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wound (n.) lhot, lott; lhott: He received a dangerous wound - Hooar eh lhott danjeyragh. JJK idiom; (v.) guinney, lhottey; (y) chraghey

Inexact matches:

death wound (n.) lhott baaish

flesh wound (n.) lhott foalley

raw wound (n.) lhott bio

stab wound (n.) broddagh

wound seriously (v.) (to); (dy) chreaughey

broddagh jabbing, stab wound

chreaughey (dy); (to) wound seriously

lhott baaish death wound

lhott bio raw wound

lhott foalley flesh wound

over-wound ro-hogherit

shunt-wound (n.) shunt-hogherit

spiral-wound (n.) caslagh-chast

caslagh-chast spiral-wound

creaughey hurt seriously, wound seriously

ro-hogherit over-wound

shunt-hogherit shunt-wound

guinney needle, pain, sting, wound, wounding: Jaagh ta guinney ny sooillyn. DF; (of pain) shoot

lhot wound: yn lhot baaish echey v'er ny lheihys. Bible

company sheshaght-ghellal; colught: They wound the company up - Hug ad jerrey er y cholught. DF idiom; complaght; sheshaght: Do you expect company? - Vel shiu jerkal rish sheshaght? JJK idiom; skimmee: The ship's company - Yn skimmee. DF idiom

motor (n.) gleaysheyder: Series wound motor - Gleaysheyder straih-hogherit. DF idiom; (v.) goll ayns gleayshtan, motoragh

of an enemy (gen.) noidey: I have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy - ta mee er dty lhottey lesh lhott noidey Bible

plug1 (n.) dhull; plug; stoppane: Plug a wound - Stoppane y chur ayns lhott. DF idiom; (v.) stoppal: Plug up a hole - Towl y stoppal seose. DF idiom

series (npl.) roa, strane; straih: Series wound motor - Gleaysheyder straih-hogherit. DF idiom; eiyrtyssaght; straneyn

chraghey (y) prey upon: adsyn ooilley ta dty chraghey verym seose gys y chragh Bible; confound: Lhig dauesyn ve craghit ta jannoo tranlaase orrym, agh ny lhig dauesyn mish y chraghey Bible; undo; wound; oppress; vex; break; afflict

lhott (=Ir. lot) pl. lhottyn gash, injury, lesion, trauma, wound: Lhott as scammylt nee eh geddyn Bible

lhottey (=Ir. lot) hurt, injure, mutilate, mutilation, wound, wounding: Ec y jerrey nee eh lhottey myr ard-nieu Bible

lott (f.) job lot, portion: hilg ad lottyn chammah son beg as mooar Bible; wound: Lostey son lostey, lhott, son lhott, builley son builley Bible

incurable (adj.) neuchouyralagh, neulheihysagh, neuslayntoil; gyn couyr: For her wound is incurable - Son tan lhott eck gyn couyr Bible; gyn lheihys: the Lord smote him in his bowels with an incurable disease - woaill y Chiarn ehsy volg lesh doghan gyn-lheihys Bible


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