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bolgagh vuc (f.) swine pox

cleaysh vuc (f.) birthwort

cuirtlagh vuc (f.) bur reed

feill vuc (f.) pork: Va shin cubbyl dy laa laadey y vaatey Iesh stoyryn, ushtey, caffee, shugyr, anvroie chirmit, praaseyn, feill volht chirmit, feill vuc chirmit, eeast chirmit as y lhied, ooilley shoh v'eh currit fo lout eaghtyr ny lhong. GK

gleiy vuc (f.) bluebell

onnane vuc (f.) sow thistle

sharrag vuc (f.) endive

volgagh vuc (f.) (yn) measles

buitchoor feill vuc pork butcher

feill vuc rostit (f.) roast pig

feill vuc sailjey (f.) salt pork

gleiy vuc feeyney (f.) grape hyacinth

Kione y Chollagh Vuc (hotel) Boar's Head

ooill vuc varrey (f.) whale oil

ooil vuc varrey (f.) train oil

pronnag feill vuc (f.) pork sausage

pye feill vuc (f.) pork pie

shelg yn vuc varrey whale

bur reed (n.) cuirtlagh vuc

endive (n.) sharrag vuc

bluebell (n.) clageen gorrym, gleiy vuc

grape hyacinth (n.) gleiy vuc feeyney

mouse-eared hawkweed (n.) stroin-vuc

pork butcher (n.) buitchoor feill vuc

pork pie (n.) pye feill vuc

pork sausage (n.) pronnag feill vuc

roast pig (n.) feill vuc rostit

salt pork (n.) feill vuc sailjey

train oil (n.) ooil vuc varrey

whale oil (n.) ooill vuc varrey

stroin-vuc mouse-eared hawkweed

birthwort (n.) cleaysh vuc, lus y ghientyn

Boar's Head (n.) (hotel) Kione y Chollagh Vuc

sow thistle (n.) bee muc, onnane veein, onnane vuc

swine pox (n.) bolgagh muickey, bolgagh vuc

measles (n.) (yn) ghruight: German measles - Yn ghruight yiarg. DF idiom; (yn) volgagh vuc

whale (n.) meeyl mooar, muc varrey, whale; (v.) shelg yn vuc varrey

arkagh in pig; (as sow) teeming: Ta'n chenn vuc arkagh. DF

saillt salted: feill-vuc saillt as croghit JK

streir lead, leash: Hug eh yn vuc er streir. DF

dig (v.) cleiy; reuyrey, rourey, reurey: Let every pig dig for itself - Lhig da dy-chooilley vuc reuyrey jee hene. JJK idiom

dumps muc ghoo er: She's down in the dumps - Ta'n vuc ghoo urree. DF idiom

pork (n.) feill vuc: The pork is underdone - Cha nel yn feill-vuc jeant dy-liooar. JJK idiom

root bun: Root of the tongue - Bun ny chengey. DF idiom; bun-noatey; bunneydys; frauaghey: Take root - Frauaghey. DF idiom; fraue; reuyrey: Let every pig root for herself - Lhig da dagh ooilley vuc reuyrey j'ee hene. DF idiom

gullal bay, baying, howl, howling, roar, yowling: Ta shin ooilley gullal myr y vuc-awin Bible

vooa (y); (the) cow: As neen vooa, as y vuc-awin gyndyr Bible

I will meet veeitym; ver-yms meeiteil da: And there I will meet with the children of Israel - Shen y raad ver-yms meeiteil da cloan Israel Bible; ver-ym quaaltagh da: I will meet them as a bear that is bereaved of her whelps - Ver-ym quaaltagh daue myr y vuc-awin ta er choayl e quallianyn Bible

calmaneyn 1 pigeons a: As nee eh chebbal unnane jeh ny calmaneyn turtle, ny jeh ny calmaneyn aegey, lheid as oddys eh gheddyn; 2 doves a: Ta shin ooilley gullal myr y vuc-awin, as cooagey dy treih myr calmaneyn Bible

croag (f.) 1 claw a: Yn Chiarn ren mish y livrey ass croag y lion, as veih croag y vuc-awin Bible; 2 (of bird) talon; 3 fang

grinderagh See grindyragh grumble, snarl; satirist; mock, sarcastic, satirical: dooyrt eh rish e charrey ayns aght grinderagh "Cre va'n vuc-awin sonjeragh ayns dty chleaysh?" EF; taunting


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