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yeeal vraagey (f.) leather bootlace, shoelace

yeeal (f.) pl. yeeallyn lace, lead, leash, thong: Moddey y chur er yeeal ghiare. DF; lash: Veagh fer elley gra, Gow thie, as yeeal yn ven myr boallagh oo. Coraa

Inexact matches:

yeeal abaneagh (f.) ankle strap

yeeal chassee (f.) flail band

yeeal chleeau (f.) breast strap

yeeal edd (f.) hat strap

yeeal ghrommey (f.) back strap

yeeal orraghey (f.) catapult

yeeal shleeuee (f.) razor strop

yeeal smeggin (f.) chin strap

yeeal streeaney (f.) rein

yeeal vraag (f.) bootlace

cur er yeeal leash

lhiggey jeh'n yeeal unleash

lhig jeh'n yeeal unleash

leash (v.) cur er yeeal; (n.) streir, yeeal; nast

unleash (v.) feayshil, feaysley, lhig jeh'n yeeal, lhiggey jeh'n yeeal

ankle strap (n.) yeeal abaneagh

back strap (n.) yeeal ghrommey

bootlace (n.) laatchey; yeeal vraag

breast strap (n.) yeeal chleeau

catapult (n.) clagh-vow, yeeal orraghey

chin strap (n.) yeeal smeggin

flail band (n.) yeeal chassee

hat strap (n.) yeeal edd

leather bootlace (n.) yeeal vraagey

razor strop (n.) yeeal shleeuee

shoelace (n.) kiangley braagey, laatchey, yeeal vraagey

thong (n.) point; saineen, synnin; yeeal, yeeall; nast

lace (v.) laatchaghey; (n.) point, pouint; (n.) ribban, yeeal; laatchey: The lace is worth half-a-crown a yard - Ta'n laatchey feeagh lieh-chrooin yn stundayrt. JJK idiom; laatshey

lash cur da: I'd like to lash your cat but I dare not - By vie lhiam cur da'n chayt ayd agh cha bloys dou. DF idiom; custhey; scelp; scelpaghey; scuitch; scuitchal; scuitchey; slashal; slashey; yeeal; yeealley

rein (n.) cass-streeaney, raigh, yeeal streeaney; streean: To rein up a horse - Dy chur er cabbyl dy hassoo liorish yn streean. DF idiom; (v.) streeaney

scaipail on the run; slip out: Ren y moddey scaipail ass e yeeal eh hene. DF

lead1 (v.) coyrt, cur, leeideil, leeideill, lhomey laue, scair, shiaullee, stiurey, toshiaght, reaghey; leeid: Lead the way, please, and I will follow you - Leeid yn raad my sailliu, as eiyrym erriu. JJK idiom; cur er: He spoke in such a manner, as to lead us to think that he was quite innocent - Loayr eh er lheid yn aght, myr dy chur orrin smooinaghtyn dy row eh slane oney. JJK idiom; (n.) caabyl, streir, yeeal, ard-ayrn; (suf.) -toshee


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