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yei1 pl. yeiyn anyrate, ensuing, however, otherwise, succeeding; after, after him; abaft; guest

yei2 1 (ny) abaft a: As tra yeeagh eh ny yei, honnick eh mish; 2 (time) after: Daa laa ny yei. DF; 3 after him, ensuing, succeeding; 4 anyrate, however, otherwise

Inexact matches:

dty yei after you: Ta dy chooilley ghooinney briaght dty yei. Bible

dty yeï after you: Uss, ren reeaghyn y ooilaghey dy ghoaill cooilleeney, as phadeyryn dy heet ayns oik dty yeï Apoc

my yei after me: T'eshyn ta cheet my yei er ny hoiaghey roym Bible

nyn yei 1 after them, after a: hooar ad rey rish ny lettyryn 'Gaelagh' (raad t'ou cur spottyn er corockleyn syn ynnyd jeh screeu 'h' nyn yei). Carn; 2 after us; 3 after you

nyn yeï behind them: As tra yeeagh deiney Ai nyn yeï Bible

ny yei after that: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin Gàidhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

yei shen 1 (ny) consequently, subsequently, thereafter a: Cha vaik mee eh rieau ny yei shen. DF; 2 nevertheless, notwithstanding: Cha nel ee ny drogh ven ny yei shen. DF

yei shoh (ny) after this, hereafter, hereupon: bee toiggal ayd jeh ny-yei shoh. Bible

as ny yei shen1 whereafter: As ny yei shen, erreish da v'er n'ghoaill e phadjeryn, hie Ninian as ny caarjyn echey dy chadley. Dhoor

as ny yei shen2 (interrog.) what then

Blein vie ny yei (intj) Good riddance to him

briaght ny yei seek for

cheet ny yei come after, succeed: paart dy gheiney t'ad cheet ny yeï Bible

chelleeragh ny yei therewithal

currym ny yei aftercare

dy jeeragh ny yei immediately after

faagail ny yei emerge, hand on, leave behind, outdistance, outmode

fer ny yei fer separately

ghoaill foddeeaght ny yei (dy); (to) long for

giare ny yei soon after

goaill foddeeaght ny yei hanker: Ta mee goaill foddeeaght ny yei Ellan Vannin. DF

heet ny yei (dy); (to) follow, come after

jeeagh ny yei see to

jeeagh ny yei er look back

jeeaghyn ny yei1 look to, see to

jeeaghyn ny yei2 (as garden) tend

jeeaghyn ny yei lieckan look sideways

kiarail ny yei (f.) aftercare

laa ny yei following day

laghyn ny yei shen after-days: Ny tree laghyn ny yei shen. DF

ny yei shinyn after us: as haink y austylyn as hyrr ayd ersyn, gra, kur ish er shuil, erson tai geemagh nan yei shuiniyn. PB1610

roie ny yei go after, run after

tammylt beg ny yei shortly after

tayrn ny yei pull about; scuff

troagyraght ny yei trapes

yei ry cheilley (ny) in series

yei shen as ooilley (ny) nevertheless, still: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin Gàidhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

yei y cheilley (ny) rotation, succeeding, succession, successive: Haink ad jeeragh ny yei y cheilley. DF

after you dty lurg; dty yei, dty yeï: I shall drink after you - Iuym dty yei. JJK idiom; nyn yei; my dty chione: The lady whom I met inquired after you - Yn ven-seyr haink mee ny quail, denee ee my dty chione. JJK idiom

succeeding ass y cheilley: Three succeeding years - Tree bleeaney ass y cheilley. DF idiom; (ny) yei: The succeeding year - Yn vlein ny yei. DF idiom; (ny) yei y cheilley: Three succeeding years - Tree bleeaney ny yei y cheilley. DF idiom

aftercare (n.) currym ny yei, eear-chiarail, kiarail ny yei

after us nyn yei; ny yei shinyn

come after (v.) cheet ny lurg, cheet ny yei; (to); (dy) heet ny yei

after him (ny) lurg; (ny) yei: I'll practice on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom

see to jeeagh ny lurg; jeeagh ny yei; jeeaghyn ny lurg; jeeaghyn ny yei

after that ny yei

anyrate (adv.) ansherbee; (ny) yei

behind them nyn yeï

nevertheless (adv., conj.) son ooilley; (ny) yei shen as ooilley; (ny) yei shen; agh son shoh as ooilley; ny-yeih; er e hon shoh ooilley; son shoh as ooilley; ga ta

otherwise (adj., adv.) er aght elley; er nonney: Otherwise we'll be gone - Er nonney beemayd ersooyl. DF idiom; (ny) yei: Go tomorrow otherwise you will not get - Immee mairagh ny yei nagh now oo eh. DF idiom

outdistance (v.) faagail ny yei

outmode (v.) faagail ny yei

rotation (n.) (ny) yei y cheilley

subsequently (adv.) (ny) yei shen

trapes (v.) troagyraght ny yei

sleab pl. sleabyn slave, thrall: Ny yei shen as ooilley, ta mee my sleab as ta mee goaill foddeeaght ny yei seyrsnys. JC

