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Well S'mie shen

well1 (n.) chibbyr, chibbyrt, doagh eeast; dy mie: Well done, if you please - Jeant dy-mie, my sailliu. JJK idiom; slane: When you're well, you little know the value of health - Tra ta fer slane; s'beg shione da feeuid slaynt. JJK idiom; dy sour

well2 (v.) (to) (up, out); (dy) vrooightey neese

Inexact matches:

Ara's Well (n.) Chibbyrt Aarey

artesian well (n.) chibbyr arteeshagh

Ash Well (n.) Chibbyr Unjin

as well chammah: For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them - Son dooinyn van sushtal er ny phreacheil chammah as dauesyn Bible; chammagh: And the frogs shall come up both on thee. (as well) and upon thy people - As hig ny froggyn seose chammagh ort henehene, as er dty phobble Bible

Baptism Well Chibbyr y Vashtee

Big Well (n.) Chibbyr Mooar

Bridget's Well (n.) Chibbyr Vreeshey

Calf's Well (n.) Chibbyr Lheiy

Ciaran's Well (n.) Chibbyr Ciaran

Clear Well (n.) Chibbyr Glass, Chibbyr Ghlass

deep-draw well (n.) chibbyr hayrnee

deep well (n.) chibbyr hayrnee

Donkan's Well (n.) Chibbyr Donkan

Fairy's Well (n.) Chibbyr Ferrish

Gold Well (n.) Chibbyr Airh

Gushing Well (n.) Chibbyr Skeah

Hill Well (n.) Chibbyr yn Chrink

Jane's Well (n.) Chibbyr y Jane

Lord's Well (n.) Chibbyr y Chiarn

Mark's Well (n.) Chibbyr Varkysh

Mary's Well (n.) Chibbyr y Woirrey; Chibbyr Voirrey

Maughold's Well (n.) Chibbyr Vaghal

May Well (n.) Chibbyrt Boaldyn, Chibbyrt Belthane

Middle Well (n.) Chibbyr y Vean

most well slane vie

Nicholas' Well (n.) Chibbyr Niglus

note well (v.) gow baght

oil well (n.) chibbyr ooill

Patrick's Well (n.) Chibbyr Pharick

pretty well cossalagh, cossyllagh; lane vie; feer vie: I know it pretty well - Shione dou eh feer vie. JJK idiom

Pump Well Chibbyr y Pump

Ronan's Well (n.) Chibbyr Unney, Chibbyr Ronney

Sanctan's Well (n.) Chibbyr Sanctan

Silver Well (n.) Chibbyr yn Argid

speak well (v.) loayrt dy mie

Strung's Well (n.) Chibbyr Strung

tolerably well (adv.) castreycair

Tushtagh's Well (n.) Chibbyr Tushtagh

Very well (intj) Kiart dy liooar

very well (adv.) slane vie; feer vie: I'm very well indeed - Ta mee feer vie dy-jarroo. JJK idiom; dy mie: Yes, I remember it very well - S'cooin lhiam dy-mie eh. JJK idiom

Vomiting Well (n.) Chibbyr Skeah

well done (intj) jeant dy mie

Well Enclosure (n.) Close ny Chibbyragh

well enough mie dy liooar

well favoured (adj.) aalin: but Rachel was beautiful and well favoured - agh va Rachel bwaagh as aalin Bible

Well Field (n.) Magher ny Chibbyragh, Giat ny Chibbyragh, Magher Chibbyragh

Well Fold (n.) Bwoaillee ny Chibbyragh

well-grown puppy (n.) lieh-voddey

Well House Thie yn Chibbyr, Thie yn Chybbyrt

well intentioned lesh jeih-yoin

Well Lakelet (n.) Loughan ny Chibbyragh

Well met! She dty vea!

well now shen ayds

Well said (intj) Abbyr eh; Feer vie: Then said Saul to his servant, Well said; come, let us go - Eisht dooyrt Saul rish e harvaant, Feer vie; tar, lhig dooin goll Bible

Well Shrubbery (n.) Garee ny Chibbyragh

well-tailored suit (n.) cullee mie jeant

well then as myr shen

well water (n.) ushtey chibbyragh

Willy's Well (n.) Chibbyr Willy

Wine Well (n.) Chibbyr Feeyney

Clear Well Enclosure (n.) Close y Chibbyr Ghlass

Fare ye well (intj) slane lhieu: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well - voue shoh my reaillys shiu shiu-hene, nee shiu dy mie. Slane lhieu. Bible

