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whole1 follan; neurheynnit; ooilley; slane: One scabby sheep spoils the whole flock - Ta un cheyrrey screbbagh milley yn slane shioltane. JJK idiom; tote

whole2 (of thing) gyn brishey

whole3 (the); (yn) clane

Inexact matches:

made whole slaneit

make whole (v.) slaneagh; slaneaghey; slaanaghey

whole earth slane seihll

whole hog (the); (y) slane raad

whole land slane cheer

whole length slane lhiurid

whole milk (n.) bainney neuscarrit

whole number (n.) slane-earroo

whole story ooilley yn skeeal

whole tone lane toan

in the whole 'sy clane

on the whole (adv.) trooid as trooid: The work on the whole is good - Ta'n obbyr mie trooid as trooid. DF idiom

taken as a whole 'sy clane

whole bag of tricks (n.) (the); (yn) clane job-lot

walking on the whole of the foot (adj.) trie-hooyllagh

bainney neuscarrit whole milk

lane toan whole tone

slaneagh make whole

slaneaghey make whole

slane-earroo integer, whole number

slaneit healed, made whole

'sy clane taken as a whole; in the whole: Erskyn ooilley, va ennym ard-ghooagh echey son ynrickys, kenjallys as feoiltys, cha row rieau noid echey 'sy clane theihll. Coraa

tote whole [L. totus]

heart-whole (adj.) nagh vel ayns graih

whole-coloured er yn un daah

whole-time (adj.) lane-emshiragh

lane-emshiragh (=Ir. lánaimseartha) full-time, whole-time

ooilley yn skeeal whole story

er yn un daah whole-coloured

gyn brishey unbroken, uncultivated, uninterrupted, uninterruptedly; (of thing) whole

nagh vel ayns graih heart-whole

neurheynnit unclassified, undistributed, undivided, unresolved, whole

trie-hooyllagh plantigrade, walking on the whole of the foot

at sea (adj.) er y cheayn: The whole fleet is at sea - Ta'n slane flod er y cheayn. JJK idiom; er yn aarkey

fleet (n.) flod: The whole fleet is at sea - Ta'n slane flod er y cheayn. JJK idiom; lhuingys; (v.) roie dy tappee

length1 (n.) lhiurid: The whole length - Yn slane lhiurid. DF idiom; liurid: He won by a length - Chossyn eh liorish liurid. DF idiom; beaynid

publish (v.) cur magh: We shall publish the whole story - Vermayd magh y slane skeeal. DF idiom; soilshaghey, soilshaghey magh, symney

scabby (adj.) carrag, carragh; screbbagh: One scabby sheep spoils the whole flock - Ta un cheyrrey screbbagh milley yn slane shioltane. JJK idiom

sea (n.) faarkey; Juan Gorrym; keayn: The whole fleet is at sea - Ta'n slane flod er y cheayn. JJK idiom; mooir: Is the sea not calm enough? - Nagh vel y vooir kiune dy-liooar? JJK idiom; cheayn; muir; (the); (yn) aarkey; (gen.) marrey

sheep (n.) keyrrey: One scabby sheep spoils the whole flock - Ta un cheyrrey screbbagh milley yn slane shioltane. JJK idiom; (npl.) kirree: He was grazing his sheep on the hill - V'eh fassaghey ny kirree echey er y chronk. DF idiom

slug (n.) muc veay; shilleeid; shilleen; sluggey: He swallowed it whole - Slug eh lesh un sluggey jeh. DF idiom

swallowed sluggit; hlugg; slug: He swallowed it whole - Slug eh lesh un sluggey jeh. DF idiom

tribe (n.) kynney, mooinjer, tribe; eggys: He has a whole tribe of children - Ta slane eggys dy chloan echey. DF idiom; clein: These children form part of the tribe - Ta ny paitchyn shoh jeh'n chlein. DF idiom

clane (f.) See slane :1 (yn); (the) total, whole: ayns slane soilshey, gyn dorraghys ayns ayrn erbee, bee yn clane sollys Bible

clane job-lot See slane :1 (yn); (the) caboodle, whole bag of tricks: "Cha row," dooyrt eh, "ren ny ferrishyn yn clane job-lot dooys," dooyrt eh, "oyr tra rosh mee yn magher va'n arroo ooilley ayns stookyn, jesh as kiart. GB

