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wrath (n.) corree, farg, jymmoose

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Cape Wrath (n.) (Yn) Carroo

vials of wrath (npl.) siyn dy ymmoose

Carroo (Yn) Cape Wrath

siyn dy ymmoose vials of wrath

many a time keayrt ny ghaa; (ny) keayrtyn; ymmodee keayrtyn; shimmey keayrt: many a time turned he his wrath away - shimmey keayrt hyndaa eh e chorree ersooyl Bible

of an eye (gen.) sooilley: For his wrath endureth but the twinkling of an eye - Son cha vel e chorree farraghtyn agh meekey sooilley Bible

shall drink iuee: he shall drink of the wrath of the Almighty - iuee eh jeh jymmoose yn Ooilley-niartal Bible

variance (n.) meechoardailys, noidys, streeu; anvea: Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies - Ammys da jallooyn, obbeeys, dwoaie, anvea, goanlys, jymmoose, streeu, irree-magh, shaghrynys veihn chredjue Bible

we shall be beemayd: we shall be saved from wrath through him bee mayd er nyn sauail voish jymmoose ny hrooidsyn Bible

corree (=Ir. corraí) (f.) anger, indignation, ire, wrath, wroth: T'ad er my ghreinnaghey gys corree Bible; angry, annoyed, cross, irate, uptight; indignant; emotion

farg (f.) anger, choler, fierceness, fury, outrage, wrath: Shione dou yn farg echey Bible; indignation

jymmoose (f.) anger, chagrin, displeasure, furiousness, fury, indignation, ire, rage, wrath: cre'n-oyr va son chiass y jymmoose hrome shoh? Bible

blasphemy (n.) ard-vollaght, goan custey, goo mollaghtagh, mollaghtoil, peccah noi'n Spyrrd Noo, taggloo mollaghtoil; taggloo custey; goan mollaghtagh: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication - corree, jymmoose, goanlys, goan mollaghtagh, glare neughlen Bible; raa mollaghtagh: All manner of sin and blasphemy - dy chooilley pheccah as raa mollaghtagh Bible


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