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wrong1 (adj.) aggairagh: It is very wrong of you to go there - T'ou g'aghtey feer aggairagh goll dys shen. JJK idiom; dy meechiart, meechiart, aggair; (v.) jannoo aggair da; cam: Whether you're right or wrong, you might be more modest - Vel oo kiart ny cam, oddagh oo ve ny s'fastee. JJK idiom

wrong2 (as plan) cha nel bun ny baare er

wrong3 (in games) branglash

wrong4 (adj.) (as note) foalsey

wrong5 (n.) skielley

Inexact matches:

morally wrong (adj.) olk

wrong side (n.) (of material) cheu asstan

wrong in the head ass y hene

wrong side up bun ry skyn

branglash (f.) cheating, jobbery; (in games) wrong

dy meechiart wrong, wrongly

ass y hene wrong in the head

cha nel bun ny baare er (as plan) wrong

cheu asstan (f.) inside, side out of sight; (of material) wrong side

played bwoaillit; chloie: She played the wrong note - Chloie ee y notey aggairagh. DF idiom; cloiet

prove (v.) fiddraghtyn, fondaghey, fidraghtyn; jeru; (impv) ronsee; prowal: Whatever you may say, I'll prove to you that you're wrong - Cre erbee foddee oo gra, n'eem prowal dhyt dy vel oo cam. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) phrowal

aggair (f.) pl. aggairyn aggression, iniquity, injury, injustice, violation: Eisht bee'n dooinney seyr veih'n aggair Bible; unfair, wrong

aggairagh injurious, unjust, unjustified, unsuitable, wrong: Cursit t'eshyn, ta coyrt briwnys aggairagh Bible; aggressor, violator, wrongdoer; undue

bun ry skyn disordered, inverted, topsy-turvy, upside-down, upturned, vice versa, wrong side up: Colin y Jerree - Seihll Bun-ry-Skyn? Carn

cam bent, cam, crooked, deceitful, deformed, intricate, knotty, perverse, rakish, rakish angle, wry: teh er nyannoo ny chassanyn cam Bible; wrong

foalsey (=Ir. falsa) affected, bogus, counterfeit, dud, dummy, ersatz, fallacious, false, feigned, forged, hypocritical, perfidious, pinchbeck, sham, spurious, suppositious, tinsel, two-faced, unlawful, perverse, unfaithful, untrue, wicked: t'ad fockley magh diu ashlish foalsey Bible; (of victory) hollow; (as note) wrong; wily; deceitfully

jannoo aggair da injure, violate, wrong: Foddee dt'olkys jannoo aggair da dooinney myr t'ou hene Bible; trespass

meechiart amoral, erring, erroneous, improper, inequitable, one-sided, unorthodox, wrong: jannoo reddyn barbaragh rish pryssoonee elley as janoo reddyn mee-chiart rish sleih elley. Carn

olk (=Ir. olc) (f.) 1 See smessey, pl. uilk bad, bad-hearted, bad-looking, evil, ill, injury, lousy, morally wrong, truculence, unfavourable, unregenerate, vice, vicious, wicked a: Nagh loayr ad olk jeh dooinney erbee Bible; 2 mischief, naughtiness, wickedness; 3 depressing; 4 naughty; 5 sinful; 6 sinister [O.Ir. olc]

skielley detriment, harm, hurt, injury, mischief, scathe: cha jean-ym maghey shoh skielley dhyt Bible; (harm) wrong

clearly (adv.) b'leayr dy row; dy glen: He speaks clearly - T'eh loayrt dy ghlen. DF idiom; dy sullyr: He speaks clearly - T'eh loayrt dy sullyr. DF idiom; dy baghtal: I understood clearly - Hoig mee dy baghtal. DF idiom; gyn ourys: He is clearly wrong - T'eh aggairagh gyn ourys. DF idiom


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