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wavering anshickyrys, craagh; anshickyr, kirkinagh, leaystagh, loaganagh, teaymagh; (v.) jannoo kirkinys, leaystey, tuittym; lheaystey: But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering - Agh lhig da geearree ayns credjue, fegooish lheaystey Bible

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craagh shaky, wavering

jannoo kirkinys wavering; (of person) waver

anshickyrys (f.) insecurity, unsteadiness, unsureness, wavering

anshickyr insecure, loose, unstable, unsteady, unsure, wavering

kirkinagh inconstant, unreliable, unsteady; alternating, fluctuating, wavering; fluctuate; waverer

leaystagh nodding, oscillatory, reeling, rocking, swinging, unsteady, vibrant, waddling; hesitant, wavering; unsettled

lheaystey wavering: lhig da geearree ayns credjue, fegooish lheaystey Bible

loaganagh rocking, staggering, staggery, wavering: Dirree eh dy loaganagh. DF; groping; rocky place; unstable; crawler, staggerer

leaystey 1 bank, boggle, brandish, dangle, fluctuate, heel, hesitate, loll, oscillate, rock, roll, see-saw, sway, swerve, swing, swing back, vacillate, waddle a: Caid ta shiu leaystey eddyr daa chredjue? Bible; 2 balancing, fluctuating, hesitating, lolling, reeling, rocking, swinging, swaying, vacillating, waddling, wavering; 3 (of hand) wave; 4 (of fixture) waver; 5 fluctuation, hesitation, oscillation, vacillation; 6 decline: cha jean oo leaystey veihn vriwnys oc, gys y laue yesh ny gys y laue chiare Bible; 7 reel, stagger: teh cur orroo dy leaystey myr dooinney meshtal. Bible; 8 tossed: fardalys leaystey noon as noal mâroosyn ta geiyrt er toyrt-mow Bible; 9 stumble: tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible; 10 jumping: sheean freaney ny queeylyn, as lheimyraght ny cabbil, as leaystey ny fainee. Bible; 11 unstable

teaymagh arbitrary, capricious, fickle, fitful, freakish, spasmodic, unstable, unsteady, wavering: Ren clabbin teaymagh dy gheay bwoalley y shiaull, as v'ee harrish 'syn ushtey, beeal fo. GK; heady: Traitooryn, teaymagh, ard-aignagh, ny s'graihee er eunyssyn y vea shoh na er Jee Bible; humoursome; fanciful, whimsical; moody: T'eh teaymagh. DF; notional

tuittym (v.) abate, collapse, come off, crumple, decline, depreciate, descend, die down, droop, drop, fall, fall off, fall out, fall over, falter, flounder, founder, go down, keel over, lapse, overbalance, sag, slump, subside, tip over, topple, tumble; calming, falling, floundering, wavering; befall: nee ymmodee uilk, as dowrinyn tuittym orroo Bible; (of voice) cadence; (of courage) waver; abatement, depreciation, incidence, subsidence


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