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yeearreeyn desires: Son tou uss, O Hiarn, er chlashtyn my yeearreeyn Bible; wishes

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wishes (npl.) yeearreeyn: In compliance with my wishes - Rere my yeearreeyn. DF idiom

desires (npl.) yeearreeyn; (v.) geearree: It is not he who has little that's poor but he who desires more - Cha nee eshyn ta red beg echey ta boght agh eshyn ta geearree ny smoo. JJK idiom

giving (v.) coyrt: giving him food and raiment - coyrt da beaghey as coamrey Bible; toyrt: prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks - padjeryn, yeearreeyn, as toyrt booise Bible

I will neem's, neem, nee'm: Thank you very much, I will do my best to meet your kind wishes - Gura mie mooar eu, n'eem my chooid share y yannoo dy huittym stiagh lesh nyn yeearreeyn kenjal. JJK idiom; saillym

ashoonaghteyryn nationalists: Peiagh erbee ta feddyn foill lesh yeearreeyn ny ashoonaghteyryn Celtiagh son seyrsnys lane, ta ny hashoonaghteyryn cur freggyrt da gra dy vel cheer ennagh ta ny sloo na yn cheer ocsyn slane seyr Carn

craidoilee scornful: Kys dinsh ad diu, dy beagh craidoilee ayns ny laghyn s'jerree, yinnagh gimmeeaght lurg ny yeearreeyn meechrauee oc hene. Bible

dy steetagh unawares: Son jeh'n sorch shoh t'adsyn ta dy steetagh goll stiagh ayns thieyn, as leeideil ayns cappeeys mraane eddrym laadit lesh peccaghyn, er nyn goyrt lhieu ersooyl lesh ymmodee yeearreeyn peccoil, Bible

eill (yn); (the) flesh: 24 As adsyn ta lesh Creest, tad er chrossey yn eill, marish ny yeearreeyn as ny sayntyn. PB1765

er aght elley alternatively, in another connection, otherwise: Liorish dy creeney yeearreeyn neu-pheccoil y obbal, dy vod oo ny share obbal ad, tra t'ad er aght elley. CS

gobbal (=Ir. obadh) 1 black, refuse a: my tou gobbal dy lhiggeyn raad da, cur-my-ner, marr-yms dty vac Bible; 2 denying: Gynsaghey dooin, liorish gobbal meechraueeaght as yeearreeyn seihlltagh Bible

gyn ushtey anhydrous, waterless: Agh hug ad raad da yeearreeyn mee-reilltagh ayns yn aasagh: as ayns cheer gyn ushtey ren ad Jee y vrasnaghey Bible

Moslymee Moslems: Ta mee jerkal nagh bee ny Moslymee Goaldagh goit stiagh dy beagh nyn yeearreeyn currit daue. Carn

sayntyn ny foalley lusts: Ayndoo shoh ren shin ooilley myrgeddin baghey roish nish, ayns sayntyn ny foalley, cooilleeney yeearreeyn yn eill, as yn aigney Bible

yeearree1 (f.) 1 pl. yeearreeyn application, aspiration, desire, fancy, intention, prayer, request, urge, wish, yearn; 2 (v.) desired, importune, solicit, soliciting a: Hie yn dooinney shoh gys Pilate, as yeearree eh corp Yeesey Bible

according (prep.) (to) coardail; coardail rish: He'll doubtless be punished according to he law of the land - Gyn dooyt bee eh kerrit coardail rish leigh ny cheerey. JJK idiom; reir: According to his wishes - Reir e yeearreeyn. DF idiom; rere: According to his version - Rere yn skeeal echeysyn. DF idiom

Thank you (n., intj) (sing) Gura mie ayd; Gura mie eu: Thank you very much, I will do my best to meet your kind wishes - Gura mie mooar eu, n'eem my chooid share y yannoo dy huittym stiagh lesh nyn yeearreeyn kenjal. JJK idiom

to2 (motion) dy: I will do my best to meet your kind wishes - N'eem my chooid share y yannoo dy huittym stiagh lesh nyn yeearreeyn kenjal. JJK idiom; dys: Don't go to the left - Ny immee dys y cheu toshtal. JJK idiom; gys: To whom are you writing? - Quoi gys t'ou screeu? JJK idiom; hug

vile1 (adj.) drogh: and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment - as dy jig stiagh myrgeddin dooinney boght ayns drogh choamrey; Bible; dwoaieagh; dwoaiagh: then thy brother should seem vile unto - dy bee dty vraar eisht dwoaiagh ayns dty hilley Bible; fardailagh; melley; neu-chooie: For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections - Er-yn-oyr shoh livrey Jee ad seose gys yeearreeyn neu-chooie Bible; feohdagh: but unto this man do not so vile a thing - agh rish yn dooinney shoh, ny jean-jee lheid y peccah feohdagh Bible; mollaghtagh: er-yn-oyr dy ren e vec ad-hene mollaghtagh - because his sons made themselves vile Bible; marvaanagh: Who shall change our vile body - Nee caghlaa yn corp marvaanagh ain; (n.) moodjeen: The vile person shall be no more called liberal - Cha bee yn mooidjeen ny smoo enmyssit feoilt Bible


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