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weed1 (n.) brouteraght, farchail, gartlan, sarkyl; (v.) glenney; gaartlian

weed2 (n.) (of person) feiosagh, mac yn ushtey

weed3 (n.) (the) thombaacey

Inexact matches:

bishop's weed (m.) lus y ghoot, lus yn aspick

bootlace weed (n.) drumlagh

hunger weed lus y phlaggad

oar weed (n.) slattag varrey

silver weed (n.) lus y chorran

weed out gartlian

drumlagh bootlace weed, seaweed

farchail (f.) weed

gartlan See gaartlian weed

gartlian weeding, weed out

mac yn ushtey (of person) weed

sarkyl (f.) weed

slattag varrey (f.) oar weed

lus yn aspick (f.) bishop's weed

lus y phlaggad (f.) hunger weed

brouteraght (f.) dirt; mix up; weed, weeds

lus y chorran (f.) silver weed, sneezewort, spurry

lus y ghoot (f.) bishop's weed, gerrard, goutwort

thombaacey smoking; (the) weed: Vel oo ceau thombaacey? DF

feiosagh flimsy, fragile, frail, lithe, slender, weak, weedy: By heidagh vuigh yn folt oc, as kianglit lesh eggeeyn argidey, feiosagh myr feegan Coraa; (in build) thin; (of person) weed, weakling

gaartlian weed, weeding: er aggle ayns gaartlian yn coggyl, dy n'astyrt shiu yn churnaght myrgeddin ass ny fraueyn mârish. Bible

glenney (=Ir. glanadh) act of vindication, chip, clarify, clean, cleaner, clearance, discharge, dust, expurgate, freshen, grub, pay off, purge, purification, purify, rid, satisfaction, scale, scavenge, settlement, sink, weed, wipe; (honey) clarification; (as fowl) draw; (as metal) try out; cleaning; bathe: as glenney e chorp ayns ushtey Bible; cleanse: As nee eh glenney yn thie lesh fuill yn eean as lesh yn ushtey farrane Bible; glass


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