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ben-choonee shamyr-vrastyl (f.) classroom assistant

fer-coonee shamyr-vrastyl classroom assistant

lioar vrastyl (f.) class book

shamyr vrastyl (f.) classroom

classroom assistant (n.) ben-choonee shamyr-vrastyl, fer-coonee shamyr-vrastyl

class book (n.) lioar vrastyl

geearree fys in pursuit of knowledge: Ta foast boayl ny ghaa faagit 'sy vrastyl, as myr shen myr t'ou geearree fys erbee elley er y vrastyl ny yn fys heose loayr rish scrudeyr Dhoor

subclass (n.) fo-vrastyl

fo-vrastyl subclass

classroom (n.) shamyr scoill, shamyr vrastyl, shamyr-ynsee

seaman (n.) marrinagh: Able seaman - Marrinagh jeh'n nah vrastyl. DF idiom; shiaulteyr

Dalby Glen Farm: Hie ad gys y vrastyl ec Caesar Cashen (va ruggit as troggit ayns Dalby). Dhoor [Scand]

class (n.) brastyl: We were the first in the class - Va shin hoshiaght 'sy vrastyl. JJK idiom; keint; ran; rang; (v.) cur ayns rangyn, graadail, ran-oardraghey, sorchal; rheynn

form1 brastyl: I hope to be top of my form - Ta mee treishteil dy bee'm ec mullagh my vrastyl. JJK idiom; forme; rheynn; (v.) (y) chummey; croo; kiaddey

top1 baare; mullagh: I hope to be top of my form - Ta mee treishteil dy bee'm ec mullagh my vrastyl. JJK idiom; baarelagh; (v.) cur baare er; pen

Adrian Adrian: Er ny hyndaa ass Baarle liorish Stewie Bennett, lesh cooney veih Adrian Pilgrim as e Vrastyl ec y Vraaid. Dhoor

brastyl (=Ir. freastal) class, standard: Va'n brastyl coontey ram jeh'n tape, ga dy nee bun-vrastyl t'ayn Carn

guillyn boys: As v'eh baghtal ry akin as ry chlashtyn dy row ny inneenyn ny share na ny guillyn sy vrastyl shoh. Carn

Scoill Valley Keeill Eoin (f.) St Johns School: Ta paart dy phaarantyn er reih dy lhiggey da nyn baitchyn goll gys y vrastyl lane-Ghaelgagh ayns Scoill Valley Keeill Eoin. Dhoor

s'liklee assumable: Agh s'liklee dy row armee Hostyn laccal soilshaghey magh dy row fys oc er my vrastyl Yernish ayns Lerpoyll. Carn

position boayl: Position in class - Boayl 'sy vrastyl. DF idiom; keim: In a high position - Ayns ard cheim. DF idiom; stayd: Cash position - Stayd yn argid. DF idiom; ynnyd: What was the ship's position at noon? - C'raad va ynnyd ny lhong ec y vunlaa? DF idiom


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