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white1 bane: A white waistcoat will suit you - Nee vest bane cheet jesh jiu. JJK idiom; vane: You are as impudent as a white stone - T'ou cha daaney as clagh vane. JJK idiom; baney; banee; gial

white2 (n.) (of egg) fynnican, gialan

white3 (adj.) (of snow) gillid

Inexact matches:

cabbage white (n.) foillican bane

Green-veined White (n.) Baneag gheayney

Large White (n.) Baneag Vooar

milk white (adj.) gial-vane

pure white bane-ghial; fynn

Small White (n.) Baneag Veg

sparkling white (adj.) gial-vane

white animal (n.) giallag

White-backed Woodpecker (n.) Snoggeyder dreeym-bane

White Bank (n.) Broogh Bane

white-billed diver (n.) lhargey ghob-bane

white bindweed (n.) lilee hallooin

White Bottom (n.) Toinn Vane

White Boys (npl.) Guillyn Baney

white brass (n.) prash-ghial

white bread (n.) arran bane

White-breasted Kingfisher (n.) Eeasteyr cleeau-vane

White Bridge (n.) Droghad Bane

white bryony (n.) mandrag vane

White Cairn (n.) Carnane Bane, Carn Bane, Carn Vane

white campion (n.) blaa ny ferrishyn

White Close (n.) Close Bane

White Corner (n.) Cooil Vane

White Cottage (n.) Bwaane Bane

White Court (n.) Cooyrt Vane

White Croft (n.) Croit Vane, Croit Bane

white-crowned sparrow (n.) sparroo mullagh-bane

white currant (n.) berrish rangagh ghlass

white deadnettle (n.) ard-firryn bane

White Division (n.) Rheynn Vane

white dwarf (n.) rollage crivassanagh bane

White Enclosure (n.) Close Vane

White Ensign (n.) Mergey Bane

White-eyed Gull (n.) Foillan sooill-vane

White-faced Storm-petrel (n.) Kirree varrey vane-eddinagh

White Farm (n.) Balley Bane

White Field (n.) Magher Bane

white flesh (n.) sahll

White Foal (n.) Sharragh Bane

White Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Vane, Bwoaillee Bane

White Folds (npl.) Bwoailtyn Baney

white-fronted goose (n.) guiy glass

white frost (n.) lheeah-rio

White-headed Duck (n.) Thunnag chione-bane

White Headland (n.) Howe Vane, Gob Bane

white heart (n.) shillish vane

white heather (n.) freoagh bane

White Hedge (n.) Cleigh Finn

White Height (n.) Ard Vane

White Hill (n.) Knock Bane, Cronk Bane

White Hills (npl.) Crink Baney

White Hoe (n.) Dreeym Vane

White Hollow (n.) Lhag Vane, Coan Bane, Lag Bane

White Holm (n.) Strah Bane

white horehound (n.) nep vane

White Horse (n.) Cabbyl Vane

white hot (adj.) bane-cheh

White House (n.) Thie Bane

White Island (n.) Ellan Bane

White Lady (n.) Ben Vane

white lead (n.) leoaie ghial, leoaie vane

white leather (n.) lhiare bane

white lie (n.) breageen

white loaf (n.) bwilleen curnaght

white mare (n.) laair vane

White Marsh (n.) Curragh Bane

White Meadow (n.) Lheannee Vane

white melitot (n.) croobag vane

white mustard (n.) brashlag rangagh

White Nook1 (n.) Cooil Bane

White Nook2 (n.) Cooill Vane

white oak (n.) darragh bane

white owl (n.) caillagh oie, hullad vane

white pages (npl.) duillagyn baney

white person (n.) fer bane

white poplar (n.) pobbyl bane

white pudding (n.) putage vane

white races (npl.) kynneeyn baney

white reddish bane jiarg

White Ridge (n.) Dreeym Vane, Dreeym Bane

White Road (n.) Bayr Bane

White Rock (n.) Creg Bane

white-rumped sandpiper (n.) leayrane bane

White Sail (n.) Shiaull Bane

white sale (n.) creck aanrit

White Sand (n.) Geinnagh Vane

white sauce (n.) aunlyn bane

white saxifrage (n.) mynnan Voirrey

White Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Vane

white sheep (n.) keyrrey vane; (npl.) kirree vaney

White Shieling (n.) Eary Vane, Eary Bane