Flat of the Well (n.) Faaie ny Chibbyragh

get well card (n.) kaart slaynt

Hill Slope Well (n.) Liargee ny Chibbyragh

I had well nigh dobbyr dou; Hioll mee

I knew well b'ione mie dooys

I know full well ta my haie fys aym

I think well of him ta ammys aym er

Meadow River Well (n.) Chibbyr Claddagh

of a well (gen.) chibbyragh

Pointed Reed Well (n.) Chibbyr Murrag

Punish him well (intj) Cur terrish da

Shepherds' Mountain Well (n.) Çhibbyr Slieau Maggle

Speckled Well Field (n.) Breckan ny Chibbyragh

St Cathrine's Well (n.) Chibbyrt Catreeney

Testicle Mountain Well (n.) Chibbyr Slieau Maggle

Thorn Tree Well (n.) Chibbyr Drine

Well Hollow Churchyard (n.) Rhullick Chibbyr Coan

Well I declare (intj) Er my chooinsheanse

Well I'm damned (intj) M'annym da'n Jouyll

Well of Goat Cliff Bar (n.) Chibbyr Barra Harstal

Well of the Bank (n.) Chibbyr y Vrooie

Well of the Dirty Pool (n.) Chibbyrt Poyll Sallagh

Well of the Mull (n.) Chibbyr y Veayll

Well of the Nook (n.) Chibbyr ny Cooilley

Well of the Plank (n.) Chibbyr y Chlaarey

Well of the Punch (n.) Chibbyr y Phunch

Well of the Slope (n.) Chibbyr Lhiattag

Well of the Spring (n.) Chibbyr y Geill

Well of the Warts (n.) Chibbyr ny Fainaghyn

Well of the Wood (n.) Chibbyr ny Cheylley

well up in slane tushtagh ayns

well up in age brash vie d'eash er

White Boundary Well (n.) Chibbyr ny Cree Bane

chibbyr hayrnee (f.) deep-draw well; deep well

Chibbyr Skeah Gushing Well, Vomiting Well

slane vie most well, very well

Chibbyr Slieau Maggle (f.) Brandywell; Testicle Mountain Well; Shepherds' Mountain Well

feer vie excellent, exquisite, first rate: Ta mooyn feer vie dy veeinaghey ollan. DF; pretty well; very well

Chibbyr Airh Gold Well

chibbyr arteeshagh (f.) artesian well

Chibbyr Ciaran Ciaran's Well

Chibbyr Donkan Donkan's Well

Chibbyr Feeyney Wine Well

Chibbyr Ferrish Fairy's Well

Chibbyr Ghlass Clear Well

Chibbyr Glass Clear Well

Chibbyr Lheiy Calf's Well

Chibbyr Mooar Big Well

Chibbyr Niglus Nicholas' Well

Chibbyr Pharick Patrick's Well

Chibbyr Ronney Ronan's Well

Chibbyr Sanctan Sanctan's Well

Chibbyr Strung Strung's Well

Chibbyrt Belthane May Well

Chibbyrt Boaldyn May Well

Chibbyr Tushtagh Tushtagh's Well

Chibbyr Unjin Ash Well

Chibbyr Unney Ronan's Well

Chibbyr Vaghal Maughold's Well

Chibbyr Varkysh Mark's Well

Chibbyr Vreeshey Bridget's Well

Chibbyr Willy Willy's Well

doagh eeast well

dy mie ANTONYM dy sie nicely, well: As va Abraham shenn, as er roie dy mie ayns eash Bible; very well

lesh jeih-yoin well intentioned

Magher Chibbyragh Well Field

shen ayds well now

ushtey chibbyragh well water

vrooightey neese (dy); (to); (up out) well

spring-well (n.) farrane, chibbyr farraneagh

well-advised (adj.) mie-choyrlit

well-arranged mie-reaghit

well-being (n.) gien mie, foays, speeideilys

well-beloved1 (n.) myrneen

well-beloved2 (adj.) ennoil

well-boring towlley chibbyr

well-born mie-ruggit

well-bred1 ellynagh; mie-ellynagh

well-bred2 (of animal) jeh'n uill

well-built1 (adj.) thollee

well-built2 (structure) mie troggit

well-chosen (adj.) teiyt

well-coloured daahoil

well-conducted jeih-reirit; jeih-veysagh

well-cover kione chibbyragh

well-disposed (adj.) mie-chreeagh

well-doing raah

well-done (adj.) mie-choagyrit, mie-rostit

well-dressed (adj.) mie-choamrit

well-dressing jesheenaghey chibbraghyn

well-earned (adj.) toillit dy mie

well-educated (adj.) mie ynsit

well-established dy mie er bun

well-formed1 (adj.) cummeydoil

well-formed2 (adj.) (person) stoamey

well-found (adj.) mie-ghreighit

well-founded (adj.) dy vel bun er

well-grown aasit

well-informed (adj.) fysseragh, oalyssagh

well-kept1 (adj.) as doaie er

well-kept2 (adj.) (as secret) freilt dy mie

well-knit (adj.) (as play) fillit dy mie

well-known (adj.) dy mie er enney, dy mie er fys

well-made (adj.) (thing) mie jeant

well-mannered (adj.) mie-ellynagh

well-matched mie-chorrym

well-meant (adj.) jeih-chreeagh, mie-chreeagh, oney

well-nigh (adv.) begnagh; bunnys

well-off berchagh, palchagh; roshtynys ec; souyr

well-ordered (adj.) mie-oarderit

well-proportioned (adj.) stoamagh; stoamey

well-read1 (adj.) (book) lhaiht dy lhean

well-read2 (adj.) (person) lioaragh


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