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wet1 fliaghagh; fliaghey; fliugh, fluigh; fliughey; fliughys; ushlagh

wet2 (as ink) gyn chirmaghey

Inexact matches:

keeping wet (as plant) maanal

sopping wet fliugh ny hrooid; fliugh-vaiht

very wet feer fliugh

wet bulb (n.) fliugh-volgan

Wet Fold (n.) Liugh Woaillee

wet nurse (n.) ben chee, boandyr chee

wet pack (n.) clabbag fliugh

Wet Place (n.) Fliughlagh

wet season (n.) imbagh fliaghee, imbagh fliugh

Wet Shrubbery (n.) Garee Fliugh

wet steam (n.) gaal-ushtey

wet through fliugh baiht; fliugh ny hrooid

wet weather (n.) emshyr fliugh

wringing wet fliugh baiht; lane ushtey; sheeley ushtey

going to be wet mooirjeenagh

have a wet (v.) (drink); (to) jough y 'luggey

wet the tea (v.) (to) tey y 'liughey

fliugh baiht wet through, wringing wet

fliugh ny hrooid sopping wet, wet through: V'eh fliugh ny hrooid. DF

boandyr chee (f.) wet nurse

emshyr fliugh (=Ir. aimsair fhliuch) wet weather

Fliughlagh Wet Place

fliugh-volgan wet bulb

gaal-ushtey (f.) wet steam

Garee Fliugh Wet Shrubbery

gyn chirmaghey (as ink) wet

imbagh fliugh wet season

Liugh Woaillee Wet Fold

maanal absorb; (as plant) keeping wet

sheeley ushtey wringing wet

fliugh-vaiht soaked, soaking, sopping wet

ben chee (f.) wet nurse, woman that gives suck

clabbag fliugh (f.) packing sheet, wet pack

fliaghagh pluvial, rainy, wet: Laa fliaghagh. DF

fliughys humidity, wateriness, wet, wetness; slops

imbagh fliaghee rainy season, wet season

jough y 'luggey (f.) (to) have a wet

tey y 'liughey (to) wet the tea

ushlagh liquid, marshy, swampy, watery, wet

lane ushtey wringing wet: Va'n ooir lane ushtey. DF

dark1 conghorraghey; doo; dorraghey: The wet night is dark - Ta'n oie fliugh dorraghey. DF idiom; froshagh; grouw; keeir

festival (n.) ard-eailley, ard-laa, feaill, feish, giense; feailley: Wet festival day and everyone mowing hay - Laa feailley fliaghee as gagh buinn traagh. DF idiom

mowing (v.) buinn: Wet festival day and everyone mowing hay - Laa feailley fliaghee as gagh buinn traagh. DF idiom; foldeyrys, folderys, foldyrys; folderagh

feer fliugh sodden, very wet: Agh ta'n pobble ymmodee, as ta'n emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie Bible

fliaghey (=Ir. fleachadh) precipitation, rain, rainfall, wet: hug y Chiarn taarnagh as fliaghey yn laa shen Bible [O.Ir. flechud]

fliugh (=Ir. fliuch) COMPARE fluigh dank, humid, inclement, marshy, soggy, swampy, wet: T'ad fliugh lesh frassyn ny sleityn Bible; (of potatoes) watery; (of potatoes) waxy [O.Ir. fliuch]

fliughey drench, moisten, slake, soak, souse, wet: Cha ren mee fliughey my veeal. DF; rainfall

fluigh COMPARE fliugh :1 wet: ren eh gyndyr er faiyr myr ny dew, as va e chorp fluigh lesh druight yn aer; derrey hooar eh toiggal, dy vel y Jee smoo syrjey reill ayns reeriaght deiney Bible

mooirjeenagh 1 cloud, cloudy, going to be wet, looks like rain, murky, overcast, threaten; 2 dark a (as weather); 3 (as day) dull; 4 (of sky) watery

bottom1 (n.) bun: At the bottom of the stairs - Ec bun ny greeishyn. DF idiom; cass, jerrey, kione, laare; grunt: Fishing on the bottom - Eeastagh er y ghrunt. DF idiom; iightyr, iyghtyr; (n.) curp: Hit him across the bottom - Bwoaill eh er ny curpyn echey. DF idiom; thoyn: His bottom was wet - Va'n thoyn echey fliugh. DF idiom; toinn; (v.) cur ashvuilley er: To put bottom on a ball - Dy chur ashvuilley er bluckan. DF idiom


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