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wine (n.) feeyn: They must have a little more wine - Shegin ve kuse veg dy feeyn oc. JJK idiom; (v.) iu feeyn

Inexact matches:

dead wine (n.) feeyn eig

drink wine (v.) iu feeyn

dry wine (n.) feeyn neuvillish

Fortified Wine (n.) Feeyn Niartit

light wine (n.) feeyn eddrym

Madeira wine (n.) feeyn Madeiragh

new wine (n.) feeyn noa

of wine (gen.) feeyney: A glass of wine? - Gless feeyney? DF idiom

red wine (n.) feeyn jiarg

rose wine (n.) feeyn ruissagh

rough wine (n.) feeyn garg, feeyn garroo

small wine (n.) feeyn eddrym

Sparkling Wine (n.) Feeyn Breeoil

sweet wine (n.) feeyn millish

vapid wine (n.) feeyn eig

white wine (n.) feeyn gial

wine bag (n.) mollag feeyney

wine bin (n.) coyr voteil

wine bottle (n.) boteil feeyney, costrayl feeyney

wine butler (n.) botleyr feeyney, fieaumanagh feeyney

wine cask (n.) mullag feeyney

wine cellar (n.) sellar feeyney

wine cooler (n.) feayreyder feeyney

wine cooper (n.) coobeyr feeyney

wine drinker (n.) iuder feeyney

wine drinkers (npl.) iuderyn-feeyney

Wine Garden (n.) Garey Feeyney

wine glass (n.) glenney feeyney

wine grower (n.) gareyder feeyney

wine growing gareydys feeyney

wine list (n.) claare feeyney, kaart ny feeyney

wine maker (n.) feeyneyder

Wine Meadow (n.) Lheannee Feeyney

wine merchant (n.) creckeyder feeyney, marchan feeyney

Wine Shore (n.) Traie ny Feeyney

wine taster (n.) blassteyder feeyney

wine vat (n.) doagh feeyney

wine vault (n.) sellar feeyney, shamyr feeyney

wine vessel (n.) saagh feeyney

wine waiter (n.) fieaumanagh feeyney

Wine Well (n.) Chibbyr Feeyney

Creg Wine Quine's Rock

bottle of wine (n.) boteil feeyney

excess of wine jooid-feeyney

Nook of the Wine (n.) Cooil ny Feeyney

feeyn eddrym light wine, small wine

feeyn eig dead wine, vapid wine

fieaumanagh feeyney wine butler, wine waiter

sellar feeyney wine cellar, wine vault

iu feeyn wine, drink wine: Smerg dauesyn ta trean dy iu feeyn, as deiney niartal dy heiy jough veshtyllagh Bible

Quine's Rock (n.) Creg Wine

spilled deayrtit: new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled - tan feeyn noa scoltey ny boteilyn, as tan feeyn deayrtit Bible

blassteyder feeyney wine taster

boteil feeyney (f.) 1 wine bottle; 2 bottle of wine a: As ghow Jesse lught assyl dy arran, as boteil feeyney as mannan, as hug eh ad lesh David e vac gys Saul. Bible

botleyr feeyney wine butler

Chibbyr Feeyney Wine Well

claare feeyney wine list

coobeyr feeyney wine cooper

costrayl feeyney (f.) wine bottle

coyr voteil (f.) wine bin

feayreyder feeyney wine cooler

Feeyn Breeoil Sparkling Wine

feeyneyder vintner, wine maker

feeyn garg rough wine

feeyn garroo rough wine

feeyn gial white wine

feeyn Madeiragh Madeira wine

feeyn millish (=Ir. fion milis) sweet wine

feeyn neuvillish dry wine

Feeyn Niartit Fortified Wine

feeyn ruissagh rose wine

gareydys feeyney wine growing

Garey Feeyney Wine Garden

glenney feeyney (f.) wine glass

jooid-feeyney excess of wine

Lheannee Feeyney Wine Meadow

marchan feeyney wine merchant

mollag feeyney (f.) wine bag

mullag feeyney (f.) wine cask

shamyr feeyney (f.) wine vault

wine-coloured (n.) feeyn-daahit

wine-glassful (n.) lane glenney feeyney

creckeyder feeyney vintner, wine merchant

feeyn-daahit wine-coloured

kaart ny feeyney wine list

lane glenney feeyney wine-glassful

Traie ny Feeyney Wine Shore

Cooil ny Feeyney Nook of the Wine

gareyder feeyney vine dresser, wine grower

feeyn (=Ir. fíon) (pl -yn) wine: cur lhieu feeyn, berrishyn-feeyney, as figgyn Bible [L. vinum]

