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Water (n.) Dooar

water (v.) (n.) ushtey: He dashed water on the fire - Sceoll eh ushtey er yn aile. DF idiom; (v.) cur ushtey da, cur ushtey er, fluighey, gushtagh; ushtaghey, gushtaghey: Let him water the flowers - Lhig da ushtaghey ny blaaghyn. JJK idiom; giu ushtey: all that drink water, shall be comforted in the nether parts of the earth - ooilley ny ta giu ushtey, er nyn gherjaghey ayns ardjyn sdiuney y thallooin Bible; giu jough

Inexact matches:

Abbot's Water (n.) Ushtey ny Abbagh

aerated water (n.) ushtey aeragh

alternate water-milfoil (n.) snaih baih

barley water (n.) sooslagh oarn

bilge water (n.) ushtey rummee

Black Water (n.) Doo

bleaching water (n.) ushtey giallee

by water er mooir; er y cheayn; er yn ushtey

Dark Water (n.) Dullyr Ushtey

dish water (n.) ushtey saagh

distilled water (n.) ushtey drigit

ditch water (n.) ushtey jeeigey

drink water (v.) giu ushtey: he did neither eat bread, nor drink water - cha ren eh gee arran, ny giu ushtey Bible; giu jough

foul water (n.) ushtey sallagh

fresh water (n.) feer ushtey, ushtey millish

high water (n.) lane marrey; mullagh ny marrey; mullagh y traie

holy water (n.) ushtey casherick: And the priest shall take holy water in an earthen vessel - As neen saggyrt ushtey casherick y ghoaill ayns saagh craie Bible

lavender water (n.) ushtey lavander

lime water (n.) ushtey eayil

low water (n.) mooir-hraie, traih, traih-varrey

make water (v.) (to); (dy) jannoo mooin

Mill Water (n.) Corna

mineral water (n.) jough vioyral, ushtey meainagh

potash water (n.) ushtey potash

rice water (n.) ushtey reise

rose water (n.) ushtey rose

salt water (n.) saailley, sailley

sea water (n.) saailley

shallow water (n.) ushtey thanney

slack water (n.) lhiggin

soda water (n.) ushtey soda

spicate water-milfoil (n.) flee ushtey

spring water (n.) ushtey farraneagh

sulphur water (n.) ushtey sulfur

table water (n.) ushtey meainagh

tap water (n.) ushtey fyseidagh

Trolls' Water (n.) Threlja

under water fo ushtey

water avens (n.) parane churree

water bailiff (n.) briw marrey

water ballast (n.) lught ushtey

water bearer (n.) ymmyrkagh ushtey

water bed (n.) matras ushtey

water beetle (n.) delb

water biscuit (n.) brishtag ushtey

water board (n.) boayrd ushtey

water bottle (n.) boteil ushtey, caraafe

water brash brooighe

water buffalo (n.) dow oaldey ushtey

water bull (n.) tarroo ushtey

water butt (n.) stoandey ushtey

water can (n.) curn ushtey

water cannon (n.) gunn ushtey

water carriage (n.) ymmyrkey er ushtey

water carrier (n.) ymmyrkagh ushtey

water cart (n.) cairt ushtey

water cask (n.) cask ushtey

water closet (n.) premmee ushtey; premmee

water colour (n.) ushtey-ghaa

water crowfoot (n.) cass feeagh

water cure (n.) lheihys yn ushtey

water demon (n.) Nikkesen

water diviner (n.) feddynagh ushtey

water dock (n.) cabbag ny jeeiginyn, shughlaig ny hawin

water down (v.) cur ushtey ayns, cur ushtey er

water dropwort (n.) carradje chreoie, emloge ny hawin, emloge ushtey, minn-varree

water engine (n.) greie ushtey, obbyr ushtey

water feature (n.) dubbey-garey, easan-garey, farrane-garey

water flood (n.) thooilley ushtey

water front (n.) cheu ny marrey, cheu yn aarkey

water gate (n.) cooylley ushtey

water gauge (n.) towshan ushtey

water glass (n.) ushtey-ghlonney

water heater (n.) chiasseyder ushtey, chiowder ushtey

water hen (n.) kiark ushtey

water horse (n.) cabbyl ushtey, eagh ushtey

water hydrant (n.) dhull ushtey, dhull roie

water ice (n.) riojag ushtey

water jacket (n.) cassyl feayree, cassyl ushtey, coodaghey lesh cassyl, jaggad ushtey

