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wood1 (n.) aamaid; foiee; fuygh: Now put two or three pieces of wood on - Nish cur er ghaa ny tree peeshyn dy fuygh. JJK idiom; keyll: Don't lose yourself in the wood - Ny caill shiu-hene 'sy cheyll. JJK idiom; ros; magin

wood2 (n.) (the) stoandey

wood3 (n.) (bowls) bulley

Inexact matches:

cherry wood (n.) foiee shillish

Childrens Wood (n.) Keyll ny Paitchyn

crowded wood (n.) keyll chiu

dead wood (n.) brasnag

Green Wood (n.) Keyll Ghlass

Hazel Wood (n.) Keyll Coull

larch wood (n.) fuygh larshagh

Madrell's Wood (n.) Keyll Vaddrell

Miry Wood (n.) Mirescog

oak wood (n.) darragh, fuygh darree

pine wood (n.) keyll yuys

rotten wood (n.) musthane; fuygh loau

Round Wood Cringle

sap wood (n.) foiee glass

satin wood (n.) foiee stroll

small wood (npl.) (for fire) brasnagyn

Speckled Wood (n.) Breck ny Keylley

wood angelica (n.) lus y vee

wood avens (n.) parane cheylley

wood betony (n.) lus ny skeddan

wood block (n.) block foiee

wood carver (n.) cummeyder foiee

Wood Croft (n.) Croit ny Keylley

wood engraver (n.) grainneyder foiee

wood engraving (v.) grainney foiee; grainney maidjey

Wood folk (npl.) mooinjer ny keylley

Wood Glen (n.) Glion y Cheyll

wood keeper (n.) meoir keylley

wood lark (n.) ushag ny keylljyn

wood louse (n.) collagh saggyrt, meeyl cheylley, muc ny ferrishyn

wood nymph (n.) ben-jee ny keylley, keyllagh

wood pea (n.) pishyr cheylley

wood pigeon (n.) calmane keylley

wood pile (n.) carnane connee

wood pimpernel (n.) lus Cholumb Keeilley, shamrag Voirrey

wood preservative (n.) freilleyder foiee

wood pulp (n.) buiggys foiee

wood sage (n.) creaghlaght, lus y toar vreinn

wood sandpiper (n.) leayrane keylley

wood sanicle (n.) bossan keylley, caardys

wood senecio (n.) grunlus vooar

wood shaving (n.) slissag foiee, slissag vaidjey

wood shed (n.) bwaag yn foiee

wood sorrel (n.) bee cooag, shamrag Vanninagh

wood spirit (n.) alcoal foiee

Wood Stream (n.) Strooan ny Keylley

wood thrush (n.) treshlen ny keylley

wood vetch (n.) pishyr ny keylley

Wood View (n.) Reayrt ny Keylley

wood warbler (n.) kiaulleyder keylley

wood wasp (n.) beishtag-fuygh

beer from the wood (n.) lhune veih'n varril

Behind the Wood (n.) Cooyl ny Cheylley

edge of the wood (n.) oirr ny keylley

gorse stick for fire wood (n.) bwon

Hill Foot Wood (n.) Keyll yn Cosheraght

Near the Wood (n.) Fo Cheyll

of a wood (gen.) keyljey

of the wood (gen.) keyllagh; (ny) keylley: To go by way of the wood - Dy gholl raad ny keylley. DF idiom

Pool of the Wood (n.) Poyll Roish

Well of the Wood (n.) Chibbyr ny Cheylley

Wooded Division Wood (n.) Keyll Rheynn Keylleragh

aamaid timber, timbered, wood

alcoal foiee wood spirit

bee cooag wood sorrel

beishtag-fuygh wood wasp

block foiee wood block

bossan keylley wood sanicle

buiggys foiee wood pulp

carnane connee wood pile

creaghlaght wood sage

Cringle Round Wood

cummeyder foiee wood carver

foiee glass sap wood

foiee shillish cherry wood

foiee stroll satin wood

freilleyder foiee wood preservative

fuygh darree oak wood

fuygh larshagh larch wood

grainneyder foiee wood engraver

grunlus vooar (f.) wood senecio

keyljey (gen.) of a wood

keyllagh (f.) (n.) dryad, wood nymph; of the wood: Mysh jerrey fouyir my hug shiu tastey da biljyn ny keyllagh strippit jeh nyn mlaa PC

