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cheer yalloo landscape

jannoo far-yalloo jeh caricature

caricature (n.) far-yalloo; (v.) jannoo far-yalloo jeh

closeup (n.) faggys-yalloo

headpiece (n.) kione-streeaney; kione-yalloo

ideogram (n.) eie-yalloo; jalloo-ockle

microphotograph (n.) myn-yalloo

oil colour (n.) ooill-yalloo

public image (n.) co-yalloo

rear elevation (n.) cooyl-yalloo

scale drawing (n.) scailley-yalloo, towse-yalloo

side elevation (n.) cheu-yalloo

tattoo2 (n.) (on skin) crackan-yalloo, tattoo

bun-yalloo negative

cheu-yalloo side elevation

cooyl-yalloo rear elevation

co-yalloo public image; image: ayndu ta jih yn tyyl shoanoni ern' alley ny hagnyghyn acksyn nagh vell krediu, nagh jenagh soilshe yn tuiskel dy gloyr ghrist (shen ta ko-iallu iih) soilsheyn dausyn. PB1610

crackan-yalloo (on skin) tattoo

eie-yalloo (f.) ideogram

faggys-yalloo closeup

far-yalloo caricature

kione-yalloo headpiece

myn-yalloo microphotograph, miniature

ooill-yalloo (f.) oil colour

scailley-yalloo scale drawing

towse-yalloo scale drawing

landscape (n.) cheer yalloo, reayrt cheerey; (v.) jannoo reayrt cheerey

miniature (adj.) beg, myn-, smiggylagh; (n.) myn-yalloo, mynchaslys

negative bun-yalloo; cur noi; jiooldagh; jiooldey; obballagh

billey Nollick Christmas tree: Ta billey Nollick er lheh ec gagh colught dy hoilshaghey e yalloo co-chorpagh liorish tayrn sooillyn huggey. BS

gyn tushtey indiscriminating: tar-jee er-gerrey cooidjagh, shiuish scapailtee ny ashoonyn: t'ad gyn tushtey ta soiaghey seose fuygh nyn yalloo grainnit, as ta goaill padjer gys Jee nagh vod sauail. Bible

jalloo roit molten image: Cre'n foays t'ayns yalloo grainnit, dy vel yn obbree er ghrainney eh; yn jalloo roit, as y fer-ynsee dy vreagyn, dy vel yn obbree treishteil ayns ny jallooyn balloo, obbyr e laueyn hene ? Bible

lheieder melter, smelter: ta keeayl dy chooilley lheieder lheïe ersooyl marish e yalloo grainnit Bible

image (n.) caslys: for in the image of God made he man - son ayns caslys Yee hie dooinney er croo. Bible; cochaslys; jalloo: He is the image of you - T'eh dty yalloo hene. DF idiom; soyley; co-yalloo; scaan: an image was before mine eyes - va scaan roish my hooillyn Bible

feer (=Ir. fíor) 1 exceeding, exceptionally, extremely, very a: As va'n ven aeg feer aalin Bible; 2 authentic, correct, pure, real, regular, sheer, sincere, true, truthful, veritable: ghow mish ayns laue jurnaa sheese trooid y diunid er nagh vrish rieau laa, gys niurin agglagh, raad ta aggle reill 's e yalloo feer, as reesht back gys y theihll aalin shoh wass PC; 3 (n.) truth; 4 particular [L. veros]


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