenly host: as ooilley sheshaght-flaunyss nyn shassoo er e laue yesh Bible

helm stiurey: Starboard the helm - Yn stiurey y chur gys y yesh. DF idiom

shall smite woaillys: whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek - quoi-erbee woaillys oo er y lieckan yesh Bible

ard-reillyn principalities: Ta er gholl gys niau, as ta er laue yesh Yee, huggeysyn ta ainleyn as ard-reillyn, as pooaraghyn er nyn injillaghey.; authorities

ashlins (f.) apparition, ghost, phantasm, vision: Eisht hee'm yn ashlins bannee e laue yesh. DF; second sight

assdiu out of you: nee'm coardail riu, dy der-ym assdiu ooilley yn tooill yesh Bible

ayroil fatherly, paternal: Shoh grait, as croymmey gys y phooar ayroil, ayns e laue yesh yn clat-reill ren eh 'ghoaill PC; parental

baare y chleaysh tip of the ear: As ver y saggyrt jeh'n ooil t'ayns e laue er baare y chleaysh yesh echeysyn ta dy ve ghlennit Bible

beaynid durability, eternity, immortality, infinity, steadfastness; continuance, permanence; length: Ta beaynid laghyn ayns y laue yesh eck Bible

boghlane bank, broken down hedge: Ayns glion coon ta dowin ayns mean ny sleityn ta boghlane dy henn tholtan ta jiu ry akin boayl va cliaghtey ve thie feer yesh as bwaagh. GB

caghlaaghyn daah divers colours, different clours: er dty laue yesh hass y ven-reïn ayns coamrey d'airh, obbrit mygeayrt lesh caghlaaghyn daah. Bible

Chaayr (f.) (Yn) Chester: Fooar ad eh ny hoie er chaayr ard reeoil, as ayns e laue yesh cummit seose lorg-reill; myr v'ad nyn shassoo er dagh laue dy chiu, 2020 lesh goan bane brynnagh myr shoh loayr eh ro PC

cheu heose jeh above: t'er y laue yesh jeh'n Ard-valley shen ta dy cairagh enmysit Nephthali ayns Galilee cheu heose jeh Aser. Apoc

cliwe lommyrtagh drawn sword: Eisht Beelzebub, va foast prince flaunyssagh, - ayns e laue yesh lhian cliwe lommyrtagh PC; sabre rattler

corrag (f.) 1 knob, switch a: nee'n saggyrt thummey corrag e laue yesh ayns yn ooil Bible; 2 bundle of osiers; 3 index finger, V-sign, trigger finger

cur lesh bring, carry, fetch: ta laue yesh y Chiarn cur lesh reddyn yindyssagh mygeayrt. Bible; tide

dooinney aeg (=Ir. duine-eg.) swain, young man: As hie ad stiagh ayns yn oaie, as honnick ad dooinney aeg ny hoie er y cheu yesh, coamrit ayns coamrey liauyr gial: as v'ad agglagh. Bible

edyr either, at all: cha row raad erbee dy hyndaa, edyr gys y laue yesh, ny gys y laue chiare Bible

er lhiattee aside; on the side: Nish va ny cherubim ny hassoo er lhiattee yesh y thie, tra hie yn dooinney stiagh, as ren y bodjal lhieeney yn chooyrt sodjey-stiagh.

eunys (f.) pl. eunyssyn bliss, delight, felicity, joy, pleasure, rapture: er dty laue yesh ta eunys er son dy bragh. Bible; joyousness, gladness

hammar hammer: Hug ee e laue gys y treiney, as e laue yesh gys hammar yn obbree Bible

kainlereyn candlesticks: As ny kainlereyn dy airh ghlen, queig er y cheu yesh, as queig er y cheu chiare Bible

kiare (=Ir. ceathar, O.Ir. cethair) four, foursome, quartette: hug eh ny loobyn er ny kiare corneilyn; left: er y derrey yeh lesh e laue yesh, as er y jeh elley lesh e laue chiare; quadri, quadru-; prepare [L. quater]

laue hoshtal (f.) bridle hand, left hand: yn derrey yeh er dty laue yesh, as y jeh elley er dty laue hoshtal ayns dty reeriaght. Bible

