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withered1 creen, shyrgaghey; creent; fioghit; fiojit; shirgit, shyrgit; (npl.) shirgeydee

withered2 (as limb) croobit

Inexact matches:

Withered Bush (n.) Croau Creen

Withered Croft (n.) Croit Chreen

Withered Land (n.) Creenagh

Withered Marsh (n.) Curragh Creen

Withered Meadow (n.) Lheannee Chreen

Withered Place (n.) Creelagh

withered place (n.) creelagh

withered tree (n.) billey creen

Big Withered Land (n.) Creenagh Vooar

Lower Withered Bush (n.) Croau Creen Neese

Withered Bush Slope (n.) Liargee ny Croau Creen

creelagh swamp, withered place

Creenagh Withered Land

creent ripened, withered

Croau Creen Withered Bush

Croit Chreen Withered Croft

Curragh Creen Withered Marsh

Lheannee Chreen Withered Meadow

Creenagh Vooar Big Withered Land

croobit bent over, humped; (as limb) withered

Creelagh Miry Place, Morass, Shaking Bog; Withered Place

Croau Creen Neese Lower Withered Bush

Liargee ny Croau Creen Withered Bush Slope

shirgeydee withered: ymmodee dy leih dourinagh, doail, baccee, shirgeydee, Bible

shyrgaghey dried, withered: nish ta'n vioys ain shyrgaghey ersooyl Bible

shyrgit withered: va dooinney ayns shen lesh laue shyrgit. Bible

How soon (interrog.) Cre cha leah: How soon is the fig tree withered away - Cre cha leah as tan billey figgagh er chreenagh roish? Bible

creen decayed, sapless, withered: Ayns y voghrey te glass, as gaase seose: agh ayns yn astyr te giarit sheese, te creen as fiojit Bible; ripe: myr arroo blestit roish my te creen Bible; diminutive, trifling

fioghit blighted, decadent, decayed, faded, withered, wizened: Ta my chree er vailleil as fioghit gollrish faiyr Bible

fiojit decayed, faded, perished, withered: va ny slattagyn lajer eck brisht as fiojit Bible; (colour) washed-out

shirgit atrophied, contracted, decrepit, dried up, gaunt, jerked, mummified, shrivelled, shrunken, wilted, withered, wizened: Ta ny craueyn ain shirgit Bible

billey creen withered tree: bee fys ec ooilley biljyn y vagher, dy nee mish y Chiarn, ter lhieggal y billey ard, as eer hroggal y billey injil, ter fioghey yn billey glass, as er chur er y billey creen dy vlaaghey Bible


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