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wait1 farkaghey, fark; farkaght; farkiaght; feiyal; fieau; fuirraghtyn: Let us wait till he comes down - Lhig dooin fuirraght (yn) dys hig eh neose. JJK idiom; tannaght; fuirree; farkee; farkiagh; (impv) Fuirree ort, Fuirree: Wait till I come down - Fuirree dys higym neose. JJK idiom

wait2 (v.) (at table); (to); (dy) hendeil; (to); (dy) waiteil

Inexact matches:

wait for (v.) fuirraghtyn rish: You oughtn't to have waited for him - Cha lhisagh shiu er n'uirraghtyn rish. JJK idiom

wait on (v.) tendeil, waiteil

wait up (v.) tannaghtyn dty hoie rish

anxiously to wait for (v.) gimney

lie in wait (v.) fo-lhie, sheginey; lhie fo chlea

liers in wait (npl.) cooyl-chleaderyn

wait a while (v.) fuirree dreayst; fuirree tammylt

wait for an opportunity fieau er caa

waiteil1 (f.) 1 attendance, waiting, wait on; 2 (v.) wait a: lesh gennallys v'ou cliaghtey mee 'veeiteil, as fegooish geam dhyt yinnagh oo waiteil. PC

farkaghey stay, wait

fo-lhie lie in wait

hendeil 1 (dy); (to); (at table) wait; 2 wait upon a: Shoh currym ny Leviteyn, veih queig bleeaney as feed dy eash as erskyn, hed ad stiagh dy hendeil er shirveish chabbane-agglish y cheshaght Bible

fuirree dreayst stay a while, wait a while

tannaghtyn dty hoie rish wait up

awhile (adv.) dreayst: Wait awhile - Fuirree dreayst. DF idiom; rish tammylt

farkee abide, wait: farkee dy kinjagh er dty Yee. Bible

Fuirree (impv) Hang on, Hold, Patience: Fuirree raad t'ou Bible; wait

gimney anxiously to wait for; earnestly to desire; expecting anxiously

tannaght (f.) wait: Cha nod fer dy kinjagh tannaght ny host. DF

church stile keym ny killey; keim ruillickey: Better to wait on top a large wave than a church stile - Share farkiaght er baare faarkee n'er keim ruillickey. DF idiom

locked glast: Wait a moment; it's locked - Fuirree shiu shallid; t'eh glast. JJK idiom; glast ry cheilley; kianglt

moment1 (n.) thootch, thootchey, thurrick, tullagh, tullogh; shallid: Wait a moment; it's locked - Fuirree shiu shallid; t'eh glast. JJK idiom; frioose; scansh

stile (n.) keim: Better to wait on top a large wave than a church stile - Share farkiaght er baare faarkee n'er keim ruillickey. DF idiom; keym

till (conj.) derrey; dys: Wait till I come down - Fuirree dys higym neose. JJK idiom; gys; (n.) tayrnag argid; kishteig-argid; (v.) traue, traaue; (to); (dy) hraaue

cooyl-chleaderyn liers in wait: yn slane sheshaght-caggee ver cheu-twoaie yn ard-valley, as ny cooyl-chleaderyn er cheu-heear yn ard-valley Bible

fark wait: Fark ort, my inneen, derrey hee mayd kys hed y chooish Bible

farkaght (f.) pause, stay, wait: Jean shiu laboraght as farkaght; ta traa creenagh yn arroo, agh cha jean eh traaue ny magheryn EF

farkiaght abide, await, look for, pause, tarry, wait: Dooys v'eh myr muc-awin ny lhie farkiaght Bible

feiyal dally, delay, fuss, hang back, hinder, linger, procrastinate, wait: Dy ve feiyal ny yei'n sleih elley. DF

fieau er caa wait for an opportunity: va jees jeh shamyrderyn y ree, Bigthan as Teresh jeusyn va freayll yn dorrys, lhieent lesh farg, as fieau er caa dy stroie ree Ahasuerus Bible

fuirraghtyn (=Ir. fuirech) 1 stand by, stay, tarry, wait, tarrying: cha row tra oc son fuirraghtyn Bible a: Hannee mee my hoie fuirraghtyn ort. Bible

fuirraghtyn rish await, wait for: Cha vod ad fuirraghtyn rish yn laa tra vees spyrryd Surbiton er ngeddyn y varriaght s'jerree er Cymru. Carn

fuirree (=Ir. fuirigh) abide, lodge, tarry, wait: Fuirree uss mârym, ny bee aggle ort Bible; stay

Fuirree ort (intj) Patience, wait, hang on, hold on: eisht dooyrt eh, Fuirree ort rish tammylt, y charrey, bee yn maarliagh ny gheddyn-magh ayms roish my vees yn chiaghtin shoh ec jerrey. Coraa

lhie fo chlea ambush, belay, lie in wait: As haink Saul gys ard-valley Amalek, as lhie eh fo chleasy choan Bible

sheginey lie in wait: Kiart gollrish ny Brooghyn, tra haink ny meoiryn shee dy ghoaill adsyn v'er n'ghoaill ayrn ayns y raghlid, va armee jeh deiney aegey sheginey. NNS

tendeil 1 serve, serving, wait on a: ren ny porteryn tendeil ec dagh giat Bible; 2 (f.) service, attendance, waiting

waiteil2 (at table); (dy); (to) wait: myr dooinney lajer t'eh goaill e yurnaa, lhiurid yn aer, as waiteil er ta'n laa, dagh blaa, dagh posee t'er y thalloo wass skeayley nyn duilley, gennal ayns e chiass. PC

cross1 crogh; crosh: Wait for me at the market cross - Fuirree ec y chrosh orrym. DF idiom; crossagh; crossey; tessen; tessen er y cheilley; (y) chrosh; croshag: He made the sign of the cross on himself - Hug eh croshag er e hene. DF idiom

for you er-dty-hon, er-nyn-son; lhieuish; nyn gour; diu: Will that be too early for you? - Bee shen ro voghey diu? JJK idiom; riu: Make haste, for he won't wait for you - Jean (shiu) siyr, er-nonney cha dann eh riu. JJK idiom

farkiagh 1 wait a: ren eh farkiagh son y ree er y raad Bible i: Jinnagh shiu farkiagh er nyn son derrey harragh ad gys eash ? Bible; ii: 3 As ghow eh yn pobble, as rheynn eh ad ayns three sheshaghtyn, as lhie eh farkiagh ayns y vagher Bible; 2 attendant; 3 tarry

fieau 1 rest, wait, waiting: hig ny moidynyn ta fieau urree ayns dty enish. Bible a: Choud as v'ad fieau er y dooinney poosee, huitt ad ooilley er saveenagh as cadley. Bible; b: As va'n pobble fieau son Zacharias, as yindys orroo dy row eh cumrail choud ayns y chiamble. Bible


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