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Wherein (adv., interrog.) Cre ayn; C'raad

wherein (adv.) ayn: to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life - dy stroie dy-chooilley eill, ayn tan ennal y vea Bible; raad: the land wherein thou art a stranger - yn cheer raad tou dty yoarree Bible

Inexact matches:

shall sleep chaidlys: wherein shall he sleep? - cre ayn chaidlys eh? Bible

ayn (=Ir. in) exist, existence, existent, present; (existence) in; in him; in it: Ayn va dy chooilley vonney dy veiyn kiare-chassagh Bible; wherein

c'raad (interrog.) where, whereabouts, wherein, whither: C'raad ta shiu er choyrt eh? Bible [O.Ir. cía airm, cairm, cía ]

Cre ayn (interrog.) Wherein, Whereinto: foast ta shiuish er n'yannoo maarlys orrym's agh ta shiu gra, Cre ayn ta shin er n'yannoo maarlys ort ? Bible

lesh shen 1 thereat, thereto, thereupon, therewith, therewithal, whereupon; 2 wherein a: lesh shen tan Chiarn dty Yee er dty vannaghey Bible

armour (v.) armal, plaaitail; (n.) eilley: he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted - teh goaill veih ooilley e eilley, huggey veh treishteil Bible; eilley chaggee: all of them clothed with all sorts of armour - ooilley coamrit ayns dy chooilley cheint dy eilley-caggee Bible; ejy

careful1 (adj.) frioosagh, thortagh, twoaieagh, jeadjagh; imneagh: wherein ye were also careful, but ye lacked opportunity - ayns dy row shiu myrgeddin imneagh, agh cha daink eh lhieu Bible; ro-imneagh: thou art careful and troubled about many things - tou ro-imneagh as seaghnit mysh ymmodee nheeghyn Bible

excess ass towse; balaghys; rouanys; roudaght; rour: He carries it to excess - T'eh jannoo rour jeh. DF idiom; neu-heeltys: And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess - As ny bee-jee er meshtey lesh feeyn ayn ta neu-heeltys Bible

ice (v.) cur rio ayn, cur rio-hugyr er, cur rioeeaght er, riojaghey; (n.) rio: Which are blackish by reason of the ice and wherein the snow is hid - Ta jeeaghyn doo lesh y rio; as ayndoo tan sniaghtey follit Bible; (n.) riojey: Get me a bucket of ice cream to make ice creams - Fow lane-chruick dy chey riojey dou dy yannoo riojagyn. DF idiom; (n.) riojag

of the forest keilley: For all the beasts of the forest are mine - Son lhiams ta ooilley maase ny keilley: Bible; keylley: He built also the house of the forest - Hrog eh neesht thie keylley Lebanon Bible; (y) cheyll: wherein all the beasts of the forest do move - ayn ta ooilley beïyn y cheyll rouail mygeayrt Bible

raad (=Ir. ród, Sc.G. rathad) (f.) pl. raaidyn direction, road, roadway, route, track, trail, way: Vod uss y raad y yeeaghyn dou gys y cheshaght shoh? Bible; (town) road; vent, vent-hole; where, whereat: raad bollagh ad stoyral ny ourallyn-arran Bible; via, by, by way of; towards, to, to meet; wherein; whereinto [English; from Cl.Ir. rót, róat]


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