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yeeagh looked: Yeeagh mee er y thalloo Bible; showed: Yeeagh eh e hamyr dou. DF

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cha yeeagh did not look: Cha yeeagh arreyder y phryssoon gys nhee erbee dy row fo e laue Bible

looked (v.) yeeagh: He looked at me - Yeeagh eh orrym. DF idiom

showed (v.) yeeagh

did not look cha yeeagh

meevianagh distasteful: Yeeagh eh orrym lane meevianagh. DF

banee (persons) albino; pale, white: As yeeagh mee, cur-my-ner, cabbyl banee Bible

nyn yeï behind them: As tra yeeagh deiney Ai nyn yeï Bible

spolgit chipped, nipped: yeeagh mee, derrey va ny skianyn spolgit jeh Bible; plucked

oppression (n.) chenjaght, chenjys, drogh-chorrym, laue-lajerys; tranlaase: and looked on our affliction, and our labour, and our oppression - as yeeagh eh er nyn seaghyn, y deinys, as y tranlaase ain Bible

pillar (n.) buttoor, goull; colloo; pillar: But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt - Agh yeeagh ben Lot back, as vee chyndaït gys pillar dy hollan Bible; pillyr

query cowrey feyshtey; fenaght; fenaghtyn; feysht: He looked a query at me - Yeeagh eh orrym as feysht ayns ny sooillyn echey. DF idiom

bane (=Ir. bán) COMPARE fynn blank, blond, blonde, fair, pallid, white: yeeagh mee, as cur-my-ner, cabbyl bane Bible; (as ground) fallow, unbroken, untilled; desolate [O.Ir. bán]

ben (=Ir., Sc.G. bean) (f.) pl. mraane lady, woman; wife: Agh yeeagh ben Lot back, as v'ee chyndait gys pillar dy hollan. Bible; womankind [O.Ir. ben]

cailt forlorn: Yeeagh ee dy ve follym as cailt agh va ymmyrkey dramadagh eck neesht. Dhoor; lost: Quoid d'argid ta cailt eu? JJK; missing: Un cheayrt te caillit ta cailt son dy bragh. Dhoor

cheet neose ass descending out of: yeeagh eh dou yn ard-valley, yn Jerusalem casherick cheet neose ass niau veih Jee Bible

coodagh pl. coodaghyn awning, case, cloak, coat, coating, cover, envelope, housing, overgrowth, shell, shielding, shroud, upholstery, veil, wrapper: as scugh Noah yn coodagh jeh'n arg, as yeeagh eh magh Bible; covering

doo (=Ir. dubh) black, dark, dirty, ink, inky, negroid, sable: As yeeagh mee, as honnick mee cabbyl doo Bible; black-haired, black headed; bold [O.Ir. dub]

dy jeidagh diligently: Foast yeeagh ad magh dy jeidagh veih laa dy laa d'akin ee. Apoc

er y chlag o'clock: As tra yeeagh y dooinney er y chlag, v'eh ny smoo jeh jeig er y chlag Carn

fer ennagh somebody: yeeagh mee son fer ennagh dy ghoaill chymmey orrym, agh cha row dooinney erbee Bible

gyn fockle y ghra silently: Yeeagh olteynyn y çheshaght er y cheilley gyn fockle y ghra CnyO

gyn oanluckey unburied: yeeagh eh er magher y chaggee, raad va ny Manninee er n'yannoo caggey tammylt giare roish shen, as raad va ymmodee kirp varroo foast nyn lhie gyn oanluckey. Chron

hassoo jeeragh (ny) erect, upright: As haink eh gy-kione, tra va Joshua er gerrey da Jericho, dy hrog eh seose e hooillyn as yeeagh eh, as cur-my-ner, va dooinney ny hassoo jeeragh roish, as cliwe rooisht ny laue Bible

hollan (dy) of salt: Agh yeeagh ben Lot back, as vee chyndaït gys pillar dy hollan Bible

kishtey yn stoyr treasury: yeeagh eh seose, as honnick eh ny berchee tilgey ny giootyn oc ayns kishtey yn stoyr. Bible

meanvrastyl bourgeoisie, middle class: Yeeagh Ceridwen erash ayns shennaghys as loayr ee mychione ny shennvoiraghyn eck as yn aght haink meanvrastyl rish ayns Bretyn. Carn

meill (=Ir. meill) (f.) pl. meillyn beading, rim; (of tyre) bead; (of reapers) band; lip: Yeeagh yn eayst er y ven as mongey er e meill. Dhoor

miallys (f.) benefaction, beneficence, bountifulness, clemency, gentleness, humaneness, philanthropy: Ny ushtaghyn yeeagh da nyn miallys ayns tonnyn glassey brishey sheese dagh slyst, dagh thooilley goaill ny raaidyn da by-niessey as tuittym, rowlal lesh y varroo lhieggey PC

osney (=Ir. osnadh) (f.) blast; groan, sigh, sough: yeeagh eh seose gys niau, as lhig eh osney Bible; pant

ourys (=Ir. amhras) (f.) agnosticism, distrust, doubt, doubtfulness, misgiving, scepticism, suspicion, suspiciousness: yeeagh ny ostyllyn er y cheilley ayns ourys quoi er v'eh cheet Bible; mistrust

sleayst (f.) pl. sleaystyn shovel: yeeagh mee orroo, lane dy yerkallys mie, "Cre t'er y sleayst eu, ghuillyn?" JC; fan

sollysagh luminous: Bwoailt lesh goull ny h'Arragh oor my-hiar, As ooilley yn eilley lhurgagh spreiht lesh bineyn Veih'n chah; as ny skeogyn gial as sollysagh Va jannoo e vaaish dy yeeagh' myr irree ny ghreiney Dhoor

veih laa dy laa from day to day: Foast yeeagh ad magh dy jeidagh veih laa dy laa d'akin ee. Apoc

vreid covered: As tra va Jehu er jeet gys Jezreel, cheayll Jezebel jeh; as hug ee paint er e eddin, as vreid ee e kione, as yeeagh ee magh er uinniag. Bible; veiled

yei2 1 (ny) abaft a: As tra yeeagh eh ny yei, honnick eh mish; 2 (time) after: Daa laa ny yei. DF; 3 after him, ensuing, succeeding; 4 anyrate, however, otherwise

ymmyrkagh (n.) bearer, carrier, conveyor, haulage contractor, haulier, porter, transporter, vehicle; (v.) sustaining, bring forth: cren-fa eisht, tra yeeagh mee dy nymmyrkagh eh berrishyn-feeyney, dy dymmyrk eh berrishyn-feeyney feïe? Bible; portable

plucked pluckit, speeinit; cosnit: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire? - nagh vel eh shoh stoo cosnit ass yn aile? Bible; ghlack; phluck: and plucked off the hair of my head - as phluck mee jeh folt my chione Bible; spolgit: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked - yeeagh mee, derrey va ny skianyn spolgit jeh Bible; tayrnit: the chains had been plucked asunder by him - va ny geulaghyn er ny ve tayrnit veih-my-cheilley liorish Bible

tost muteness, speechless: Vrie mee j'ee mychione y dooinney eck, as dy beagh paitchyn elley marish Hommy Beg; v'ee ny tost rish tammylt beg, eisht yeeagh ee orrym dy hrimsagh gra dy row Robin Gorry e dooinney-heshey, ny hiaulteyr er lhong- hiaullee vooar Dhoor; mute; silent


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