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skynn voayrd (=Ir. sgian hhuird) (f.) table knife

Beeghyn Beggey yn Voayrd Table Accompaniments

cur treealtys er y voayrd table a motion

eddyr daa voayrd between decks

kione y voayrd head of the table: hug eh orroo soie seose gys kione y voayrd, mastey ny goaldee Bible

billey y chur er y voayrd (to) table a bill

freeboard (n.) seyr-voayrd

hardboard (n.) far-voayrd

main deck (n.) ard-voayrd

sideboard (n.) lieh-voayrd

side table (n.) cheu-voayrd

ard-voayrd main deck

cheu-voayrd side table

far-voayrd hardboard

lieh-voayrd sideboard

seyr-voayrd freeboard

head of the table (n.) kione y voayrd

Table Accompaniments (npl.) Beeghyn Beggey yn Voayrd

table a motion (v.) cur treealtys er y voayrd

table knife (n.) skynn voayrd, skynn vuird

between decks (adv.) eddyr daa lout; eddyr daa voayrd; eddyrvoayrd

table a bill (v.) (to) billey y chur er y voayrd

kaartyn cards: Cur ny kaartyn ayd er y voayrd. DF

soie stiagh cut in; sit up: Soie stiagh gys y voayrd. Bible

centre cree, laare, ynnyd; mean: The centre of the table - Mean y voayrd. DF idiom; boayl: Shopping centre - Boayl shappal. DF idiom; laaragh, meanagh

come out (v.) cheet magh: Come out from under the table - Tar magh ass fo'n voayrd. DF idiom; cheet rish; gobbey; shassoo magh

inkstand (n.) dooagan: There's but one inkstand on the table - Cha nel agh un dooagan er y voayrd.

out from magh ass: Come out from under the table - Tar magh ass fo'n voayrd. DF idiom

resting on (v.) lhie er: His hand resting on the table - Yn laue echey ny lhie er y voayrd. DF idiom

round cruinn, runt; cruinnaghey, jannoo cruinn, jannoo runt, runtaghey; bout, keayrt; mygeayrt: Place the chairs round the table - Cur ny stuill-ghrommey mygeayrt y voayrd. JJK idiom

seated (ny) hoie: He remained seated - Hannee eh ny hoie. DF idiom; (ny) soie; nyn soie: Seated round the table - Nyn soie mygeayrt y voayrd. DF idiom; soit; hoie: He seated himself - Hoie eh sheese. DF idiom

sit clashtyn; soie: Sit down to the table - Soie stiagh ec y voayrd. DF idiom

table1 (n.) leac varmyr, taabyl, board; boayrd: There's but one inkstand on the table - Cha nel agh un dooagan er y voayrd. JJK idiom

arran casherick shewbread: As nee oo dy kinjagh arran casherick y hoiaghey er y voayrd roym. Bible

bailloosyn they would wish: Hirr ad er dy ghoaill crooin ny ghaa, hooar eh ad as baillish folaue y yannoo; cha bailloosyn shen er chor erbee; hoie ad ec y voayrd. CnyO

brooillagh crumbs, fragments of food, leavings, remains: ta ny moddee fo yn voayrd as ad gee brooillagh ny clienney. Bible; scrap

bwid See buid penes: Ansherbee hie eh roish gys y chashtal as tra v'eh ny hoie ec y voayrd vooar mârish deiney-ooasle as y lheid as adsyn er nyn goamragh gollrish bwid ghonnagh GB; (adj.) phallic

chroymm hung: Cha lheah's va mee er loayrt, chroymm ish e kione derrey v'ee jeeaghyn er y voayrd, as dooyrt ee, red beg ny s'troshey, "Cre ta Chiarn jannoo?" JC; dropped

chummey 1 (y) hew out a: Jean daa voayrd chloaie y chummey dhyt hene goll rish ny chied vuird Bible; 2 fashion, form; 3 conform: As ny jean-jee shiu hene y chummey gys y theihll shoh Bible

floddey buoying: dooyrt eh dy ragh eh harrish voayrd as dy vaikagh eh ansherbee she thalloo chirrym v'ayn na nee red va floddey. GB; buoyancy

laadagh burdensome, heavy, onerous: Ta'n Shirveishagh Ynsee David Anderson credjal dy bee yn coarys noa sloo laadagh da olteynyn y Voayrd Ynsee. BS

lurg roshtyn on arrival, after reaching: Lurg roshtyn my hie hene, bunnys ec munoie, myr ve oayllagh dou, hoie mee sheese ec y voayrd, yn Focklioar ec my lhiattee dy reaghey magh ny screeunyn jeant ayms, MB

mortissyn sockets: As ny da-eed mortissyn oc dy argid; daa vortis fo un voayrd, as daa vortis fo boayrd elley Bible

shassoo son stand for: Eisht lhig da shassoo son tammylt; eisht lhieen seose y claare lesh vroit gys t'eh thanney dy liooar dy ve shirveishit magh ayns plateyn er y voayrd. Dhoor

foot1 bun: At the foot of the table - Ec bun y voayrd. DF idiom; cass: He couldn't stir a foot - Cha dod eh gleashagh cass. DF idiom; (n.) kass; trie: Three foot long - Tree trie er lhiurid. DF idiom; (v.) goll er chosh; cosh

for (prep.) chum: Spit for roasting meat - Bher chum rostey feill. DF idiom; gour, kyndagh; cour: To lay something by for a rainy day - Cur red ennagh ersooyl cour laa fliaghee. JJK idiom; da: I fetch and carry for him - Ta mee jannoo chyrryssyn da. DF idiom; dys; er: He was called for - V'eh eieit er. DF idiom; er son: For keeps - Er son dy bragh. DF idiom; lesh: He made a bee-line for the table - Hie eh dy jeeragh lesh y voayrd. DF idiom; rish: For the past few days - Rish ny laghyn jerrinagh shoh. DF idiom; ry-hoi; son: For ever and ever - Son dy bragh as dy bragh. DF idiom

just cair: Let us be just - Lhig dooin ve cair. JJK idiom; cairagh; cairal; corrym-chiart; dy kiart; jeeragh; kiart: Oh, I will take just what is on the table at present, thank you - Oh, go'ym chiart ny t'er y voayrd ec y traa t'ayn, gura mie eu. JJK idiom; ynrick

lying (v.) breagagh; breageraght; breagerys; (ny) lhie: Have you read the book that's lying on the table? - Vel oo er lhaih yn lioar ta ny lhie er y voayrd? JJK idiom; ginsh breagyn: Is there anything more odious than lying? - Vel red erbee ny s'eajee na g'insh breagyn? JJK idiom

feer vlasstal very tasty: As va inneen feer vlasstal ec yn voayrd-coontee - Catreeney, Emily ny foddee Moirrey. Dhoor

jannoo yindys wondering: hoie mee sheese ec y voayrd, yn Focklioar ec my lhiattee dy reaghey magh ny screeunyn jeant ayms, as va jannoo yindys mooar orrym dy feddyn magh son sambyl, dy row "lal" (myr cheayll mee yn ockle) ayns Focklioar Cregeen fo'n chummey kiart "laccal" MB

jiarg-chorree (=Ir. dearg-corraithe) (f.) extreme anger, furious, outrage, raging, very angry: dirree Jonathan veih'n voayrd ayns jiarg chorree Bible; indignant; grieved: As ayns jiarg-chorree roo son dy row ad gynsaghey yn pobble, as preacheil trooid Yeesey yn irree-seose-reesht veih ny merriu. Bible; in a rage


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