water jug (n.) cruishtin ushtey

water jump (n.) lheim ushtey

water level (n.) cormid ushtey

water lily (n.) (white) duillag vaiht

water lobelia (n.) lus ny loghan

water main (n.) ard-phiob ushtey

water meadow (n.) lheeanee ushtey

water melon (n.) mellyn ushtey

water mill (n.) mwyllin roie'n eas, mwyllin ushtey

water mint (n.) mynthey yiarg

Water Nook (n.) Cooil Ushtey

water nymph (n.) nimfagh ushtey

water ouzel (n.) gaaue doo, lhondoo ny hawin, thummeyder beg

water parsnip (n.) pollagh, poyllagh

water pepper (n.) glioonagh

water pipe (n.) lhiggey, piob ushtey

water pipit (n.) tweet ushtey

water pistol (n.) gunn skioot

water polo (n.) polo ushtey

Water Pool (n.) Poyll Ushtey

water pot (n.) pash ushtey

water power cummaght ushtey; pooar ushtey

water pressure broo-ushtey; chionnid ushtey; traastey ushtey; trimmid ushtey

water purslane (n.) blaa ny jeeigey

water rail (n.) ushag ny shast

water rat (n.) roddan ushtey, lugh ushtey

water rate (n.) keesh ushtey

water rights (npl.) kiartyn ushtey

water skier (n.) sheealeyder-ushtey

water softener (n.) boggeyder ushtey

water source (n.) farrane, moir ushtey

water speedwell (n.) burleek ushtey, lus y vooin

water spider (n.) meeyl ny dubbaghyn, sneeuane ushtey

water stitchwort (n.) flig ushtey

water supply (n.) poyll, tasht ushtey, towl

water system (n.) aght ushtey, corys ushtey

water tower (n.) toor ushtey

water trough (n.) trogh ushtey

water valve (n.) cooylley ushtey

water vole (n.) lugh ushtey, roddan ushtey

water wheel (n.) queeyl ushtey

water wings (npl.) skianyn amylt, skianyn snaue

well water (n.) ushtey chibbyragh

chop on water (n.) garrooid

fresh water condenser (n.) co-ghlooder far ushtey

fresh water lake (n.) logh ushtey

Glen Ford Water (n.) Ushtey Glion ny h'Aah

Good Land Water (n.) Ushtey Mie Halloo

high water mark (n.) barre y lane

hot water bottle (n.) boteil heh

in the water 'syn ushtey

Isle of Man Water Authority (n.) Lught-Reill Ushtey Ellan Vannin

low water slack (n.) liggin traih

milk and water (n.) amglass; amvlass

original water wheel axle (n.) essyl wheeyl ushtey vunneydagh

piece of water (n.) loghan ushtey

Point of the Water (n.) Gob yn Ushtey

River Meadow Water (n.) Claddagh Ushtey

shelf under water (n.) immyr

unaffected by water gyn assee liorish ushtey

Water and Sewerage Authority (n.) Lught-reill Ushtey as Sornaigys

Water Bull Dam (n.) Dam y Tarroo Ushtey

Water Goblin's Pool (n.) Lhing y Ghlashtin

Water Goblin Stream (n.) Nikkesen

water of affliction (n.) ushtey dy heaghyn

water of separation ushtey-scarree

water of the river (n.) ushtey ny hawin: that thou shalt take of the water of the river and pour it upon the dry land - dy drog oo jeh ushtey ny hawin as dy deayrt oo eh er y thalloo chirrym Bible

Water Pool Crofts (npl.) Croittyn Poyll Ushtey

Water Sprite Pool (n.) Lhingey ny Glashtyn

water treatment works (n.) obbraghyn glennee ushtey, obbraghyn ry hoi glenney ushtey; ynnyd lhiasaghey ushtey

Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority (n.) Lught-reill Ushtey as Sornaigys Ellan Vannin

cur ushtey er water, water down

lugh ushtey water rat; (f.) water vole

Nikkesen water demon, Water Goblin Stream

roddan ushtey water rat, water vole

ushtey meainagh table water; mineral water

ymmyrkagh ushtey bhisti, water bearer, water carrier

cooylley ushtey (f.) floodgate, lock gate, water gate, water valve

giu jough (v.) water, drink water: Jean oo giu jough? DF

saailley (f.) salt water, sea water: Ta saailley ny share dy chummal red er snaue na far ushtey. DF

hot (adj.) bio; cheh: That water is hot but this water is hotter - Ta'n ushtey shen cheh, agh ta'n ushtey shoh ny s'choe. JJK idiom

hotter (adj.) choe: That water is hot but this water is hotter - Ta'n ushtey shen cheh, agh ta'n ushtey shoh ny s'choe. JJK idiom


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