after2 (us you them) nyn lurg; nyn yei

after3 (time) er-giyn; erreish: Having been in France - Erreish ve ayns y Rank. JJK idiom; erreish da; lurg: After tearing it up, he stamped on it - Lurg raipey eh, stamp eh er. JJK idiom; (ny) yei: I'll practice on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom

ensuing geiyrt er; (ny) lurg; (ny) yei

hereupon (adv.) lesh shoh; (ny) yei shoh

leave behind (v.) faagail ny yei

look to (v.) jeeaghyn ny yei

soon after giare ny yei

succession (n.) cheet, eiraght; (ny) yei y cheilley: Two years in succession - Daa vlein ny yei y cheilley DF idiom; eiyrtyssaght; er mooin: They had a succession of victories - Va barriaght er mooin barriaght oc. DF idiom; er shayll y cheilley: In rapid succession - Dy chionn er shayll y cheilley. DF idiom

successive (adj.) eiyrtyssagh; (ny) yei y cheilley

tend2 (as garden) cleayney; jeaghyn ny yei

after me my lurg; my yei

follow3 (v.) (to); (dy) heet ny lurg; (dy) heet ny yei

go after (v.) roie ny yei, shirrey

Good riddance to him (intj) Blein vie ny yei

guest (n.) aoi, ei, yei; cuirreydagh, goaldagh

hand on (v.) aa-insh, faagail ny yei

hanker (v.) goaill foddeeaght ny yei, mianey; (adv.) dy miandagh

immediately after dy jeeragh ny yei

look sideways (v.) jeeaghyn ny yei lieckan

pull about (v.) tayrn mygeayrt, tayrn ny yei

run after (v.) roie geiyrt er, roie ny yei

scuff (v.) jannoo lhome; tayrn ny yei

shortly after tammylt beg ny yei

thereafter (adv.) (ny) lurg shen; (ny) yei shen; veih shen magh

what then (interrog.) as eisht; as ny yei shen

whereafter (conj.) as ayns shen; as ny yei shen

abaft (adv.) gys jerrey ny lhuingey, gys y stiur; (prep.) (ny) yei; cooyl

after1 (adj., adv.) jei, erreish, yei; er-eiyrts, er-eiyrt; nyre, nyrg; kione

after-days laghyn ny yei shen; laghyn ry-heet; traa ry-heet

consequently (adv.) er y fa shen, rere shen, voish shen; (ny) yei shen

emerge (v.) cheet ass, cheet magh, cheet rish; faagail ny yei

in series (adj.) ayns straih, rere straih; (ny) yei ry cheilley

long for (v.) goaill foddeeaght son; (to); (dy) ghoaill foddeeaght ny yei

look back (v.) jeeagh ny yei er, jeeaghyn er ash

seek for briaght son; briaght ny yei; jeeaghyn son; shirrey son; (impv) shir-jee lurg

cliaghtym I will practise: Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK

fow baase croak, die: Fow baase ny yei. DF

ghooïn shut, closed: ghooïn eh yn dorrys ny-yeï. Bible

jeigyn teens: Ta ny jeigyn ny yei echey. DF

luddan mea phosphorescence: T'eh cur er luddan-mea dy hoilshean ny yeï Bible

millioon mega, million: Daag eh millioon punt ny yei. DF

after them nyn yei; (ny) lurg oc: You'll say your lesson after them - Jir shiu nyn lessoon ny lurg oc. JJK idiom

after this (ny) yei shoh; (ny) lurg shoh: I fear we shall have cold weather after this - Ta aggle orrym dy bee emshir feayr ain ny lurg shoh. JJK idiom

ever1 (adv.) dy bra, dy brâ, gy bragh; sheer-; 'vaght; veih shoh magh; dagh ooilley oor; (past time only) rieau: Ever afterwards - Rieau ny yei. DF idiom; er-dy-rieau

following (n.) mooinjer eiyrtyssee, sleih eiyrit; (v.) lhiantyn: Following close behind - Lhiantyn faggys ny yei. DF idiom

following day laa er giyn; laa ny lurg; laa ny vairagh; laa ny yei

hereafter (adv.) foast; heese; lurg shoh; 'sy traa ry-heet; (ny) yei shoh; veih shoh magh: No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever - Nar ee dooinney erbee mess jeeds veih shoh magh er son dy bragh Bible; (n.) seihll ry-heet

hound (n.) coo: The hound ran after the fox - Roie yn coo ny yei yn chynnagh. DF idiom

however (adv.) ansherbee, my ta; (ny) yei; ga ta; kied echey: However rich you may be, don't despise the poor - Kied echey berchagh as foddee shiu ve ny soie beg jeh ny boghtyn. JJK idiom

hue and cry (n.) yllagh as eam: To raise a hue and cry against - Dy hroggal yllagh as eam ny yei. DF idiom

