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wagon (n.) carr laadee; wagon, waggan, waggon

wagon pl. wagonyn wagon:

Inexact matches:

ammunition wagon (n.) waggan tashtee

bin wagon (n.) cairt hrustyr

dinner wagon (n.) trollee jinnairagh

forage wagon (n.) waggon ronsee

refuse wagon (n.) caairt hrustyr

wagon train (n.) famman carryn laadee

caairt hrustyr (f.) refuse wagon

waggan wagon

waggan tashtee ammunition wagon

waggon pl. waggonyn wagon

waggon ronsee forage wagon

mammy-wagon (n.) bus foshlit

bus foshlit mammy-wagon

famman carryn laadee wagon train

cairt hrustyr (f.) bin wagon, rubbish cart

trollee jinnairagh dinner trolley, dinner wagon

carr laadee caisson, lorry, wagon: Myr sampleyr, y pheesh veg ren taishbyney sidooryn Goaldagh ceau corp Sheain Threasaigh stiagh ayns carr-laadee ayns Divlyn. Carn


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