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worm1 (n.) beisht; beishteig: The womb shall forget him; the worm shall feed sweetly on him - Neen vreïn eshyn y yarrood; neen beishteig beaghey dy blaystal er Bible; crooag: it did not stink, neither was there any worm therein - cha ren eh breinaghey, chamoo va crooag ayn Bible; dhiane: How much less man, that is a worm? and the son of man, which is a worm? - Cre-woad sloo dooinney, ta ny veishteig, as yn mac dooinney, ta myr y dhiane. Bible; peishteig; tayrneyder

worm2 (n.) scrod snaie

Inexact matches:

book worm (n.) crooag lioaragh

cabbage worm (n.) braddag chaayl, durrag

caddis worm (n.) crooag chaddan

copper worm (n.) beishteig lhuingey

flesh worm (n.) crooag

glow worm (n.) crooag yial, lamprag

keel worm (n.) eayl varrey

meal worm (n.) fynnag, fynnag ny meinney

palmer worm (n.) beishteig loauee

scale worm (n.) braddag varrey

seaweed worm (n.) beishteig famlee

ship worm (n.) crooag lhuingey

slow worm (n.) beishteig ghoal

still worm (n.) keyrrey cham

worm bit (n.) beealveer viseagh

worm infested lane beishteigyn

worm out (v.) (to); (dy) vreigey magh

worm powder (n.) poodyr beishteig

crooag (f.) pl. crooagyn flesh worm, gentle, grub, maggot; worm: cha ren eh breinaghey, chamoo va crooag ayn Bible

beealveer viseagh (f.) worm bit

beishteig famlee (f.) seaweed worm

beishteig ghoal (f.) slow worm

beishteig loauee (f.) palmer worm

braddag varrey (f.) scale worm

crooag lhuingey (f.) ship worm

crooag yial (f.) glow worm

eayl varrey keel worm

fynnag (f.) meal worm; whiting

keyrrey cham (f.) still worm

lamprag (f.) firefly, glow worm

scrod snaie worm

maw-worm (n.) mairtlhian, martlhan, martlhian, muttag, muttog

white-worm (n.) joltag

worm-eaten (adj.) eeit ec ny beishteigyn

worm-hole (n.) towl beishteig

worm-infested lane beishteigyn

beishteig lhuingey (f.) copper worm, teredo

fynnag ny meinney (f.) meal worm

joltag (f.) white-worm

mairtlhian (f.) maw-worm

martlhan (f.) bellworm, maw-worm

martlhian (f.) maw-worm

muttag (f.) maw-worm

muttog (f.) bot, maw-worm

towl beishteig worm-hole

vreigey magh (dy); (to) to worm out

braddag chaayl (f.) cabbage worm, larva of cabbage moth

crooag chaddan (f.) caddis worm; caddis fly larva

crooag lioaragh (f.) book louse, book worm

eeit ec ny beishteigyn worm-eaten

lane beishteigyn worm-infested, wormy, worm infested

peishteig caterpillar; worm, beast, monster; small heap

poodyr beishteig insect powder, worm powder

durrag (f.) cabbage worm, larva of cabbage moth; wicket, wicket gate

tayrneyder drawer, puller, tractor: veih'n giareyder-fuygh, gys y tayrneyder-ushtey. Bible; plucker; worm

beisht (=biasd or beisd; lat. besfia) (f.) COMPARE peisht beast, monster: honnick mee beisht troggal ass yn aarkey Bible; worm; (of person) toad [O.Ir. bíast]

beishteig (f.) pl. beishteigyn crawler, creepy-crawly, insect; reptile; worm: nee'n beishteig beaghey dy blaystal er Bible; coil

dhiane worm: Cre-woad sloo dooinney, ta ny veishteig, as yn mac dooinney, ta myr y dhiane. Bible

snaie line, thread, yarn, worm: vrish eh ad jeh e roihaghyn myr snaie Bible; netting


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