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willow (n.) shellagh

Inexact matches:

almond-leaved willow (n.) shellagh almonagh

almond willow (n.) shellagh almon

bay willow (n.) shellagh ny moaneeyn

crack willow (n.) shellagh vrishlagh

creeping willow (n.) shellagh hallooin, tuig y yeeigey

dwarf willow (n.) shellagh ushtey, tuig y yeeigey

eared willow (n.) shellagh chleayshagh

goat willow (n.) shellagh yial

great willow (n.) shellagh vooar

great willow-herb (n.) lus y Trinaid

grey willow (n.) shellagh ghlass

hoary willow-herb (n.) lus ny shellee

marsh willow-herb (n.) lus ny sheillee

purple willow (n.) shellagh ghorrym

pussy willow (n.) shellagh yial

weeping willow (n.) shellagh lhoobagh

white willow (n.) shellagh vane

willow bed (n.) shellane

willow catkin (n.) clooie ny gayt

Willow Division (n.) Rheynn Sell

Willow Divisions (npl.) Rheynnyn Shellagh

Willow Enclosure (n.) Close Shellee

Willow Farm (n.) Balley Shellagh, Balley Hollee

Willow Garden (n.) Garey Sallee

Willow Glen (n.) Glion Shellagh

Willow Hill (n.) Cronk Shellagh

Willow Hollow (n.) Coan Shellagh

Willow Lakelet (n.) Loughan Shellee

Willow Lodge (n.) Bwaane Shellee

Willow Nook (n.) Cooil Shellagh

willow pattern (n.) sambyl shellee

Willow Slope (n.) Lhargagh Shellee

willow tit (n.) myntan shellee

willow warbler (n.) drean bane, drean shellee, ushag ny shellee; kiaulleyder shellee

willow whistle (n.) feddan-foiee

Quark's Willow Place (n.) Shellagh y Quark

Willow Farm Shrubbery (n.) Garee Valley Shellag

Willow Nook Flat (n.) Faaie ny Cooil Shellee

shellagh yial goat willow, pussy willow

tuig y yeeigey (f.) creeping willow, dwarf willow

Balley Hollee Willow Farm

Balley Shellagh Willow Farm

Bwaane Shellee Willow Lodge

Close Shellee Willow Enclosure

Coan Shellagh Willow Hollow

Cooil Shellagh Willow Nook

Cronk Shellagh Willow Hill

drean bane willow warbler

drean shellee willow warbler

feddan-foiee willow whistle

Garey Sallee Willow Garden

Glion Shellagh Willow Glen

kiaulleyder shellee willow warbler

Lhargagh Shellee Willow Slope

Loughan Shellee Willow Lakelet

myntan shellee willow tit

Rheynn Sell Willow Division

Rheynnyn Shellagh Willow Divisions

sambyl shellee willow pattern

shellagh almon (f.) almond willow

shellagh almonagh (f.) almond-leaved willow

shellagh chleayshagh (f.) eared willow

shellagh ghlass (f.) grey willow

shellagh ghorrym (f.) purple willow

shellagh hallooin (f.) creeping willow

shellagh lhoobagh (f.) weeping willow

shellagh vane (f.) white willow

shellagh vooar (f.) great willow

shellagh vrishlagh (f.) crack willow

shellane willow bed

shellagh ny moaneeyn (f.) bay willow

shellagh ushtey (f.) dwarf willow, osier

ushag ny shellee (f.) willow warbler

clooie ny gayt (f.) catkin, willow catkin

Faaie ny Cooil Shellee Willow Nook Flat

Garee Valley Shellag Willow Farm Shrubbery

lus ny shellee (f.) hoary willow-herb

lus y Trinaid (f.) great willow-herb, pansy

Shellagh y Quark Quark's Willow Place

lus ny sheillee (f.) marsh willow-herb, rose bay

shellagh (=Ir. saileach) (f.) sallow, willow, withy: ta shellagh ny strooanyn son fastee da Bible; (adj.) proliferous, salivary [L. salix]


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