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yellow buigh, bwee: Gold is yellow - Ta airh buigh. JJK idiom; wuigh; cowartagh, mettey; (v.) buighaghey, buighey

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bright yellow (adj.) buigh-ghial

canary yellow feer-wuigh

creeping yellow-cress (n.) cresh ny giark

pale yellow (n.) ouyr

yellow archangel (n.) ard-losserey firryn, chengey veein

yellow-bellied sapsucker (n.) sooder soo cleeau-wuigh

Yellow-billed Chough (n.) Caaig ghob-buigh

yellow-billed cuckoo (n.) cooag rangagh, cooag yn ouyir; cooag ghob-buigh

Yellow-billed Duck Laagh ghob-buigh

yellow-breasted bunting (n.) pompee chleeau-wuigh

yellow-browed bunting (n.) pompee ghruaie-wuigh

yellow-browed warbler (n.) kiaulleyder gruaie-wuigh

yellow bunting (n.) jallyn buigh, ushag wee, ushag wuigh

Yellow Enclosure (n.) Close Buigh

yellow fever (n.) (yn) chiassagh buigh

yellow flag (n.) cleeshag, cliogagh

Yellow Glen (n.) Glion Muigh

Yellow-headed Wagtail (n.) Skibbag chione-buigh

Yellow Hollow (n.) Coan Buigh

Yellow Inlet (n.) Gullad Buigh

yellow jack (n.) brattagh yn chiassagh

yellow jasmine (n.) jessamin

yellow jaundice (n.) (yn) buighaghey

yellow lead (n.) leoaie vuigh

yellow loosestrife (gen.) lus ny shee

Yellow Marsh (n.) Curragh Buigh

Yellow Meadow (n.) Lheeanee Wuigh

Yellow Moor (n.) Reeast Buigh

Yellow Peak (n.) Beinn Buigh

yellow phosphorous (n.) fosfaar buigh

Yellow Place (n.) Ynnyd Buigh

Yellow Pool (n.) Dub y Wuigh

yellow promontory (n.) (the); (yn) troin wuigh

Yellow Ridge (n.) Dreeym Bwee

yellow-rumped warbler (n.) kiaulleyder thoyn-wuigh

Yellow Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Vuigh

Yellow-throated Bunting (n.) Pompee scoarnagh-buigh

yellow vetch (n.) pishyr vuigh

yellow wagtail (n.) skibbag wuigh

yellow warbler (n.) kiaulleyder buigh

Yellow Waste (n.) Reeastagh Bwee

common yellow lichen (n.) scryss buigh ny greg

yellow bird's nest (n.) buighan shellee

Yellow Division Close (n.) Close Rheynn Buigh

Yellow Gorse End (n.) Cass Buigh Connee

Yellow Lake Big Close (n.) Close Mooar Loughan Wee

Yellow River Meadow (n.) Claddagh Wuigh

buighaghey yellow, jaundice, yellow jaundice

Beinn Buigh Yellow Peak

buigh-ghial bright yellow

chengey veein (f.) yellow archangel

chiassagh buigh (yn) yellow fever

cleeshag (f.) yellow flag

Close Buigh Yellow Enclosure

Coan Buigh Yellow Hollow

Curragh Buigh Yellow Marsh

Dreeym Bwee Yellow Ridge

feer-wuigh canary yellow

fosfaar buigh yellow phosphorous

Glion Muigh Yellow Glen

Gullad Buigh Yellow Inlet

jessamin (f.) yellow jasmine

kiaulleyder buigh yellow warbler

leoaie vuigh (f.) yellow lead

Lheeanee Wuigh Yellow Meadow

Reeastagh Bwee Yellow Waste

Reeast Buigh Yellow Moor

skibbag wuigh (f.) yellow wagtail

troin wuigh (yn); (the) yellow promontory

Vooir Vuigh (f.) (Yn); (The) Yellow Sea

Ynnyd Buigh Yellow Place

chrome-yellow buigh chroymagh

yellow-dun buigh-ouyr; ouyr

yoke-yellow commyr

ard-losserey firryn (f.) archangel, yellow archangel

brattagh yn chiassagh yellow jack

buighan shellee yellow bird's nest

buigh chroymagh (f.) chrome-yellow

buigh-ouyr yellow-dun

Caaig ghob-buigh Yellow-billed Chough

Claddagh Wuigh Yellow River Meadow

commyr mate; yoke-yellow

cooag ghob-buigh (f.) yellow-billed cuckoo

cooag rangagh (f.) yellow-billed cuckoo

cowartagh cowardly, craven, white-livered, yellow

Dub y Wuigh Yellow Pool

jallyn buigh yellow bunting, yellowhammer

kiaulleyder gruaie-wuigh yellow-browed warbler

kiaulleyder thoyn-wuigh yellow-rumped warbler

Laagh ghob-buigh Yellow-billed Duck

pompee chleeau-wuigh (f.) yellow-breasted bunting

pompee ghruaie-wuigh (f.) yellow-browed bunting

Pompee scoarnagh-buigh Yellow-throated Bunting

Skibbag chione-buigh Yellow-headed Wagtail

ushag wee (f.) yellow bunting, yellowhammer

ushag wuigh (f.) yellow bunting, yellowhammer

buighey1 yellow, yellowing, jaundice: Ny kynneeyn buighey. DF

Cass Buigh Connee Yellow Gorse End

cliogagh fleur-de-lys, iris, wild iris, yellow flag; sedge

Close Mooar Loughan Wee Yellow Lake Big Close

Close Rheynn Buigh Yellow Division Close

cooag yn ouyir (f.) yellow-billed cuckoo

cresh ny giark creeping yellow-cress

lus ny shee (f.) loosestrife, yellow loosestrife

ouyr dun, pale yellow, tawny, yellow-dun, yellowish

pishyr vuigh (f.) meadow vetchling, yellow vetch

scryss buigh ny greg common yellow lichen

sooder soo cleeau-wuigh yellow-bellied sapsucker

bath1 (n.) tobbyr niee; tobbyr oonlee: There is a yellow bath in the bathroom - Ta tobbyr oonlee wuigh 'sy chamyr oonlee. DF idiom

bwee (=Ir. buí) yellow: Cha nel yn Masoonagh credjal dy lhisagh ny reillyn kaart bwee jeh armee Hostyn ayns Nerin goll er caghlaa. Carn

wuigh See buigh yellow: Ayns mean ny noidyn Satan va ny hoie ayns fainagh-caggee berchagh lesh airh wuigh PC

is t': He is exceedingly angry - T'eh corree ass towse. JJK idiom; ta: Gold is yellow - Ta airh buigh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Is dinner ready? - Vel jinnair aarloo? JJK idiom; (emph.) she: He is an Englishman - She Sostnagh eh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) nee: Is that your pen? - Nee shen y penn ayd? JJK idiom

buigh 1 See bwee fair headed, fair-headed a: cur-my-ner, my te, ayns shilley, ny sdiuney nan chrackan, as fynney buigh thanney ayn Bible; 2 jaundiced, sallow, tan; 3 yellow: ceaghlit myr shoh, er skianyn buigh myr airh getlagh gys yrjey, lheie ad ersooyl 'syn aer PC; 4 dun [O.Ir. buide]

mettey boneless, faint-hearted, shaky, supine, weak-minded, yellow: cha bee oo ny smoo enmyssit seyr as mettey Bible; delicate, prim, soft, tender: Yn ven seyr as mettey ny mast' eu nagh jinnagh e cass y choyrt er y laare son moyrn as mettey-ys Bible; frivolous


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