feeyney (gen.) of wine, vinous: dymmyrk eh berrishyn-feeyney feie. Bible

iuderyn-feeyney wine drinkers: Ny jean taaghey marish iuderyn-feeyney, mastey eederyn-foalley jollyssagh. Bible

saagh feeyney winepress, wine vessel: keead dy vessyn-souree, as saagh feeyney. Bible

cups (npl.) cappanyn: pots full of wine, and cups - siyn lane feeyn, as cappanyn Bible

juice (n.) pedryl; soo: I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranate - yinnins dhyt jough feeyney spiceit lesh soo my phomegranate Bible; soolagh; stroo lectragh

little more beggan elley; kuse veg: They must have a little more wine - Shegin ve kuse veg dy feeyn oc. JJK idiom

mellow bog: He has grown mellow with age - Ta'n eash er n'yannoo eh bog. DF idiom; appee: Mellow wine - Feeyn appee. DF idiom; (adj.) menoyr, menoyragh, mollim; (v.) boggaghey, cheet appee, menoyraghey, mollmaghey

of dy: Will they have a glass of wine? - Bee gless dy feeyn oc? JJK idiom; jeh: I don't like any of these books - Cha laik lhiam veg jeh ny lioaryn shoh. JJK idiom; ny; voish

presses (npl.) pressyn: the treaders shall tread out no wine in their presses - ch a jean ny fir-traashtee veg y feeyn y hraastey ayns nyn bressyn Bible

strong drink (n.) jough lajer: He shall separate himself from wine and strong drink - Nee eh freayll eh hene veih feeyn as jough lajer Bible; stoo lajer

wanted as yeearree er; er-laccal; laccalit; laccal: And when they wanted wine - As tra vad laccal feeyn Bible; feme: we have wanted all things - ta shin er ve feme dy chooilley nhee Bible

will burst scoltee: the new wine will burst the bottles - scoltee yn feeyn noa ny boteilyn Bible

doagh feeyney wine vat, winepress: Mannagh gooin y Chiarn lhiat, kys oddyms cooney lhiat? nee veih laare y thoalt, ny ass y doagh-feeyney? Bible

feeyn jiarg red wine: 'Sy laa shen gow-jee arrane mychione eck, Garey-feeyney dy feeyn jiarg. Bible

feeyn noa must, new wine: Ta maarderys, as feeyn, as feeyn noa dy chleayney yn cree. Bible

iuder feeyney wine drinker: Cur-my-ner dooinney jollyssagh, as iuder feeyney, carrey dy publicanee as dy pheccee Bible

assemble1 (v.) chaglym: they assemble themselves for corn and wine - tad chaglym cooidjagh son arroo as feeyn Bible; co-chruinnaghey; cur ry-cheilley; mustyral; tayrn cooidjagh: Assemble me the men of Judah - Tayrn cooidjagh hyms deiney Yudah Bible; chaglym cooidjagh; chaggle: Assemble yourselves and come - Chaggle jee shiu hene as tar-jee Bible

excess ass towse; balaghys; rouanys; roudaght; rour: He carries it to excess - T'eh jannoo rour jeh. DF idiom; neu-heeltys: And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess - As ny bee-jee er meshtey lesh feeyn ayn ta neu-heeltys Bible

glass (n.) glenney: I have to put new glass in it - Shegin dou cur glenney noa aynjee. Bunnydys; gless: Will they have a glass of wine? - Bee gless dy feeyn oc? JJK idiom; glonney: Glass-works - Caardee glonney DF idiom; scaan

little1 beggan; cooid y veggan; kuse beg: A little ham - Kuse beg dy yskid? JJK idiom; kuse veg: They must have a little more wine - Shegin ve kuse veg dy feeyn oc. JJK idiom; loo; myn-; veggan: A big head with little wit and a little head without any at all - Kione mooar er y veggan cheilley as kione beg gyn veg edyr. JJK idiom; beggey, veggey


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