follan bracing, edible, fit to eat, genial, healthy, hearty, incorrupt, orthodox, solvent, sound, untainted, whole, wholesome: Cha vel eh follan dy ee rouyr mill Bible

ooilley all, entire, whole: As d'insh Moses da Aaron ooilley goan y Chiarn Bible; everyone; everybody [O.Ir. uile]

slaanaghey indemnification, indemnify, integrate, integration, pull through, recover, recovery, recuperation, sanative, heal, healing, make whole: laanee eh adsyn va feme slaanaghey Bible

slane (=Ir. slán) 1 absolutely, complete, entire, fully, gross, healed, intact, integer, inviolate, perfect, sane, sheer, thorough, total, unbroken, undivided, unharmed, unhurt, unimpaired, unwounded, utter, well, whole a: Nagh vel y slane cheer kiongoyrt rhyt? Bible; 2 (of ruler) absolute; 3 (as edition) unexpurgated; 4 chin-chin, goodbye

slane cheer whole land: As ennym y nah awin Gihon: yn awin cheddin ta combaasal slane cheer Ethiopia. Bible

slane lhiurid whole length: bee yn slane lhiurid queig thousaneyn as feed, as yn lheead jeih thousaneyn Bible

slane raad all the way: jimmee eh ayns slane raad Ghavid e ayr Bible; (y); (the) whole hog

slane seihll whole earth: as lioroosyn van slane seihll jeant magh lesh cummaltee. Bible

trooid as trooid altogether, broadly speaking, implicit, implicitly, in the main, on the whole, roughly speaking, taken all round: T'eh ro olk trooid as trooid! DF

dissolve (v.) boggaghey, cur ass bree; heose-lhag, heose-lhaggaghey; skeaylley: thou, whole Palestina, art dissolved - tou uss slane Palestina er dty skeayley Bible; lheie: the earth is clean dissolved - tan ooir dy glen er lheïe ersooyl Bible; lhieggal: and the palace shall be dissolved - as bee yn phlaase er ny lhieggal Bible

elder (n.) fer reill; (adj.) mooarey; shinney: His young brother is rich, his elder brother is richer, but his sister is the richest of the whole family - Ta e vraar saa berchagh, ta e vraar shinney ny s'berchee, agh ta e huyr y nane JJK idiom; (n.) tramman

lot lab, lansh; cronchor, cronney; cuht; ronney, cron; lot: The whole bag of tricks - Yn clane job-lot. DF idiom; ram: He has a lot of money - Ta ram argid echey. DF idiom; mooarane: The engine consumes a lot of oil - Ta'n greie ceau mooarane ooill. DF idiom; lane: There is a lot lost between the hand and the mouth - Ta lane caillit eddyr y laue as y veeal. DF idiom; skyoll: They got a lot of herring last night off the Shoulder - Hooar ad skyoll dy skeddan riyr mooie jeh'n Gheaylin. DF idiom

rump (n.) bun yn arbyl: Also thou shalt take of the ram the fat and the rump - Nee oo goaill myrgeddin jehn rea yn eeh, as bun yn arbyl Bible; curp; curpin: fat thereof, and the whole rump - yn eeh echey, as yn slane curpin Bible; toinn: Daubing grease on a fat pig's rump - Slaa saill er toinn muc roauyr. JJK idiom; kease

subvert (v.) cleiy fo, cur fud y cheilley; cur shaghrynys er; cur trooid y cheilley: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses - Ny beeill oc sheign y yeigh, ta cur slane lughtyn-thie fo-my-cheilley Bible; cassey: To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not - Dy chassey dooinney ayns e chooish cha vel y Chiarn lowal jeh Bible

you (pron) oo: Why haven't you sent me my shoes? - Cre'n oyr nagh vel oo er chur hym my vraagyn? JJK idiom; shiu: You have always been very sympathetic - Ta shiu er ve co-ennaghtagh dy-kinjagh. JJK idiom; (emph.) shiuish: I'm a whole head taller than you - Ta mish slane kione ny s'lhiurey na shiuish. JJK idiom; uss: Thou art my rock and my fortress - She uss my chreg as my ghoon. JJK idiom


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