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Pompee wannal-lheeah Grey-necked Bunting

cooyl y wannal nape

dys y wannal neck deep

keylid y wannal small of the neck

ushag y wannal cam (f.) wryneck

nape (n.) cooyl y wannal

Grey-necked Bunting (n.) Pompee wannal-lheeah

neck deep dys y wannal

small of the neck (n.) keylid y wannal

wryneck (n.) mwannal cam, ushag y wannal cam

kentimeadar centimetre: Va mysh queig kentimeadar eddyr y daa howl sy wannal. SF

mooish about: hug eh boandey dy airh mooish e wannal Bible

armoury (n.) armlann; thie armyn: Thy neck is like the tower of David builded for an armouryarmoury - Ta dty wannal goll-rish toor Ghavid troggit son thie armyn Bible; thie-tashtee ny greinyn-caggee

bare (=Ir. b'fhearr) would be better: bare da clagh wyllin dy ve croghit mysh e wannal, Bible

bare da would be better: bare da clagh wyllin dy ve croghit mysh e wannal, as eh dy ve tilgit ayns y cheayn. Bible

boandaghyn chains: Ta dty cheeillyn bwaagh soit magh lesh roaghyn dy yewellyn, dty wannal lesh boandaghyn airhey. Bible

boandey animal chain, band, binding, bond, chain, connection, link: hug eh boandey dy airh mooish e wannal Bible; bond-servant

boandey airhey chain of gold: bee oo er dty choamrey lesh scarleod, as boandey airhey mysh dty wannal Bible

builg bellies: T'eh roie er e wannal, eer er builg lajer e eilley-caggee. Bible

clagh wyllin (f.) millstone: As quoi-erbee ver oyr da unnane jeh'n vooinjer veggey shoh ta credjal aynym's dy huittym ( veih'n chredjue ) bare da clagh wyllin dy ve croghit mysh e wannal, as eh dy ve tilgit ayns y cheayn. Bible

lhoamid smoothness: hug ee craitnyn ny mannanyn, er e laueyn, as er lhoamid e wannal Bible; nakedness

quingyn yokes: Jean dhyt hene geulaghyn as quingyn, as cur ad mysh dty wannal Bible

sniem (f.) bow knot, snare; (n., v.) knot: Vod ushag ve goit ayns ribbey er y vagher, raad nagh vel sniem soit er y hon ? Bible Kiangle ad kinjagh er dty chree, as sniem ad mysh dty wannal. Bible

whing See quing (yn); (the) yoke: tra vees oo er chosneyn varriaght, dy jean oo yn whing echeysyn y vrishey voish dty wannal Bible


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