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works1 (n.) minnagh

works2 (npl.) (of clock etc) obbraghyn: This was not the least of his works - Cha by loo shoh yn chooid jeh e obbraghyn. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

constructive works (npl.) obbraghyn troggee

defensive works (npl.) obbraghyn coadee

dramatic works (npl.) drammaghyn

glass works (n.) caardee glonney

good works (npl.) jeih-obbraghyn; obbraghyn mie: Well reported of for good works - Ayns goo mie son obbraghyn mie Bible; obbraghyn miey

great works (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: who had seen all the great works of the Lord - va er vakin ooilley obbraghyn yindyssagh y Chiarn Bible

lead works (n.) mwyllin leoaie

marvellous works (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: Remember his marvellous works that he hath done - Cooinee-jee er ny obbraghyn yindyssagh teh er nyannoo Bible

mighty works (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: for if the mighty works had been done in Tyre and Sidon - son dy beagh ny obbraghyn yindyssagh er ve jeant ayns Tyre and Sidon Bible; obbraghyn mirrillagh: for all the mighty works that they had seen - son ooilley ny obbraghyn mirrillagh vad er nakin Bible; obbraghyn niartal: that even such mighty works are wrought by his hands - dy vel lheid ny obbraghyn niartal er nyn obbraghey liorish ny laueyn echey Bible

public works (npl.) obbraghyn pobbylagh, obbraghyn theayagh

servile works (npl.) obbyr hirveishagh

tin works (n.) caardee stainney

wonderful works (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: and the wonderful works that he had shewed for them - as ny obbraghyn yindyssagh veh er hoilshaghey er nyn son oc Bible

wondrous works (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: talk ye of all his wondrous works - loayr-jee jeh ooilley e obbraghyn yindyssagh Bible

Works Division (n.) Fo-Rheynn Obbraghyn

clerk of the works (n.) stiureydey ny hobbraghyn

Inspector of Works (n.) Scruteyr Obbraghyn

sewage disposal works (n.) buill-voonlee; obbraghyn-glennee sornaigys

upper works of ship (n.) eaghtyr lhuingey

water treatment works (n.) obbraghyn glennee ushtey, obbraghyn ry hoi glenney ushtey; ynnyd lhiasaghey ushtey

Works of a Day (npl.) Obbyraghyn Laa

obbraghyn yindyssagh marvellous acts; wondrous works; great works; marvellous works; wonderful works; mighty works

obbraghyn workings, works: lesh nyn obbraghyn eajee vrasnee ad eh Bible; (of clock etc) works; operations

marvellous (adj.) yindyssagh: Remember his marvellous works that he hath done - Cooinee-jee er ny obbraghyn yindyssagh teh er nyannoo Bible; mirrilagh: Great and marvellous are thy works - Mooar as mirrilagh ta dty obbraghyn Bible

buill-voonlee sewage disposal works

caardee glonney glass works

caardee stainney (f.) tin works

drammaghyn dramatic works

Fo-Rheynn Obbraghyn Works Division

jeih-obbraghyn good works

mwyllin leoaie lead works

obbraghyn coadee defensive works

obbraghyn miey good works

obbraghyn mirrillagh mighty works

obbraghyn pobbylagh public works

obbraghyn theayagh public works

obbraghyn troggee constructive works

obbyr hirveishagh (f.) servile works

copper-works (n.) thie obbree cobbyr

dye-works (n.) thie daah, thie daahderys

gas-works (n.) thie gas

oil-works (n.) thie grease ooill

obbraghyn-glennee sornaigys sewage disposal works

Scruteyr Obbraghyn Inspector of Works

thie daah dye-works

thie daahderys dye-works

thie gas gas-works

thie grease ooill oil-works

thie obbree cobbyr copper-works

eaghtyr lhuingey upper works of ship

obbraghyn glennee ushtey water treatment works

obbraghyn niartal mighty works; mighty deeds

obbraghyn ry hoi glenney ushtey water treatment works

Obbyraghyn Laa Works of a Day

stiureydey ny hobbraghyn clerk of the works

ynnyd lhiasaghey ushtey water treatment works

careful2 (adj.) (in money) kiarailagh; kiaralagh: be careful to maintain good works. - ve kiaralagh dy hoilshaghey magh obbraghyn mie Bible

daily dagh laa; laaoil; gagh laa: Fulfil your works, your daily tasks - Cooilleen-jee nyn obbyr, nyn obbyr gagh-laa Bible

wondrous (adj., adv.) yindyssagh: talk ye of all his wondrous works - loayr-jee jeh ooilley e obbraghyn yindyssagh Bible; mirrilagh

minnagh bowel, entrails, gut, intestine, pith, viscera, works: Yiar ad y minnagh assjee. DF

obbraghyn mie good works: va'n ven shoh berchagh ayns obbraghyn mie as giastyllys gys ny boghtyn. Bible

glass (n.) glenney: I have to put new glass in it - Shegin dou cur glenney noa aynjee. Bunnydys; gless: Will they have a glass of wine? - Bee gless dy feeyn oc? JJK idiom; glonney: Glass-works - Caardee glonney DF idiom; scaan

know (v.) ennys; gennaghtyn; nione, nhione: Do you know the child with the blue eye? - Nhione diu yn lhiannoo ta sooillyn gorrym echey. JJK idiom; fys ec: I can't say anything that you do not already know - Cha n'oddym gra veg, nagh vel fys hannah ayd. JJK idiom; shione: I know it pretty well - Shione dou eh feer vie. JJK idiom; toig; shoyl; fys ec er: Therefore he knoweth their works - Shen-y-fa ta fys echey er nyn obbraghyn Bible; cur enney er: knowing that it was the Lord. - cur enney er dy nee eh van Chiarn Bible

public (adj.) foshlit, er fys; cadjinagh; theayagh: Is there a public convenience here? - Vel premmee theayagh ayn ayns shoh? DF idiom; pobbylagh: Public works - Obbraghyn pobbylagh. DF idiom; (n.) seihll, sleih, theay; (y) phobble: Public holiday - Laa seyr y phobble. DF idiom

stand still er-troggloo; er troggloo; shassoo sthill: When ye are come to the brink of the water of Jordan, ye shall stand still in Jordan - Tra vees shiu er jeet gys oirr awin Yordan, nee shiu shassoo sthill ayns Jordan BNible; (impv) shass-jee: stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord - shass-jee, as cur-jee my-ner yn saualtys neen Chiarn soilshaghey diu Bible; fuirree-jee: Stand still, and I will hear what the Lord will command concerning you - Fuirree-jee tammylt, as neem clashtyn cre neen Chiarn sarey mychione eu. Bible; shass raad tou: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God - shass raad tou, as smooinee dy dowin er obbraghyn yindyssagh Yee Bible


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