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vrishey See brishey (dy); (to) break: chamoo ver-ym feoh daue, dy stroie ad dy bollagh, dy vrishey my chonaant roo Bible

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gyn vrishey unvanquished; unbroken: Doardee Gorree da'n phobble Manninagh Olaf y yannoo ny ree orroo tra veagh eshyn hene marroo, as nyn mreearrey-ammys da y chummal gyn vrishey. Chron

poosey y vrishey commit adultery: Ny jean poosey y vrishey Bible; adultery

break (n.) aash, barney, doarlish, straih, traa cloie, traa seyr; chentyn; (v.) cur fo haart, chraghey, smoashal; (impv) brish; (to); (dy) vrishey: The sun is beginning to break through - Ta'n ghrian goaill toshiaght dy vrishey trooid. JJK idiom; vrish; brishey: I must be up by break of day - Shegin dou ve er my chosh ec brishey'n laa. JJK idiom

breakable (adj.) brishlagh; so-vrishey

brittle (adj.) brishlagh, brishtagh, so-vrishey

commit adultery poosey y vrishey

compound4 (as fracture) covroojit; yl-vrishey

diffract (v.) skeayll-vrishey, skeaylley

diffraction (n.) skeayl-vrishey

frangible (adj.) brishlagh, so-vrishey

greenstick (n.) lieh-vrishey

iconoclasm (n.) jalloo-vrishey

unbreakable (adj.) do-vrishey

do-vrishey casting iron, unbreakable

jalloo-vrishey iconoclasm

lieh-vrishey greenstick

myn-vrishey analyse, analysis

skeayll-vrishey diffract

skeayl-vrishey diffraction

so-vrishey breakable, brittle, fragile, frangible

yl-vrishey (as fracture) compound

adultery (n.) adultrinys, brishey-poosey; poosey y vrishey; maarderys

casting iron (n.) do-vrishey, yiarn roit

fragile (adj.) brishlagh, feiosagh, so-vrishey, treih

analyse (v.) myn-vrish, myn-vrishey, brishey sheese, bun-ronsaghey, mynscrutaghey, oltscarrey

analysis (n.) myn-vrishey, brishey sheese, bun-ronsaghey, mynscrutaghey, oltscarrey, scoltey

box3 (n.) (for gears) bocs: Break open a box - Bocs y vrishey. DF idiom

unvanquished (adj.) gyn cur fo haart, gyn ve fo chosh, gyn vrishey

bow-chaggee battle bow: bee'n bow-chaggee er ny vrishey Bible

lhiasseyder alleger, contriver; repairer: bee oo enmyssit Lhiasseyder yn vrishey Bible

soost (=Ir. suisde) (f.) pl. soostyn flail: bee soost e hranlaase er ny vrishey. Bible

steillyn steel: Jean yiarn yn yiarn twoaie as y steillyn y vrishey Bible

bands1 (npl.) geulaghyn; kianglaghyn: when I have broken the bands of their yoke - tra ta mee er vrishey kianglaghyn y whing vorroo Bible; chianglaghyn

gates of brass (npl.) giattyn-prash: For he has broken the gates of brass - Son teh er vrishey ny giattynprash Boble

seal (n.) raun: Lobster, mackerel and seal - Gimmagh, breck as raun. DF idiom; sail, cowrey; seal: Break the seal of a letter - Seal screeuyn y vrishey. DF idiom; (v.) sealal, cowraghey

smash bransal; bransey; brasney; cragh; mynvrishey; smoash; smoashal; brishey: Smash the door open - Yn dorrys y vrishey stiagh. DF idiom

they1 (pron) ad: They rose early and have breakfasted, as they have much to do - D'irree ad dy-moghey as t'ad er vrishey nyn drostey, myr ta mooarane oc dy yannoo. JJK idiom

threefold (adj., adv.) tree filley: a threefold cord is not quickly broken - cha vel coyrd three-filley dy leah er ny vrishey Bible

through (adj., adv.) trooid: The sun is beginning to break through - Ta'n ghrian goaill toshiaght dy vrishey trooid. JJK idiom; (ny) hrooid

Ardjyn y Jiass South Polar Regions; Southern Regions: As haink eh gy-kione, tra va David as e gheiney er jeet gys Ziklag er y trass laa, dy row ny Amalekiteyn er vrishey stiagh er ardjyn y jiass Bible

boteilyn (f.) bottles: ta my chree myr feeyn ta laccal vent; te aarloo dy vrishey magh myr boteilyn dy feeyn noa Bible

bow pl. bowaghyn, bowghyn, boweeyn bow: bee'n bow ocsyn er ny vrishey. Bible; fiddlestick; prow

chianglaghyn See kianglaghyn bands: O Hiarn, kys dy vel mish dty harvaant: ta mish dty harvaant, as mac dt'inneyveyl; t'ou er vrishey my chianglaghyn veih-my-cheilley. Bible

confirmit confirmed: my te confirmit, cha vel dooinney erbee dy vrishey, ny dy choyrt huggey Bible

cur eddin da cheek; withstand: As my ta fer goaill mainshtyraght er dooinney, nee jees cur eddin da ; as cha vel coyrd three-filley dy leah er ny vrishey. Bible

