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winding cassee: Winding stream - Strooan cassee. DF idiom; lhoobagh; lhoobey; togherys; toghrane; cammey: Winding streets - Straaidyn cammey. DF idiom

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gently winding camjeeragh shliawinagh

winding blades (npl.) croan toghrish

Winding Creek (n.) Giau Cham

winding engine (n.) greie troggee

Winding Glen (n.) Glion Cam

Winding River (n.) Crogga

winding sheet (n.) brelleein ny merriu, brelleein oanluckee, brelleein verriu, lheiney feayr, lheiney vaaish

Winding Shrubbery (n.) Garee Chassagh

winding staircase (n.) greeish chassee, greeishyn cassee

winding streets (npl.) straaidyn cammey

Deep Winding Road (n.) Lhoob Dowin

brelleein oanluckee (f.) winding sheet

brelleein verriu (f.) winding sheet

croan toghrish winding blades

Crogga Winding River

Garee Chassagh Winding Shrubbery

Giau Cham Winding Creek

greie troggee winding engine

lheiney feayr (f.) winding sheet

straaidyn cammey winding streets

toghrane winding

slot-winding scoltan-hoghrish

greeish chassee (f.) caracole, winding staircase

lheiney vaaish (f.) shroud, winding sheet

Lhoob Dowin Deep Winding Road

scoltan-hoghrish (f.) slot-winding

brelleein ny merriu (f.) shroud, winding sheet

greeishyn cassee (f.) winding staircase: son va greeishyn-cassee mysh y thie ooilley mygeayrt Bible

togherys pregnant: T'ee togherys. DF; (as clock) wind, winding; reel, spool

camjeeragh shliawinagh gently winding, meandering: awinyn camjeeragh shliaw'nagh rish dagh broogh roie lesh nyn geeshyn gys yn aarkey yoogh PC

cammey bow, buckling, crook, distort, distortion, slope; (of object) crank; (as finger) hook; crooked: neem's ny ynnydyn cammey y yannoo jeeragh Bible; winding

cassee coiling, contortional, gyratory, infolding, serpentine, twisting, winding: ren geay vooar cassee as lajer raipey ny sleityn Bible

lhoobagh arching, bending, bowing, convoluted, curved, curvilinear, faltering, inflexional, limber, plastic, pliable, sinuous, snakiness, supple, twisting, vermiculate, willowy, winding: Ta'n slane coorse jeant er aght lhoobagh dy ve cooie da sleih aasit chammah as ynseydee-scoill. Dhoor; (morally) crooked; shifty

lhoobey arching, bend, bow, coil, coiling, curl up, curve, double over, flex, hunch, incurvate, inflect, inflexion, loop, looping, meander, meandering, sag, squirm, stoop, stooping, twine, winding, wriggle, writhe: t'eh er lhoobey e vhow, as er n'yannoo eh aarloo. Bible


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