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worker (n.) laboragh, labree; obbree: He is a hard worker - T'eh ny obbree mie. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

church worker (n.) obbree killagh

coal worker (n.) obbree geayil

farm worker (n.) obbree hallooin

fast worker (n.) gaskeydagh

fellow worker (n.) sheshey obbree

glass worker (n.) obbree glonney

hand worker (n.) obbree laue

lead worker (n.) obbree leoaie

metal worker (n.) obbree meainey

migrant worker (n.) obbree arraghee

outside worker (n.) obbree mooie

research worker (n.) obbree aahirrey

transport worker (n.) obbree ymmyrkey

underground worker (n.) (mine) fo hallooder

worker bee (n.) shellan obbyr

worker power (n.) niart ny labreeyn

fo hallooder (mine) underground worker

obbree aahirrey research worker

obbree arraghee migrant worker

obbree geayil coal worker

obbree glonney glass worker

obbree killagh church worker

obbree laue hand worker

obbree leoaie lead worker

obbree meainey metal worker

obbree ymmyrkey transport worker

shellan obbyr worker bee

sheshey obbree (=Ir. seisoibre) fellow worker

cloth-worker (n.) obbree eaddee

iron-worker (n.) seyr yiarn

piece-worker (n.) meer-obbree

wonder-worker (n.) obbree yindyssagh

meer-obbree piece-worker

niart ny labreeyn worker power

obbree pl. obbreeyn agent, artisan, employee, factory hand, proletarian; labourer: for the labourer is worthy of his hire - son tan labree toilliu e aill Bible; worker: and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker in brass - va e ayr dooinney jeh Tyre, ny obbree ayns prash Bible; workman, working man: the workman made it - yn obbree ren eh, Bible; performer; potter: ta shinyn y chray, as uss yn obbree Bible; (adj.) practical; (v.) working; worked: as obbree ad seose nyn gliwenyn gys yiarnyn-shesheree, as nyn shleiyghyn gys yiarnyn-foldyragh Bible

obbree eaddee cloth-worker

obbree hallooin farmhand, farm worker

obbree mooie outside worker, outworker

obbree yindyssagh wonder-worker

seyr yiarn iron-worker

gaskeydagh hasty: yn ashoon elgyssagh shen as gaskeydagh Bible; fast worker, hustler

laboragh labour: Ta mee er laboragh ayns fardail Bible; pl. labbreeyn worker; laborious

labree labourer, worker: Ta'n labree feeu e aill Bible


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