White Shore (n.) Traie Vane

White Shrubbery (n.) Garee Vane, Garee Bane

white skate (n.) scarrag yial

White Slope (n.) Ught Vane, Liargee Vane, Ught Bane

white spar (n.) clagh greiney

White Spout (n.) Spooyt Vane

white stockings (npl.) oashyryn baney

White Stone (n.) Clagh Vane, Clagh Bane

white stork (n.) coar vane

White Strand (n.) Traie Vane; Fynn Traie

White Strip (n.) Immyr Bane

White Swamp (n.) Lathar Vane

white-tailed eagle (n.) urley eeastee, urley marrey

White-tailed Lapwing (n.) Eairkan bane-fammanagh

white-tailed plover (n.) feddag famman-bane

white throat (n.) fynnag ny keylley

white-throated robin (n.) spittag scoarnagh-vane

white-throated sparrow (n.) sparroo scoarnagh-vane

white wagtail (n.) skibbag ghlass

White Waterfall (n.) Spooyt Vane

white willow (n.) shellagh vane

white wine (n.) feeyn gial

white-winged lark (n.) ushag skian-vane

yellowish white buigh-vane

zinc white (n.) bane sink

treshlen White (f.) Whites thrush

Big White Ferny Place (n.) Rhennee Vane Vooar

Billy Bill's White Rock (n.) Creg Bane y Bill Villy

black and white warbler (n.) kiaulleyder doo as bane

Deep White Croft (n.) Croit Dhowin Bane

East White Field (n.) Magher Bane Hiar

great white egret (n.) coar-vane vooar

lesser white-fronted goose (n.) guiy skead beg

Little White Hill (n.) Cronk Bane Beg

Little White Road (n.) Bayr Bane Beg

Nan's White Flat (n.) Faaie Nan Vane

North White Road (n.) Bayr Bane Twoaie

Small White Ferny Place (n.) Rhennee Vane Veg

South White Road (n.) Bayr Bane Jiass

Speckled White Field (n.) Breckan Bane

White Boundary Well (n.) Chibbyr ny Cree Bane

White Boys' Croft (n.) Croit ny Guillyn Baney

White Callin's Croft (n.) Croit y Callin Vane

White Christian's Croft (n.) Croit Christian Bane

white-crowned black wheatear (n.) thoyn-vane chlaiginagh

White Fat Land (n.) Thalloo Roauyr Vane

White Fence Fold (n.) Magher Cleigh Vane

White Foal Carn (n.) Carn Sharragh Bane

White Fold Croft (n.) Croit y Woaillee Vane

White Hedges Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Cleiee Baney

White Lake Farm (n.) Balley Lough Bane

white of egg fynnican, gialan

white of eye baneid ny sooilley

White Ridge Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Drommey Vane

White Road Farm (n.) Balley Bayr Vane

White Rock Field (n.) Magher y Chreg Vane

White Rocky Land (n.) Creggan Bane

White Rough Place (n.) Mollagh Vane

White Sand Road (n.) Bayr Geinnee Bane

White Spout Flat (n.) Faaie yn Spooyt Vane

White Stone Croft (n.) Croit ny Cloaie Bane

White Stone Farm (n.) Balley Clagh Bane

White Stone Field (n.) Magher Clagh Bane

White Stone Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Clagh Bane

White Stone Hill (n.) Cronk y Chlagh Bane

White Stones Cave (n.) Ooig ny Claghyn Baney

White Stones' Croft (n.) Croit ny Clagh Baney

White Stones Field (n.) Magher ny Claghyn Baney

White Stones Hill (n.) Cronk ny Claghyn Baney

White Stone Slope (n.) Liargee ny Glagh Bane

White Stone Wall (n.) Clagh Vane Voalley

White Tommy's Enclosure (n.) Close Hommy Vane

white-winged black tern (n.) sternag skian-vane

great white egret

rannag villagh White (f.) Whites tree frog

Dreeym Vane White Hoe; White Ridge

gialan white of egg, white

gial-vane milk white, sparkling white

Spooyt Vane White Spout, White Waterfall

Traie Vane White Shore, White Strand

fynnican albumen, white of egg, white: cre'n vlass t'ayns fynnican ooh kiark? Bible

Whites thrush (n.) treshlen White


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