keyll chiu (f.) crowded wood

Keyll Coull Hazel Wood

Keyll Ghlass Green Wood

Keyll Vaddrell Madrell's Wood

kiaulleyder keylley wood warbler

leayrane keylley wood sandpiper

magin (=Ir. maide.) wood

meeyl cheylley (f.) wood louse

Mirescog Miry Wood

parane cheylley (f.) wood avens

pishyr cheylley (f.) wood pea

ros wood

shamrag Vanninagh (f.) wood sorrel

slissag foiee (f.) wood shaving

slissag vaidjey (f.) wood shaving

wood-carving cummey foiee

ben-jee ny keylley (f.) wood nymph

Breck ny Keylley Speckled Wood

bwaag yn foiee (f.) wood shed

Croit ny Keylley Wood Croft

cummey foiee wood-carving

Fo Cheyll Near the Wood

Glion y Cheyll Wood Glen

grainney foiee woodcut, wood engraving

grainney maidjey woodcut, wood engraving

Keyll ny Paitchyn Childrens Wood

lus ny skeddan (f.) wood betony

lus y vee (f.) wood angelica

mooinjer ny keylley (f.) Wood folk

pishyr ny keylley (f.) wood vetch

Reayrt ny Keylley Wood View

treshlen ny keylley (f.) wood thrush

ushag ny keylljyn (f.) wood lark

bulley bull, stock exchange bull; (bowls) wood

calmane keylley ring dove, wood pigeon

Chibbyr ny Cheylley Well of the Wood

Cooyl ny Cheylley Behind the Wood

Keyll Rheynn Keylleragh Wooded Division Wood

Keyll yn Cosheraght Hill Foot Wood

keyll yuys (f.) pine wood, pine grove

lhune veih'n varril beer from the wood

lus Cholumb Keeilley (f.) bog asphodel, wood pimpernel

lus y toar vreinn (f.) stinkweed, wood sage

meoir keylley forester, verderer, wood keeper

muc ny ferrishyn (f.) sow slater, wood louse

musthane rotten timber, rotten wood, spunk, tinder

oirr ny keylley edge of the wood

shamrag Voirrey (f.) four-leaved clover, four-leaved shamrock, wood pimpernel

Strooan ny Keylley Woodbourne, Wood Stream

collagh saggyrt pl. collee saggyrt parson's pig, wood louse

fuygh COMPARE foiee timber, wood: losht eh yn oural, as y fuygh Bible

stoandey barrel, drum: Cha jingit as skeddan ayns stoandey. DF; (the) wood

ark1 (n.) arg: Make thee an ark of gopher wood - Trog dhyt arg jeh fuygh gopher B ible

by way of raad: To go by way of the wood - Dy gholl raad ny keylley. DF idiom

hyssop (n.) hyssop: cedar wood, and scarlet, and hyssop - fuygh-cedar, as scarleod, as hyssop Bible

marble marmyr; marble: and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble - as dy chooilley horch dy hiyn fuygh smoo costal, as dy phrash, as yiarn, as marble Bible; runtag; marmyrey

ourselves (pron) shin hene: We refreshed ourselves in the wood - D'ooree shin shin-hene ayns y cheyll. JJK idiom; shinyn

pieces (npl.) stuckanyn; meeryn; peeshyn: Now put two or three pieces of wood on - Nish cur er ghaa ny tree peeshyn dy fuygh. JJK idiom

pillars (npl.) pillaryn: And thou shalt hang it upon four pillars of shittim wood - As nee oo croghey ad er kiare pillaryn dy fuygh-shittim Bible

refreshed oorit; d'ooree: We refreshed ourselves in the wood - D'ooree shin shin-hene ayns y cheyll. JJK idiom

shall cut giaree: But the mountain shall be thine; for it is a wood, and thou shalt cut it down - Agh been slieau lhiats; son te ny cheyll, as giaree oo sheese eh Bible

split (v.) gaaigey, skeiltey; scoltit, skeilt; scolt; scoltey: Why have you split this piece of wood? - Cre'n oyr dy vel shiu er scoltey yn veer dy fuygh shoh? JJK idiom

wild boar (n.) muc feïe: The wild boar out of the wood doth root it up - Ta muc feïe ass y cheyll reurey seose ny fraueyn eck Bible

brasnag (f.) pl. brasnaggyn, brasnagyn dead wood, firewood, stick for burning, torch: te shyrgit myr brasnag. Bible

brasnagyn kindling; (for fire) small wood; sticks: va'n ven-treoghe ayns shen chaglym brasnagyn; as deïe eh urree Bible

bwon pl. bwonyn gorse stick for fire wood; staddle, stub, stump: Agh, vel shiu rieau er chlashtyn jeh bwon darragh ny lhie fo-varrey? JG

caardys allied to, blood relationship, friendship, genealogy, kin, kinship, pedigree, wood sanicle: Cha jig fer erbee eu er-gerrey jeeish ta faggys caardys da, dy phoosey ee Bible

darragh1 (pl -yn) oak, oaken, oak grove, oak wood, sessile oak: honnick mish Absalom croghey ayns billey-darragh Bible; would come: va ny chaghteryn feer tastagh darragh fockle erbee voish Bible

foiee boarding, piece of timber, timber, wood: Erskyn ooilley t'ad laccal shenn ghreieyn-whaaley as greieyn ry hoi obbyr-foiee. BS; timbered

fuygh loau rotten wood: T'eh dy choontey yiarn myr coonlagh, as prash myr fuygh loau. Bible

Keeill Vian St. Matthew's Church: Arrymagh Illiam Wood M.A., keayrt dy row saggyrt jeh Keeill Vian, Doolish. Coraa

keyll (=Ir. coill, Sc.G. coille) (f.) pl. keylljyn forest, greenwood, grove, plantation, wood, wooded place: nee'm gastyrt keyll dty yallooyn veih ny mast' eu Bible [O.Ir. caill]

stubble (n.) giare-choonlagh: Behold, they shall be as stubble - Cur-my-ner, bee ad myr y yiare-choonlagh Bible; stubble: and wilt thou pursue the dry stubble? - as jed oo geiyrt er y stubble chirrym? Bible; stubbyl: gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble - airh, argid, claghyn costal, fuygh, traagh, stubbyl Bible; coau: and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble - as gowee yn gheay-chassee ersooyl ad myr y coau Bible


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