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yarn (n.) skeeal, snaie

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linen yarn (n.) snaie aanrit, snaie lieen

spun yarn (n.) tead daa filley, tead kiare filley

woollen yarn (n.) snaie olley

worsted yarn snaie oashyragh

snaie oashyragh worsted yarn

rope-yarn (n.) kennip

weft-yarn snaie innee

snaie innee weft, weft-yarn

tead daa filley spun yarn

tead kiare filley spun yarn

snaie olley knitting wool, woollen yarn

skeeal (=Ir. scéal) (f.) pl. skeeallyn, skeealyn advice, anecdote, history, legend, narrative, news, profile, report, rumour, story, submission, tale, tidings, yarn: Haink skeeal jeu gys ree Vabylon Bible

snaie line, thread, yarn, worm: vrish eh ad jeh e roihaghyn myr snaie Bible; netting

snaie aanrit linen yarn: van snaie aanrit er ny chreck rish marchannyn y ree. Bible

snaie lieen linen thread, linen yarn: As va ec Solomon cabbil veih Egypt as snaie lieen Bible

kennip (f.) (pl -yn) cannabis, hashish, pot: Lurg da prowal smuggleragh cocaine as kennip va feeu daeed as hoght meeilley jeig punt stiagh syn Ellan, hie dooinney voish Doolish er deyrey gys tree bleeaney as hoght mee ayns pryssoon. BS; hemp, rope-yarn


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