I shall drink iu-ym; iuym: I shall drink after you - Iuym dty yei. JJK idiom

notwithstanding (adv., prep.) agh son shen as ooilley, agh son shoh as ooilley, er son shen, foast, kione harrish shen, lurg ooilley, ny-yeih; (ny) yei shen; ga ta

on1 (prep.) er: I'll practice on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom; mychione

piano (adj.) feagh; (n.) pianney: The piano is out of tune - Ta'n pianney ass chioon. DF idiom; piano: I'll practise on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom

separately (adv.) er lheh, fer as fer, fer ny yei fer, 'nane lurg 'nane; ry-shaghey: You, separately from him - Uss ry-shaghey eshyn. DF idiom

smear (v.) smearey; (n.) tootey; slaa: It left a smear - Daag eh slaa ny yei. DF idiom

still1 choud's shoh; foastagh, kinjagh; feagh, kiune, neuvio; (ny) yei shen as ooilley; goni; (v.) cur fea er; foast: I am still to the fore - Ta mee er mayrn foast. DF idiom

succeed (v.) cheet er y hoshiaght, cheet ny yei; cheet lesh: These are the conditions, without which it is impossible to succeed - Shoh ny conaantyn, nyn vegooish cha nod veg cheet lesh. JJK idiom

teens (n.) jeigyn: He is out of his teens - Ta ny jeigyn ny yei echey. DF idiom

therewithal (adv.) chelleeragh ny yei, harrish as erskyn shen, lesh shen, marish shen as ooilley

bisheeym I will increase: Cur-my-ner, neem's uss messoil, as bisheeym oo, as ver-ym er earroo dy leih dy heet jeed, as ver-yms y cheer shoh, da dty luight dty yeï, son eiraght dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible; I will multiply

Doon Veagan Dunvegan: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin Gàidhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

eignit compelled, constrained, obliged, urged: bione da yn ughtagh, liorish y kione-my-lhaee lesh v'eh roie eignit, 's chentyn ceaut ny yei. PC

gorley breinney hysteria: Ny yei, phrow y surransagh shoh nagh vel Gorley Breinney yn un red as lhiggey chingys er hene. Dhoor

keym ny killey church stile: Nii yn Sagyrt toyrt guailtys dyn ghorp ag kemm ny killy, y ra, anana nii yn sagyrt as ny kleri orayn y goyl, as myrshen heidg ayd gys y ghill anana gys yn yei. PB1610

mayrnagh living; survivor: Va'n chaaig chiark cailt 'sy vlein 1995, agh ny yei shoh, hooar yn mayrnagh kiark elley 'sy vlein er giyn. Dhoor

meiyghys benignity, lenity, tenderness: cre cha jeean as ta mee goaill foddeeaght nyn yei eu ooilley ayns meiyghys Yeesey Creest. Bible; gentleness

ronsagh search, seek: cha ren fer erbee ronsagh ny briaght nyn-yeï Bible

tayrn magh ass educe, extricate, extrication: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, foddee meenaghey ennagh goll er tayrn magh ass y Co-chruinnaght Crauelagh. Carn

treisht (=Ir. trust) (f.) 1 (duty) charge; 2 confidence, hope a: cloan nagh vel veg y treisht orroo. Bible; 3 (v.) trust: ny yei treisht dy firrinagh er mieys Yee Bible

trocairagh clement, lenient, merciful: GY rou jih myghinagh duin, as d'an managhey shuin: as dy hoilsaghe duin soilshey y yei, as y rou e trokeragh duin. PB1610

vud1 See fud (ny) mingled: As ny yei adsyn share ta ny vud ain CS

closed jeight: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. - son ta ny goan jeight seose, as sealit, gys traa yn jerrey. Bible; (v.) ghooïn, ghooin: He closed the door after him - Ghooin eh y dorrys ny yei. DF idiom; dooint; doont: Road closed to motor traffic - Raad doont da gleashtanyn. DF idiom; yeigh: And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister - As yeigh eh yn lioar, as hug eh ee reesht dan chirveishagh Bible

posterity (n.) mooinjer ry heet; sliught; sheeloghe: That neither they nor any of their posterity should - Nagh b'lhiass edyr daue hene ny da veg jeh nyn heeloghe. DF idiom; sluight: He left a large posterity behind - Daag eh sluight mooar ny yei. DF idiom

fakin-roie providence: klast ruiniyn gy vod ny holkyn shenneni ta kroutyn, as kalgyn ny jeoul, na duyne, dy obraghey nan yei shuin, ve erna hoyrt gys gyn veg, as liorish, fackyn roi dy veyis gy vod aydsyn ve er an skeley PB1610

gyn ennal breathlessly: Yn shilley echey ta dy chleayney ommydanyn dy ve jollyssagh ny-yeï, as myr shen tad geearree co-chaslys jalloo marroo, gyn ennal. Apoc

timbrelyn timbrels: T'adsyn ta goaill arraneyn shooyll hoshiaght, adsyn ta jannoo bingys er greïnyn-kiaull cheet nyn-yeï: ayns y vean ta ny mraane-aegey cloie er ny timbrelyn. Bible


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