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vreck (f.) See breck (yn) smallpox

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Agglish Vreck (f.) (Yn) Falkirk

barnagh vreck (f.) tortoise-shell limpet

berreen vreck (f.) currant cake

blaa vreck flowered, flowery

bolgagh vreck (f.) variola

bonnag vreck (f.) currant bonnag

caillagh vreck (f.) dogfish

cooag vreck (f.) great spotted cuckoo

deyllag vreck (f.) ladybird

far vreck spent trout

gluddyr vreck moon jellyfish

Lheannee Vreck Speckled Meadow

liehbage vreck (f.) plaice

lilee vreck (f.) fritillary, tiger lily

onnane vreck (f.) argentine thistle

scarrag vreck (f.) spotted ray

sheeltey vreck (f.) smew

slat vreck (f.) trout rod

sooill vreck (f.) walleye

speyr vreck (f.) mackerel sky

Thoyn-vane vreck Pied Wheatear

thoyn-vane vreck (f.) pied wheatear

thunnag vreck (f.) harlequin duck, sheldrake

ushag vreck (f.) wagtail

volgagh vreck (f.) (yn) smallpox

vreck wooar (f.) (yn) smallpox

giarey son y vreck-ollee vaccinating, vaccination

giarrey son y vreck-ollee vaccinate

Kiark gheinnee vreck Spotted Sandgrouse

lane ynnydyn y vreck pock-marked; pockmarked

ynnyd y vreck pockmark

smallpox (n.) (yn) volgagh vreck, volgagh, vreck wooar, vreck; spohttyn breckey

currant bonnag (n.) bonnag vreck

currant cake (n.) berreen vreck

Falkirk (n.) (Yn) Agglish Vreck

flowered blaa vreck

ladybird (n.) deyllag vreck

mackerel sky speyr vreck

Pied Wheatear (n.) Thoyn-vane vreck

pied wheatear (n.) thoyn-vane vreck

plaice (n.) liehbage vreck

pockmark (n.) ynnyd y vreck

sheldrake (n.) thunnag vreck

Speckled Meadow (n.) Lheannee Vreck

spent trout (n.) far vreck

spotted ray (n.) scarrag vreck

tiger lily (n.) lilee vreck

tortoise-shell limpet (n.) barnagh vreck

trout rod (n.) slat vreck

variola (n.) bolgagh vreck

walleye (n.) sooill vreck

fritillary (n.) foillican breck, lilee vreck

great spotted cuckoo (n.) cooag vreck

mackerel spawn (n.) molg-vreck

smew (n.) caillagh vane; sheeltey vreck

Spotted Sandgrouse (n.) Kiark gheinnee vreck

fuill-vreck bloodstained

molg-vreck mackerel spawn

argentine thistle (n.) onnane Albinagh, onnane vreck

bloodstained (adj.) daahit lesh fuill, fuill-vreck

flowery (adj.) blaa vreck, blaaoil, my vlaa, ornaidagh

harlequin duck (n.) thunnag vreck; laagh Eeslynnagh

moon jellyfish (n.) gluddyr vreck, lubban breck

pockmarked garroo, lane ynnydyn y vreck, spohttagh

pock-marked garroo, lane ynnydyn y vreck, spohttagh

vaccinating (v.) giarey son y vreck-ollee

wagtail (n.) glassag, skibbag ny mulleeyn, ushag vreck

vaccinate (v.) giarrey son y vreck-ollee; jannoo booaghey; vacseenaghey

vaccination (n.) booagheyr, giarey son y vreck-ollee, vacseenaghey

dogfish (n.) caillagh vreck; gobbag: Our netting is eaten by the dogfish - Ta'n snaie ain eeit ec y ghobbag. DF idiom


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