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yea (intj) She, leer; dy-feer, dy firrinagh focklagh, dy jarroo; gy shickyr

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leer yea

acres (npl.) acreyn: Yea, ten acres of vineyard shall yield one bath - Dy jarroo nee jeih acreyn dy gharey-feeyney gymmyrkey un bath Bible

of sheep (ny) geyrragh: and they builded the sheep gate - as hrog ad giat ny geyrragh Bible; keyrragh: yea, the flocks of sheep are made desolate - dy jarroo ta ny shioltaneyn keyrragh shymley ersooyl Bible

overwhelm (v.) cur fo chosh; tuittym dy trome er: Yea, ye overwhelm the fatherless - Dy feer, ta shiu tuittym dy trome ersyn ta seaghnit Bible

dy-feer yea: Cur-jee my-ner eer yn eayst hene, as cha vel ee soilshean; dy-feer, cha vel ny rollageyn gyn cron ayns e hilley Bible; veraciously

dy firrinagh focklagh in truth, truly, verily, yea: Dy firrinagh focklagh ta mee gra riu Bible

dy jarroo actually, decidedly, earnestly, explicitly, rather; yea: Dy jarroo, cren vondeish veagh niart nyn laueyn dooys Bible; indeed: Woaill eh yn chreg chloaie dy jarroo, dy ren yn ushtey brishey magh Bible

gy shickyr yea: Gy sickyr ghanie yn dorghys erbi mayrts, agh ta yn yi gho solys ass y la : ta yn dorghys as y soilshe duitch ully mar anayn. Psalm1610

She 1 (intj) aye, yea; 2 (emph.) T'is a: She mish rose Sharon, as lilee ny coanyn. Bible; 3 be

comely (adj.) aalin: For our comely parts have no need - Son cha vel ny oltyn aalin ain feme er shoh Bible; bwaagh: Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels - Ta dty cheeillyn bwaagh soit magh lesh roaghyn dy yewellyn Bible; bwoyagh; cooie: but for that which is comely - agh son shen ny ta cooie Bible; feudagh: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink - te mie as feudagh son peccagh dy ee as dy iu Bible; fakinagh, graysoil; jesh: is it comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered? - vel eh jesh da ben dy yannoo padjer gys Jee as y kione eck gyn coodagh? Bible; stoamey: There be three things which go well, yea, four are comely in going - Ta ayn three cretooryn ta shooyl dy mie; as eer yn chiarroo ta stoamey ayns gimmeeaght Bible; stoamid: I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion - Cha jean-ym keiltyn e oltyn, ny e hroshid, ny stoamid cummey e niart. Bible


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