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voin from us: Shoh ad ta scarrey ad-hene voin Bible; would I find

voïn from us: cur-jee eh ersooyl, dy vod eh goll voïn. Bible

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jeeragh tessyn voin abeam

yn traa t'er n'gholl shaghey voin all our yesterdays

from us voin, voïn: He got it from us - Hooar eh voin eh. DF idiom; voïnyn

abeam (adv.) jeeragh tessyn voin

all our yesterdays yn traa t'er n'gholl shaghey voin

sleih mooar numerous people: Va sleih mooar ny lhie jiass voin. DF

dismiss (v.) brishey, ceau magh, cur ersooyl, jiooldey, lhiggey ersooyl, seyrey, skeaylley; ceau voish: Let us dismiss the subject - Ceaumayd voin y chooish. DF idiom

would I find voin; Nowin: Would I find it? - nowin eh? DF idiom

yards (npl.) stundayrtyn: Five yards away from us - Queig stundayrtyn voin. DF idiom; slattyn: To man the yards - Dy gholl er ny slattyn DF idiom

carrey mooar valued friend: V'ee ny carrey mooar da ymmodee Gaelgeyryn 'sy jiass as s'trimshagh dooin dy vel ee ersooyl voin nish. Dhoor

cha jed shall not go: Hed ny Caldeanee dy shickyr ersooyl voïn: son cha jed ad roue. Bible

eulys trome fierce anger, fury: son cha vel eulys trome y Chiarn er ny hyndaa ersooyl voïn Bible

choud cheddin 1 so far: choud cheddin t'eh er hoiaghey nyn beccaghyn voin. Bible; 2 until: Cha vel mish gra rhyt, Choud as shiaght keayrtyn: agh choud as three-feed as jeih keayrtyn shiaght. Bible; 3 as long as: Goym arrane dan Chiarn choud as sbio mee Bible; 4 whilst a: Choud as ta nyn gloan freayll ayns cooinaghtyn ny altaryn eu Bible

coonseil (f.) council: Ta Coonseil ny h'Europey arryltagh dy cheau argid yn aght bare lhee as cha nel ad shirrey er coyrle voin-hene. Carn

lhee (f.) 1 doctor, medical, physician: Shegin da ny fir as mraane-lhee gra cre ny gonaghyn phrowys ad dy lheihys hoshiaght Carn; 2 pigment, pigmentation; 3 (prep.) with her: Ta Coonseil ny h'Europey arryltagh dy cheau argid yn aght bare lhee as cha nel ad shirrey er coyrle voin-hene. Carn a See lh'ee; 4 more


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