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wash1 bashlagh; cur brat leaght-daah er; leaght-daah; niaghyn; niee: Wash thy hands - Niee dty laueyn. JJK idiom; oonlaghey; oonlee: Go, wash in the pool of Siloam - Immee as oonlee oo hene ayns poyll Siloam Bible

wash2 (v.) (utensils) strulley: Wash up the dishes - Ny siyn y strulley. DF idiom

wash3 (v.) (of sea) bentyn rish

wash4 (of ship) maistrey

wash5 (of waves) soodraght ny tonnyn

wash6 (v.) (of person) oonley; (to); (dy) oonlagh: Thou shalt also make a laver of brass, and his foot also of brass, to wash withal - Nee oo myrgeddin tobbyr prashey, as e chass myrgeddin dy phrash, dy oonlagh ayn Bible

wash7 (n.) (the) giubblyn

Inexact matches:

hair wash (n.) oonley fuilt

lime wash (v.) giallaghey

wash away (v.) goaill magh lesh niaghyn; niee ersooyl: arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins - irree as bee er dty vashtey, as niee ersooyl dty pheccaghyn Bible; skeabey ersooyl

wash basin (n.) saagh-oonlee

wash day (n.) laa niaghyn

wash down (v.) strull

wash house (n.) thie niaghyn

wash leather (n.) shammee

wash off (v.) niee jeh

wash out (v.) niee magh

wash room (n.) shamyr niee, shamyr oonlee

wash stand (n.) boayrd niaghyn, boayrd oonlee

I shall wash nieeyms

I will wash niee-ym: I will wash my hands in innocency - Niee-ym my laueyn ayns ônid Bible

bashlagh dash, wash

boayrd niaghyn wash stand

boayrd oonlee wash stand

giubblyn (ny); (the) wash

laa niaghyn wash day

leaght-daah wash, wash-tint

maistrey (of ship) wash

niee jeh wash off

niee magh wash out

niee-ym I will wash

oonley fuilt hair wash

shamyr niee (f.) wash room

soodraght ny tonnyn (of waves) wash

back-wash (n.) (on shore) soodraght

colour-wash eayl-daah

wash-brew (n.) sawane; sooane

wash-pot (n.) saagh-nieeaghyn: Moab is my washpot - Moab my haaghnieeaghyn Bible; crockan niaghan; pash niee

wash-staff (n.) sladdan

wash-tint leaght-daah

cur brat leaght-daah er wash

eayl-daah colour-wash

sawane (f.) wash-brew

sladdan beetle, mallet, wash-staff

sooane liquor; (f.) wash-brew

thie niaghyn laundry, wash house

goaill magh lesh niaghyn wash away

oonlagh wash: ren oo oo-hene y oonlagh Bible

saagh-nieeaghyn wash-pot: Moab my haagh-nieeaghyn Bible

shammee chamois leather, shammy leather, wash leather

shamyr oonlee (=Ir. seomra ionnlaidh) (f.) ablutions, bathroom, wash room

giallaghey blanch, bleach, bleaching, brighten, lime wash, to the full, whiten, whitening; (of weather) clear

niaghyn laundering, laundry, wash, washing: Cur eaddeeyn da'n niaghyn. DF

oonlaghey bathe, purify, wash: as ren eh eh-hene y oonlaghey Bible

oonley bathe; (of person) wash: Ta mee er-chee goaill oonley. DF

skeabey ersooyl brush away, sweep away, sweep off, wash away

strull (f.) rinse, swill, wash down: Strull y chesh MasJ

dishes (npl.) claareeyn; jystyn: I crashed all the dishes on the floor - Huitt mee ooilley ny jystyn er y laare. DF idiom; siyn: Wash up the dishes - Ny siyn y strulley. DF idiom

bentyn rish affect, concern, relate, relative, tamper, touch, vis-à-vis: cha vel atchim bentyn rish Bible; touching; (of sea) wash

crockan niaghan wash-pot: sho moab my ghrakkan niighan, harrish Edom hilgym magh , my vrayg Psalm1610

niee (=Ir. nigh) bathe, flush, launder, pan, wash: niee eh e choamraghyn ayns feeyn Bible [O.Ir. nigid]

niee ersooyl wash away: Myr ta ny ushtaghyn ceau ny claghyn, as ny thooillaghyn niee ersooyl messyn y thallooin Bible

nieeyms (emph.) I shall wash: mannagh nieeyms oo, cha vod ayrn erbee ve ayd mârym. Bible

oonlee abluent: hug eh jee chelleeragh spiceyn oonlee ry-hoi glenney Bible; wash: Immee as oonlee oo hene ayns poyll Siloam Bible; bathe

saagh-oonlee wash basin: As yn altar dy oural-losht, lesh ooilley e yeshaghtyn as yn saagh-oonlee lesh y stoyl echey, Bible

strulley (f.) 1 douche, rinse, swill a: nagh vel er strulley e laueyn ayns ushtey? Bible; 2 rinsing; 3 (utensils) wash

pash niee wash-pot: She Juda m’ ‘er lyoi, she Moab my phass nii : harrish Edom hilgym magh my vrayg, er ny Philistini niyms barriyght bogil y goyl. Psalm1610

soodraght (f.) (on shore) back-wash; recussion, rolling of sea, surf: gyn red erbee 'syn aigney echey agh sheeanys ny creggyn 'syn astyr, yn soodraght 'sy vadran, kiunid ny glionney as eshyn ny henn-ghooinney cummal 'sy waane ! Coraa


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