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weather (n.) earish: The weather is like spring - Ta'n earish goll-rish yn arragh. JJK idiom; emshir: It's bad weather - Ta emshir olk ayn. JJK idiom; emshyr; (v.) ceau, cur fo

Inexact matches:

adverse weather (n.) drogh earish

bad weather (n.) drogh-emshir: We made bad weather - Haink drogh emshir orrin. DF idiom; emshir ghonney; emshir olk: It's bad weather - Ta emshir olk ayn. JJK idiom; drogh earish

bitter weather (n.) emshir fannee

broken weather (n.) breck-emshir

dry weather (n.) charrey

fair weather (n.) emshir aalin: Fair weather and heat coming - Emshir aalin cheet as chiass. DF idiom; emshir vie

fine weather (n.) aalican

foul weather (n.) earish vooar

good weather (n.) emshir vie

mild weather (n.) emshyr vlah

raw weather (n.) emshir ghlass

rough weather (n.) drogh earish, earish vooar, emshir garroo, emshir vooar

showery weather (n.) frassaght

steady weather (n.) emshir veayn

Weather Bureau (n.) Oik ny h-Emshir

weather chart (n.) caart emshir

weather conditions (npl.) cheu ny geayee; emshir; emshyr

weather dog (n.) moddey earish

weather eye (n.) er dty hwoaie

weather forecast (n.) faaishnys ny h-emshir

weather gauge (n.) vondeish ny geay

weather head (n.) kione earish

weather lore ynsagh ny h-emshir

weather prophet (n.) fadeyr ny h-emshir

weather shore (n.) traie ny geayee

weather side (n.) cheu ny geayee

weather vane (n.) kellagh geayee

wet weather (n.) emshyr fliugh

bitterness of weather (n.) fanneydys

break in weather (n.) caghlaa

on the weather beam er cheu ny geayee

drogh earish COMPARE drogh-emshir adverse weather: Va'n drogh earish shoh ayn rish oor agh v'eh gennaghtyn dy row eh goll er rish ooryn. Dhoor; rough weather; bad weather

earish vooar (f.) foul weather, rough weather

cheu ny geayee (f.) luff, weather conditions, weather side, windward

emshir vie (f.) fair weather, good weather: S'cosoylagh vees emshir vie ayn. DF

emshyr (=Ir. aimsir) (f.) tense, time; weather, weather conditions: Ta emshyr aalin cheet veih'n twoaie Bible

emshir (f.) See emshyr tense, time, weather, weather conditions: v'eh er ny paitchyn cowraghey yn emshir chaie chooie. Carn

breck-emshir (f.) broken weather

caart emshir weather chart

drogh-emshir (f.) bad weather

emshir fannee (f.) bitter weather

emshir garroo (f.) rough weather

emshir ghlass (f.) raw weather

emshir ghonney (f.) bad weather

emshir veayn (f.) steady weather

emshir vooar (f.) rough weather

emshyr fliugh (=Ir. aimsair fhliuch) wet weather

emshyr vlah mild weather

fanneydys bitterness of weather

frassaght (f.) showeriness, showery weather

kione earish weather head

moddey earish weather dog

all-weather1 (adj.) (clothes) jeen noi'n emshir

all-weather2 (adj.) (sport) jantagh ayns emshir erbee

weather-beaten (adj.) as daah ny greiney er; ceaut ec yn emshir

weather-bound (adj.) lhiettrimit ec yn emshir; 'sy phurt

weather-stained daahit ec yn earish

weather-wise oayllagh rish yn earish

weather-worn ceaut ec yn earish

faaishnys ny h-emshir weather forecast

fadeyr ny h-emshir weather prophet

jeen noi'n emshir (clothes) all-weather

kellagh geayee weathercock, weather vane

Oik ny h-Emshir Weather Bureau

traie ny geayee (f.) weather shore

vondeish ny geay (f.) weather gauge

ynsagh ny h-emshir weather lore

as daah ny greiney er weather-beaten

ceaut ec yn earish weather-worn

ceaut ec yn emshir weather-beaten

daahit ec yn earish weather-stained

jantagh ayns emshir erbee (sport) all-weather

lhiettrimit ec yn emshir weather-bound

oayllagh rish yn earish weather-wise

'sy phurt weather-bound, in the harbour

emshir aalin (f.) fair weather: Saillym dy beagh yn emshir aalin. JJK

emshir olk bad weather: Te jannoo emshir olk. JJK

after this (ny) yei shoh; (ny) lurg shoh: I fear we shall have cold weather after this - Ta aggle orrym dy bee emshir feayr ain ny lurg shoh. JJK idiom

against us nyn oi: The current is against us - Ta'n troa nyn oi. DF idiom; noi ain: The weather is against us - Ta'n emshir noi ain. DF idiom

beam1 (n.) beam; caabyr; cheu: On the weather beam - Er cheu ny geayee. DF idiom; darrag; garmin: Weak place in a beam - Boayl faase ayns garmin. DF idiom; goull; trasnane; (v.) (to); (dy) skellal

bureau (n.) coyr screeuee; oik: The weather bureau - Oik ny h-Emshir. DF idiom; rheynn

changeable1 (adj.) caghlaaee: The weather is very changeable - Ta'n emshir feer cheaghliagh. JJK idiom; ceaghliagh; neuhassooagh

clearing2 (v.) (of weather) sloateil: It is clearing up - T'eh sloateil. DF idiom; cleeiral: The weather is clearing up already - Ta'n emshir hannah cleeiral. JJK idiom; giallaghey: It is clearing up - T'eh giallaghey. DF idiom

