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wish mian: I wish to say - S'mian lhiam gra. DF idiom; mianey; yerkal; baill; soulaghey; geearree: I wish for money - Ta mee geearree argid. DF idiom; yeearree; sailt: Why do you wish us to learn this? - Cre'n fa sailt shin dy ynsagh eh shoh? JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

will wish baillish

wish bone (n.) craue yeearree

wish you nailliu, nailt

would wish baillish

you wish sailliu

he would wish ballish; baillishyn; by vian lesh: That is just as he would wish - Ta shen kiart myr by vian lesh. DF idiom

I will wish guee-ym: I will wish thee prosperity - guee-ym son dty vaynrys Bible

I would wish baillym: The thing that I would wish - Yn red b'aillym. DF idiom

they would wish bailloo; (emph.) bailloosyn

you would wish bailliu: What would ye that I should do for you? - Cre bailliu mee dy yannoo er nyn son? Bible; bailt: What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? - Cre bailt mee dy yannoo er dty hon? Bible; (emph.) bailliuish: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, - Shen-y-fa dy chooilley nhee cre erbee bailliuish deiney dy yannoo riuish Bible

baillish will wish, would wish: agh quoi-erbee jiuish baillish ve ooasle Bible; would fain

by vian lesh he would wish; desired

craue yeearree fercula, merrythought, wish bone

soulaghey compare, liken; intend, mean, wish, purpose

bailliu you would wish: cre bailliu shin dy yannoo? Bible

bailloo they would wish: ren ad cre bailloo rish nyn noidyn Bible

baillym I would wish: baillym shiu dy hoiggal Bible; I should like

bailt you would wish: Cre bailt mee dy yannoo er dty hon? Bible

mianey desire, fancy, hanker, hankering, long, lust, wish: Red erbee t'eh mianey. DF

yerkal wish, hope, expect: ren uss reddyn atchimagh erskyn nyn yerkal Bible

already over hannah harrish: I wish that the winter were already over - Saillym dy beagh yn geurey hannah harrish. JJK idiom

Christmas (n.) Nollick; Nollick Vooar; Laa Nollick Beg; Ollick: I wish it were already Christmas - Saillym dy beagh yn Ollick hannah ain. JJK idiom [Ir. Nollaig]

fine1 (adj.) braew, fine, keyl, meein; stoamey: I wish the weather were fine - Saillym dy beagh yn emshir aalin. JJK idiom; (v.) cur final er, cur ooley er, final; (n.) ooley, uail

more1 lee; lhee; thooilliu, tooilliu; tooilley: I wish you had more time - Saillym dy beagh tooilley traa eu. JJK idiom; smoo, s'moo: More hurry less speed - Myr smoo siyr, smoo cumrail. DF idiom

reduce (v.) cur fo chosh, goaill, injillaghey, jee-ocsaidaghey, leodaghey, lhaggaghey, thannaghey; shangaghey: Do you wish to reduce? - By vie lhiat shangaghey? DF idiom

themselves (pron) adhene; ad hene: I wish they would come themselves - Saillym dy darragh ad ad-hene. JJK idiom; adsyn

vain1 (adj.) stroineeishagh, eddrym; fardail: I'll willingly go there, if you wish; I can tell you beforehand, it will be in vain - He'm dys shen dy-arryltagh, my sailt; foddym gra rhyt rolaue, bee eh ayns fardail. JJK idiom; awaneagh

willingly (adv.) (dy) arryltagh: I'll willingly go there, if you wish - He'm dys shen dy-arryltagh, my sailt JJK idiom; (dy) harryltagh; jeh yoin, jeh yioin; lesh taitnys: Most willingly. - Lesh y taitnys smoo JJK idiom

would come2 (interrog.) darragh; (dy) darragh: I wish they would come themselves - Saillym dy darragh ad ad-hene. JJK idiom

baill (f.) luck, prosperity; tone; wish, desire, like: As hug ree Solomon da ben-reïn Sheba ooilleyn yeearree eck, cre-erbee baill ee shirrey Bible

baillishyn he would wish: As ren ad signyn gys e ayr, cre'n ennym baillishyn y ve er. Bible

bailliuish (emph.) you would wish: Shen-y-fa dy chooilley nhee cre erbee bailliuish deiney dy yannoo riuish Bible

bailloosyn they would wish: Hirr ad er dy ghoaill crooin ny ghaa, hooar eh ad as baillish folaue y yannoo; cha bailloosyn shen er chor erbee; hoie ad ec y voayrd. CnyO

ballish he would wish: Haink yn er shoh, er e yoarreeaght ny vud ain; as nish ballish 've ny vriw: nish dell mayd ny smessey rhyt's na roosyn. Bible

guee-ym I beseech: agh nish gueeym ort, gow ersooyl peccah dty harvaant Bible; I pray, I will pray; I will intreat; I will wish

mian appetite, delight, desire, fancy, hunger for, longing, lust, passion, wish, wishing, yearning: cre-erbee ta dty aigney cur mian da. Bible

nailliu will you, wish you: Nailliu mee dy eaysley diu ree ny Hewnyn? Bible

nailt will you, wish you, wilt you: Nailt eisht shin dy gholl as dy ghaartlian ass eh? Bible

sailliu you like, you please, you will, you wish: jean-jee roo myr sailliu Bible

yeearree1 (f.) 1 pl. yeearreeyn application, aspiration, desire, fancy, intention, prayer, request, urge, wish, yearn; 2 (v.) desired, importune, solicit, soliciting a: Hie yn dooinney shoh gys Pilate, as yeearree eh corp Yeesey Bible

horse (n.) cabbyl: I wish you had a better horse - Saillym dy beagh cabbyl ny share eu. JJK idiom; eagh; marksleih; mark; niagh: The horse is prepared against the day of battle - Tan niagh greihit cour laa yn chaggey Bible

year (n.) blein, bleïn: I wish you goodnight, good morning, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New year - Saillym diu Oie vie, Moghrey mie, Ollick ghennal, Blein vie Noa. JJK idiom; (the); (yn) vleïn, vlein: Do you remember the year we had the severe winter? - Gooin lhiu yn vlein va'n geurey creoi ain? JJK idiom


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