oalys (f.) cognisance, cognizance, science; divination: Ec y laue yesh va'n oalys son Jerusalem Bible; instinct; spell; charm

phoint appointed: Eisht hug mee lhiam seose princeyn Yudah er y voalley, as phoint mee daa heshaght vooar dy choyrt booise, yn derrey ayrn jeu hie gys y laue yesh er y voalley? Bible

schleï 1 cunning a: My yarrood-yms uss O Yerusalem: lhig my laue yesh jarrood e schleï Bible; 2 skill

sooill (=Ir. súil, Sc.G. sùil) (f.) 1 pl. sooillyn eye, eyepiece, ocellus a: bee'n sooill yesh echey doo dorraghey Bible; 2 (of strap) hole; 3 sheath of bud [O.Ir. súil]

soyllaghyn patterns: Ta'n çheu yesh croo soyllaghyn as gobbraghey lesh jallooyn, kiaull as ellyn. Dhoor

stuill seats, stools: hug eh queig stuill er cheu-yesh y thie Bible

tabernacle tabernacle: KHRIIST na ayrd sagyrt dy redyn mei ra hiit, haink e liorish tabernakyl smu, as smu yesh, nagh rou jeant rish lauyn, ta shenn dy ra, ghani e d'yn trogell shanoni. PB1610

teaddyn ropes: Va'n greie er boayrd echey, as v'eh crankal ny bwoalley mairyn gollrish clouscreeuder lesh y laue hoshtal as v'eh cloie teaddyn lesh y laue yesh. Dhoor

tuittym rish redound: Nee thousane tuittym rish dty lhiattee, as jeih thousaneyn ec dty laue yesh: agh cha jig eh dt'aare. Bible

woaillys shall smite: quoi-erbee woaillys oo er y lieckan yesh, chyndaa huggey yn lieckan elley Bible

dividing rheynn: rightly dividing the word of truth - rheynn dy kiart yn goo dy ynrickys Bible; scarree; scarrey: by the right hand of Moses with his glorious arm, dividing the water before them - liorish laue yesh Voses lesh e roih gloyroil, scarrey ny ushtaghyn rhymboo Bible

eloquence (n.) jesh-focklaght: Has anybody ever spoken with more eloquence than Cicero and Demosthenes? - Vel persoon erbee rieau er loayrt lesh ny smoo dy yesh-focklaght na Cicero as Demosthenes? JJK idiom; loayrtalys

right cair; cairys; cairysagh; jeerys; kiart: All is right except this sentence - Ta ooilley kiart er-lhimmey jeh'n raa shoh. JJK idiom; my yesh; jeeragh; jesh: We turned to the right, as you told us - Hyndaa shin dys y cheu jesh, myr dooyrt oo rooin. JJK idiom; jeshey

cuir See cuirr 1 quench a: ta ny assyllyn feïe cuir nyn baa Bible; 2 invite: ny cuir dty chaarjyn, ny dty vraaraghyn Bible; 3 cast: Cuir-jee magh yn lieen er y cheu-yesh jeh'n lhong Bible; 4 sow: Brish-jee seose yn thalloo banejagh eu, as ny cuir-jee mastey drineyn Bible

leaystey 1 bank, boggle, brandish, dangle, fluctuate, heel, hesitate, loll, oscillate, rock, roll, see-saw, sway, swerve, swing, swing back, vacillate, waddle a: Caid ta shiu leaystey eddyr daa chredjue? Bible; 2 balancing, fluctuating, hesitating, lolling, reeling, rocking, swinging, swaying, vacillating, waddling, wavering; 3 (of hand) wave; 4 (of fixture) waver; 5 fluctuation, hesitation, oscillation, vacillation; 6 decline: cha jean oo leaystey veihn vriwnys oc, gys y laue yesh ny gys y laue chiare Bible; 7 reel, stagger: teh cur orroo dy leaystey myr dooinney meshtal. Bible; 8 tossed: fardalys leaystey noon as noal mâroosyn ta geiyrt er toyrt-mow Bible; 9 stumble: tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible; 10 jumping: sheean freaney ny queeylyn, as lheimyraght ny cabbil, as leaystey ny fainee. Bible; 11 unstable


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