Deignee forced: Agh va'n pobble feer phaa as deignee ad shin y yannoo daue myr ta shin er loayrt, as dy ghoaill orrin-hene loo, cooid nagh jean mayd y vrishey. Apoc

dorrin storm, tempest: Fakin dy vel eh er my vrishey lesh dorrin Bible; blast

dourin (congenital) disease: dy gheddyn fys cre'n miolagh haghyr da leigh Yee y vrishey hayrn er dourin braa PC; See dowrin distemper, dose, malady

giattyn-prash gates of brass: Son teh er vrishey ny giattyn-prash: as er yiarey ny barryn yiarn veih-my-cheilley. Bible

heemayd we will see: boayl elley heemayd biljyn-ooyllagh croym, aarloo dy vrishey fo nyn mess cho trome PC

irreeagh self raising, self-raising; would rise: yinnagh eh yn obbeeys shoh y vrishey dy derragh eh bible er rheynn erbee ny h-ellan tra irreeagh eh dy bollagh ass yn ushtey myr v'ee ayn dy bunnydagh. GB

jargal able, capable: dy vrishey ersooyl veih niart ny Sostnee dy bollagh, as my tamain laccal geddyn rey rish yn aght ta ny Sostnee jargal reill harrish ny Manninee Carn

jeelaadey download: Ta Chellinsh Vannin cur raaue da sleih dyn dy vrishey yn leigh- choipchiart liorish jeelaadey kiaull as filmyn dy meelowal. BS

kiangltys connection: my tamain geearree geddyn reh rish pooar ny Sostnee dy reayll arrey orrin syn aght shoh, shegin yn kiangltys shoh y vrishey. Carn

lhoobyn links: dy vrishey ny lhoobyn ta kiangle Mannin as Sostyn, shen yn chied chesmad er y raad. Carn

ooyllagh apple, apple-bearing: boayl elley heemayd biljyn-ooyllagh croym, aarloo dy vrishey fo nyn mess cho trome PC

saagh (=Ir. soitheach) pl. siyn bowl: Roish my vees yn coyrd argid er ny eaysley, nyn saagh airh er ny vrishey Bible; container, feeder, holder, press, trough, utensil, vase, vessel, vial: va saagh er ny hoiaghey lane vinegar Bible; bushel; ship

sodjey sheese downmost: Son ta aile er vrishey magh ayns my yymmoose, nee lostey gys y diunid sodjey sheese Bible

Sostyn (=Ir. Sagsun, Sacsun) (f.) England: as dy vel dy liooar sleih sy reiltys ain nish smooinaghtyn dy lhaggaghey ny dy vrishey ny lhoobyn ta kiangle Mannin as Sostyn Carn

whing See quing (yn); (the) yoke: tra vees oo er chosneyn varriaght, dy jean oo yn whing echeysyn y vrishey voish dty wannal Bible

able (adj.) cummeydagh; fondagh: I don't know, but I think you'll be able to get some at C- - Cha saym, agh ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vod oo geddyn paart ec C-. JJK idiom He was able to speak Manx - Oddagh eh loayrt Gaelg. DF idiom Before I was able - Roish my doddin. DF idiom; (v.) jargal: Still, I hope you will be able to make a good breakfast - Foast, ta mee treishteil dy bee shiu jargal dy vrishey yn trostey eu dy-mie. JJK idiom Were you able to do that? - Row shiu jargal shen y yannoo? DF idiom; abyl: You are able - T'ou abyl. DF idiom; foddee: You are able - Foddee oo. DF idiom I think he'll be able to do that, and even more, without the least difficulty - Er lhiam dy vod eh jannoo shen, as eer ny smoo, fegooish yn doilleeid sloo. JJK idiom

shipwreck coayl lhuingey; cur jerrey rish; lhongvrishey: To survive a shipwreck - Dy heet magh slane ass lhong-vrishey. DF idiom; mooirchoor; mooirchooir

rouanys (f.) excess, immorality, profligacy, wantonness: Ayns dty vroïd ta rouanys Bible; lewdness: Ta mee er vakin kys tou er vrishey poosey m, yllaghey dty reaid, rouanys dty vaarderys, as dty obbraghyn naareydagh Bible; drunkenness: ta dty phrinceyn gee ayns traa cooie, son ooraghey, as cha nee son rouanys Bible; lasciviousness, lust: Maarlys, saynt, olkys, molteyrys, rouanys, drogh-hooill, goan mollaghtagh, moyrn, ommijys Bible; rioting, riotousness: Lhig dooin gimmeeaght dy onneragh myr ayns y laa: cha nee ayns rouanys as meshtyrys Bible


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