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wire (v.) cur ayns streng-skeeal, cur streng rish, kiangley lesh streng, strengaghey; (n.) snaie yiarn, wier; streng: The wire is alive - Ta'n streng bio. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

barbed wire (n.) streng wheddyragh

copper wire (n.) streng chobbyr, streng chopuir

electric wire (n.) coair lectragh, streng lectragh

fuse wire (n.) streng lheiagh

steel wire (n.) snaie staillinagh

tripping wire (n.) streng snapperal

wire cutter (n.) giarreyder streng

wire entanglement (n.) thranglym streng

wire fence (n.) faal streng

wire in (v.) cur faal streng er, lhie stiagh er obbyr

wire netting (n.) ingagh yiarn, moggyl yiarn

wire puller (n.) fer foayr

wire to (v.) (to) streng-skeeal y chur; telegrafal

coair lectragh electric wire

cur ayns streng-skeeal wire

cur streng rish wire

faal streng wire fence

fer foayr wire puller

giarreyder streng wire cutter

ingagh yiarn (f.) wire netting

kiangley lesh streng wire

moggyl yiarn wire netting

snaie staillinagh steel wire

snaie yiarn wire

streng chobbyr (f.) copper wire

streng chopuir (f.) copper wire

streng lectragh (f.) electric wire

streng lheiagh (f.) fuse wire

streng snapperal (f.) tripping wire

streng wheddyragh (f.) barbed wire

telegrafal (to) wire to

thranglym streng wire entanglement

wier pl. wieryn wire

cheese-wire (n.) streng chaashey

multi-wire yl-strengagh

single-wire (n.) un strengagh

wire-bar (n.) strengvarr

wire-draw streng-hayrn

wire-glass streng-ghlonney

wire-haired (adj.) guaragh

wire-puller (n.) fer ushtey fo-halloo

wire-strainer (n.) sheeyneyder streng

wire-tapping streng-eishtaght

wire-work (n.) strengeydys

fer ushtey fo-halloo wire-puller

sheeyneyder streng wire-strainer

streng chaashey (f.) cheese-wire

streng-eishtaght (f.) wire-tapping

strengeydys wire-work

streng-ghlonney (f.) wire-glass

streng-hayrn wire-draw

streng-skeeal y chur (to) wire to

strengvarr wire-bar

un strengagh single-wire

yl-strengagh multi-wire

cur faal streng er wire in

lhie stiagh er obbyr wire in

strengaghey string, stringing, thread, wire, wiring; (as beads) thread

streng (=Ir. streang) (f.) pl. strengyn chord, line, string, wire: va ny cleayshyn echey er nyn vosley, as streng e hengey er ny eaysley Bible [M.E. streng]

guaragh wire-haired, wiry: agh va'n ayr ec Ealish feer vie lesh ny moddee, er yn oyr dy boallagh eh troggal brockeyryn shynnagh guaragh. CL


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