cloudy (adj.) bodjallagh: The weather is cloudy - Ta'n emshir bodjallagh. JJK idiom; mooirjeenagh: We may have some showers, for the sky is getting cloudy - Foddee ve frassyn ain, son ta'n aer jeeaghyn mooirjeenagh. JJK idiom; neuheelit

cold feayght; feayr: I fear we shall have cold weather after this - Ta aggle orrym dy bee emshir feayr ain ny lurg shoh. JJK idiom; feayraght; mughane: She has a bad cold - Ta mughane olk eck. JJK idiom

companion cooidjaghtagh, co-heshey; cumraag: Fire is a good companion in this weather - Ta aile ny chumraag mie ayns lheid yn earish shoh. JJK idiom; greeish chabbaneagh; laue-lioar; sheshey

fine1 (adj.) braew, fine, keyl, meein; stoamey: I wish the weather were fine - Saillym dy beagh yn emshir aalin. JJK idiom; (v.) cur final er, cur ooley er, final; (n.) ooley, uail

fire1 (n.) aile: Fire is a good companion in this weather - Ta aile ny chumraag mie ayns lheid yn earish shoh. JJK idiom; chenney, tienney; (v.) lhiggey, lhieggey, lostey; cur aile da

frosty (adj.) feayr; eean y ghob jiarg mooie: It's frosty today - Ta eean y ghob jiarg mooie jiu. DF idiom; rioeeagh: Frosty weather - Emshir rioeeagh. DF idiom

lifting (v.) troggal: The bad weather is lifting - Ta'n earish troggal seose. DF idiom; girree: The fog is lifting - Ta'n frough girree. DF idiom

nothingness (n.) neunhee: The weather has gone to nothingness - Ta'n emshyr er n'gholl gys neunhee. DF idiom

raw anoayllagh; aw: Raw spirits - Liggar aw. DF idiom; garroo; glass: Raw weather - Emshyr ghlass. DF idiom; neuaarloo; oor; awaneagh

spell garrey; grash; guess; lettraghey; oalys; pishag; shayll: Long spell of cold weather - Shayll liauyr jeh emshir feayr. DF idiom; tammylt; druight: The spell of the sea - Druiaght ny marrey. DF idiom

Spring (n.) (Yn) Arragh: The weather is like spring - Ta'n earish goll-rish yn arragh. JJK idiom; arree

stormy1 (adj.) doirrinagh, dorrinagh, kiaullaneagh, rastagh, rastal, sterrymagh; stermagh: The weather is stormy - Ta'n emshir stermagh. JJK idiom

aalican fine weather, great calm, halcyon: Nish y ghrian vannee skellal magh e phooar chemmal y dor'ghys t'ayns y diunid wooar, as Satan shiaulley ayns yn aalican, goaill taitnys mooar ayns goullyn gial y ghrian PC

caghlaa (=Ir. claochlú) pl. caghlaaghyn alteration, break in weather, difference, dissimilitude, diversities, substitution, variation; alter, change, switch: As ren eh caghlaa e gharmadyn Bible; interpret; mutate, rotate; divers; transforming; variety

charrey1 (=Ir. teara or teora) COMPARE jeorey boundary; change: As ta sorch dy charrey ayns chyndaays gys noidys as streeu, as nee soilshaghey dty nearey. Apoc; (wet to dry) dry weather

cur fo scuttle, sink; weather; let down, thrust in: Cur fo dty chorran, as buinn Bible; tackle person about

earish (f.) pl. earishyn 1 age, lifetime, period, season, time a: haink eh gy-kione lurg earish Bible; 2 weather

er cheu ny geayee aloof; on the weather beam: Er cheu ny geayee. DF

er dty hwoaie qui vive, weather eye: Jehsyn bee uss er dty hwoaie Bible; beware

can (n.) curn, curneen; stainnaghey, stainney; (v.) fod, jarg; (interrog.) nod: Can you tell me what time it is? - Nod shiu gra rhym yn traa? JJK idiom; vod: How can you go out in such weather? - Kys vod shiu goll magh ayns lheid yn earish? JJK idiom; foddee: God lays on you no burden greater than you can bear - Cha vel Jee cur ort errey ny smoo na foddee oo ymmyrkey. JJK idiom; oddys: How can he be so cruel? - Kys oddys eh ve cha dewil? JJK idiom

sign1 cowraghey; cowreydagh; monney: That's a sure sign - Ta shen monney shickyr. DF idiom; cowrey: They say it's a sign of fine weather, in the morning - Ta feallagh gra dy nee cowrey emshir aalin eh, ayns y voghrey. JJK idiom

ceau (=Ir. caith, caitheamh) carry, consume, dart, fall, hang, last, loose, pass, rake, run out, upbraid, waste; weather, shower, rain; aim, launch, shy, shoot; cast, throw: Dy chooilley lhiannoo-mac hig son y theihll nee shiu ceau 'syn awin Bible; bear, wear: nee Aaron ceau yn breast-plate dy vriwnys erskyn e chree Bible; hurl: Agh my teh tuittym er trooid goanlys, ny ceau red erbee er, liorish lhie cooyl-chlea Bible; yield: Lhig dan thalloo gymmyrkey faiyr, yn losserey ceau rass Bible; lay out, spend, spending; (on road) corner; raining: Agh te dorraghey nish, as te ceau trome foast. Coraa


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