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votal vote: Roish as lurg y reihys, v'eh baghtal ry akin nagh row milliunyn dy Hostnee abyl votal son Kinnock er y fa dy vel eh ny Vretnagh. Carn

Inexact matches:

cassan votal division lobby

cur kiartys votal enfranchise

shagh-votal y yannoo (to) vote by proxy

sym y votal (to) vote a sum

division lobby (n.) cassan votal

proxy (n.) meoirys, ynnydee; shagh-teiyder; shagh-votal: Vote by proxy - Shagh-votal y yannoo. DF idiom

vote (n.) teiy: With one dissentient vote - As un teiy ny lomarcan noi. DF idiom; (n.) vote; (v.) votal: Vote a sum - Sym y votal. DF idiom

possan stiurit focus group: Ta possan stiurit er chur faaueyn ennagh: tooilley traa son votal, caghlaa ny h- ynnydyn-votal, as lhiggey da pobble saa votal. BS

enfranchise (v.) cur kiartys votal; seyrey

proxy vote (v.) shagh-votal

shagh-votal proxy vote

vote a sum (v.) (to) sym y votal

vote by proxy (v.) (to) shagh-votal y yannoo

ashoonaghey nationalization, nationalize: ren olteynyn 'leighalagh' veih Ullee ayns ard-whaiyl Westminster votal noi'n clattys ry-hoi ashoonaghey troggal lhongyn sy Ghoal carn

cur coontey jeh describe, portray, qualify, report, sketch in: Lurg da'n Çhirveishagh Tashtee, Richard Corkill, cur coontey jeh'n chlaare argidoil, ren olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed votal nuy-jeig gys nane ayns foayr jeh. BS

enmyssagh addressee, assignee, nominee: Cha jed eh er reih dy kiart derrey vees ad votal ayns Tinvaal Jecrean shoh heet, agh, myr yn ynrican enmyssagh, s'cosoylagh dy vow eh yn kiartey. BS; assign, definable, terminological

freggyragh amenable, answerable, congruent, consonant, liable, reactive, responsive: T'eh er vailleil dy gheddyn olteynyn dy liooar jeh'n Chiare as Feed dy votal ayns foayr jeh'n villey preevaadjagh echey cour jannoo yn Rheynn Arraghey freggyragh rish red noa. BS

h-anlheiltee (ny); (the) disabled: Ta Tinvaal er votal dy hoiaghey jeh'n choyrle currit ec bing va ronsaghey livrey-ys kiarail son ny h-anlheiltee. BS

kuse vooar (f.) much: As ren kuse vooar jeh ny milliunyn shen votal son ny polaseeyn shen! Carn

Skylley Carmane Kirk German: Purt ny h-Inshey, freggyrt cremeydys veih barrantee yn valley lurg jee votal noi'n treealtys dy heeyney yn cagliagh jeh Purt ny h-Inshey stiagh ayns Skylley Carmane. BS

Skylley Chairbre (parish) Arbory, Kirk Arbory: Bee sleih ayns Skylley Chairbre votal mairagh ayns fo-reihys dy reih un varrantagh son y skeerey. BS

stholkey1 seize up; strike: Dy beagh ad stholkey, ny keead fer-mooghee Manninagh paart-emshyragh ta nyn olteynyn jeh Sheshaght-cheirdee ny Fir-vooghee, veagh orroo votal ayns teiy er lheh. BS


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